Welcome to twtData (formerly eInsightData)

Who We Are

We are a premier Twitter Analytics platform that caters to the Twitter analytics requirements of a global clientele.

Our team strikes the perfect balance between technically inclined individuals as well as the ones with a knack for creativity.

What We Do

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to ensure complete client satisfaction. We work with forward thinking businesses, brands, curious academicians and journalists.

Accurately measuring, quantifying and analysing Twitter data is what our tool can help you with; effectively analysing Twitter hashtags, mentions, followers, followings and tweets.

This analysis has provided many of our clients the data required for them to make informed decisions on brand monitoring, marketing strategy optimization, and competitor research.

How We Do It

We utilise the official Twitter API to provide accurate and real time Twitter data. twtData enables you to search the entire Twitter sphere using advanced analytical resources to uncover valuable insights.

Our data source is the official Twitter servers and any data requested on twtData is sourced in real-time and without any redundancies.

Where It Began For Us

twtData was started with the objective for providing cost effective competition analysis for Amazon FBA sellers. The analysis of Twitter followers and their interests enabled targeted advertising that was highly-cost effective and impactful.

This competitive analysis opened doors to precise customer research horizons and empowered businesses with accurate user data.

Since then, we have branched out into serving clients across domains and still evolving into something bigger than yesterday!

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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twtData is the Preferred Twitter Analytics Source For Businesses Globally

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