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Today’s largest and most successful organizations use data to their advantage when making business decisions. To better understand how you can incorporate Twitter data into your decision-making process, consider the below:

Audience Behavior

Understand your market better; download tweets by keyword or hashtag and analyze your customers tweet content, location, tweet time, engagement metrics, hashtag usage and more

Influencers and Engagement

Focus your efforts where it really matters; identify influencers and determine engagement with the right hashtags.

Tweet Sentiment Analysis

Essential to understanding customer feedback or public opinion. Download tweet data to generate insights by determining public/customer sentiment and take data driven business decisions.

Competitor Analysis

Understand your competition better by downloading their tweets and their follower’s tweets. Supercharge your marketing by understanding what is effective and how to differentiate yourself.

Protect Your Reputation

Social Listening; track your tweets and get alerted if they possess negative sentiment so you can immediately respond to protect your brand/image.


Twitter Lists refer to the feature that allows users to organize Twitter accounts into customized groups based on their specific interests, topics, or relationships. Users are able to create their own lists or subscribe to existing lists created by other users. Twitter Lists can be public or private.

Here are some of the key points about Twitter Lists:

  1. Curated Groups: Twitter Lists allow users to create personalized collections of Twitter accounts that they find interesting or relevant. For example, you can create a list of your favorite musicians, industry experts, news outlets, or friends.
  2. Easy Access: By adding accounts to a list, you can view a consolidated timeline of tweets from those accounts. This makes it convenient to keep track of tweets from specific groups without following each individual account separately.
  3. Public and Private Lists: Twitter Lists can be public or private. Public lists are visible to others, and users can subscribe to them. Private lists, on the other hand, are only accessible to the creator and cannot be subscribed to by others.
  4. Following vs Listing: Following an account allows their tweets to appear on your main timeline, however adding an account to a list organizes them into a separate timeline, allowing you to view tweets in an organized manner. Listing does not require following, allowing you to curate specific content without cluttering your main timeline.
  5. Discovering Lists: Twitter also provides recommendations for lists to follow based on your interests and the accounts you already follow. This helps users discover new content and accounts related to their preferences.

Twitter Lists offer a way to streamline your Twitter experience by organizing accounts into relevant categories and accessing a focused feed of tweets from those accounts. They are particularly useful for managing large numbers of accounts, staying updated on specific topics, and discovering new content.

Twitter List Members, Followers, and Tweets represent distinct aspects of Twitter's functionality:

  1. List Members: Twitter List Members refers to specific Twitter users that have been added to a Twitter List by the owner . Twitter Lists contain a group of handles based on a specific theme or interest. As a member of a list your Tweets will be displayed in that group for all List Members and List Followers to view and interact with.
  2. List Followers or List Subscribers: Twitter users who have chosen to subscribe to a Twitter List allowing them to see the tweets of the members of the list.
  3. List Tweets: Lists refer to the individual tweets that have been posted by members of a specific List. Once you create a list and add members to it you can see their tweets in a custom curated timeline.

Yes, there is a maximum limit on the number lists you can create! Twitter allows users to create up to 1000 lists. Each list can contain a maximum of 5000 users!

To download someone else’s tweets, just enter the Twitter handle of the account you want to target or the hashtag you’re interested in. Click on the Get Price or Free Sample button. You will then be able to select the currency in which you would like to pay for the report (free samples are also available for a limited time only!) and the format you’d like to receive it.

The download link will be sent to your e-mail, and then you simply have to order the list.

Yes, visit twtData Download Tweet Page, enter the keyword/handle and click buy to export the Tweets and its associated data into spreadsheet format. Allowing you to analyze and organize tweets outside of Twitter.

Twitter Lists data can be exported into a CSV file on our download Lists page. Simply enter the List ID and purchase the data of the Members and Subscribers of that List.

It’s fairly simple to export the members of a Twitter list to a CSV file by our download Lists page. Simply enter the List ID and purchase the data of the Members and Subscribers of that List. This streamlines the process of manually pulling data from lists and allows users to improve record-keeping and conduct further analysis.

Twitter collections and lists serve distinct purposes and offer various functionalities:

  1. Collections: Twitter collections allow you to curate a collection based on various themes or topics and add individual tweets and users to one space. Collections are public and can be shared, allowing others to view and engage with the tweets contained in the collection. Collections are perfect for organizing tweets in a cohesive manner.
  2. Lists: Twitter lists allow you to curate a group of users into a single list. Lists allow you to categorize Twitter accounts in one place based on themes, interests and relationships. Lists can be public or private and users being added to lists does not immediately allow access to individual tweets. Lists are primarily used for organizing and keeping track of specific accounts.

By using twtData you can download the necessary data from your account and harness that data to manually transfer your following list from one account to another.