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Audience Analysis

Word of mouth; get your followers to sell for you. Use twtData to download your followers and tweets to:

  • Perform analysis on your current follower to find out who your most loyal followers are and which influencers follow you. @OpenSea Account Analysis Example
  • Sentiment analysis on tweets to understand public opinion and make informed decisions. More info on this blog

Growth Hacking

Supercharge your marketing by analysing the market and learning from influencers and your competitors.

  • Grow your followers by downloading your competitors’ followers and engage with them
  • Quickly identify NFT influencers in your niche
  • Identify the right Twitter Spaces to join and which users you want to target
  • Perform tweet analysis on NFT Projects that have done well.
  • Download others Twitter Lists and find the best sources of information

Promote NFTs

Discover new NFT communities and audiences by downloading Twitter lists, Spaces, tweets, follower/following data, hashtags and more. Use twtData to:

  • Boost engagement by identifying the correct hashtags
  • Identify the right Lists and Spaces to connect with other NFT creators and collectors
  • Learn from well known NFT accounts by analysing their tweets
  • Target the right audience with Twitter Ads using our download followers feature

Protect Your Twitter Data

Your account may get hacked or suspended. Backup all your hard work and keep an offline backup of your most important data.

Our NFT Services

Download Followers

Extract followers and followings for NFT related Twitter Handles and perform your own analysis to stay ahead of the game.

Download Tweets

Download Tweets from a NFT Handle or keywords/hashtags like #NFTGiveaway. Get the data within seconds and start analysing straight away.

We will automatically take a weekly backup of your account and store your tweets, followers, friends, and lists.

NFTs and Twitter: FAQ

While it is within Twitter’s policies to advertise crypto and NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) on the platform, these sorts of advertisements are restricted. In all cases, the advertising on these types of crypto-assets requires prior authorisation from Twitter.

The advertisement of many blockchain products is, indeed, banned by Twitter, however, NFTs aren’t listed specifically as banned. Additionally, rules regarding the advertising of NFTs on Twitter vary from country to country. The specific regulations for different countries can be found here on Twitter

The most important rule in marketing your NFT project on Twitter is simply this - Engage with the community around Crypto and NFTs.Reply to tweets, engage in conversations and debates and create your own.

A great place for this is Twitter Spaces, launched in late 2020, using audio live chat to engage with others in the space. While there are already a number of Twitter Spaces, you can create your own.

In theory, NFTs on Twitter mean exactly the same as they do everywhere else. Twitter has, however, introduced a few extra features for NFT enthusiasts and artists (or anyone but it particularly appeals to that subset of Twitter users). These include NFT profile pictures and a few others things, all included in Twitter Blue Labs. Besides this, there really isn’t much difference between NFTs on Twitter and NFTs everywhere else.

While advertising is one route to promoting your NFT on Twitter, the other is to create a profile, build a following and promote your NFTs through your own tweets. Of course, these often get retweeted or quote tweeted, extending the reach of your content and NFT promotion.

Equally, collaborate with other NFT enthusiasts and artists on Twitter to promote each others NFTs and content. This will let their followers know about what you are doing and vice versa.

Engage with the community, take part in conversations and debates about NFTs and crypto on the platform. Work with others on Twitter to promote their content engage using popular hashtags that are trending by producing multimedia content, such as videos and infographics. Download tweets and followers of other top NFT Twitter influencers and use the data to its full potential.

The best way to sell NFTs on Twitter is to promote them in a variety of different ways. Include your OpenSea (or other) URL in your bio, post NFT Drops, engage with others and self-promote, even if you just drop it into chats. Finally, use twtData to provide you with the best insights on how others are successful.