There are many tools that you can use to measure key Twitter metrics and analyse your Twitter account’s performance. Most of these tools visually present the Twitter analytics data but don’t provide access to the data itself.

If you want to analyse raw data directly, use twtData’s tools to download tweets, followers/friends, or your account archive.

For beginners, Twitter Analytics is a comprehensive tool by Twitter to start analysing key Twitter metrics for your account.

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Important Information and Stats About Twitter

  • Twitter is an incredibly impactful platform where the general public, businesses, politicians, brands, and media companies can be part of real conversations.
  • Brands and businesses largely use Twitter for social listening and customer support.
  • Twitter is fast-paced and stays current, and it’s handy for trend spotting.
  • It has 187 million active daily users (via Hootsuite).
  • The most significant age demographic of Twitter are millennials (25-34-year-olds) (via Hootsuite).

How to Measure Twitter Engagement Metrics on Twitter

An engagement on Twitter is counted whenever someone clicks anywhere on the Tweet, including; retweets, replies, follows, favourites, links, cards, hashtags, embedded media, username, profile photo, tweet expansion.

You can look at these metrics to understand what content resonates with your audience more.

The Twitter engagement rate is calculated by dividing your tweets' engagement by the number of impressions received during a certain reporting period.

Ask yourself the below questions when a tweet gets more engagement:

  • What kind of medium did you use? (i.e. video, text, image, etc.)
  • What time did you post?
  • Did you use a hashtag?
  • Did you mention anybody?

Each month, Twitter Analytics will show you your ‘Top Tweet’ that received the highest engagement, as well as ‘Top Media Tweet’.

You can also see your ‘Top Mention’ which is the tweet that mentioned you and received the most engagements. It’s important to be a part of any conversation that mentions you. This way, you can increase your reach since the users who follow the accounts that mentioned you will also see the tweet.

Some Twitter analytics tools look at the engagement data to provide insight about the best times to tweet, your most engaged audiences, how many followers a tweet gained, and more.

What Are Twitter Impressions?

Twitter impressions show you the total number of times other Twitter users have organically seen your tweets during a reporting period. You can track impressions of your tweets (tweet impressions) or impressions of your account (profile visits).


If your tweet was retweeted or quoted, your tweet’s impression would likely be higher. The engagement rate is more important than your reach because it means people took action such as liking or retweeting. But if you run a ‘Reach’ campaign on Twitter Ads, you will likely see impressions rise and engagement rate decrease (compared to your normal average).

Tracking Twitter Follower Growth

Understanding your Twitter audience is essential for your account’s growth. To gain more followers, you need to analyse your existing audience.

When you have over 1K followers, Twitter Analytics provides you with detailed information about your audience under Audience Insights. You can see their top 10 interests, demographics, consumer behaviour, and more. All of these insights can help you create relevant content, advertise relevant products, get the conversation going with your followers, and expand your reach. The latter will help you grow your following.

Track your follower growth simply by looking at your new followers and top follower.

Your top follower appears in Twitter Analytics and each month you have a different one. Top follower is determined by the highest follower count. Make sure to implement a strategy to reward your top followers and engage with your loyal audience base.

What is Video Activity?

If you regularly share your videos on Twitter, you’ll want to track video activity on your Twitter Analytics. It basically shows you the video content performance through views and completion rate.

View rate is triggered when a user watches a video for at least 2 seconds and sees at least 50% of the video player in-view or when someone clicks to expand or unmute your video. The completion rate shows the percentage of your audience that finished watching your video until the very end.

You can filter analytics to only view ‘Promoted Videos’ if you’re running video ads.

Twitter Ads: Tracking Cost Per Result

If you decide to run advertising campaigns on Twitter, we have good news. Twitter ads are simpler to set up and cheaper, and the competition is lower than other social media platforms. You can even run ads on your competitor’s audience.

One of the key metrics of Twitter ads is CPR. Cost Per Result or CPR measures the average cost of a relevant action a Twitter user takes on your ad.

For example, if you run a campaign for app installs, the CPR is measured by total campaign spend divided by the number of app installs. This is also called CPI, or cost per install.

You should aim to get to an average CPR to measure your campaign’s success. A high CPR may indicate that your ad is not working well on your chosen audience.

Conversion Tracking on Twitter

Once you start advertising on Twitter, you’ll want to know how much return on investment you are getting. Depending on what you count as a conversion, you can keep track of your marketing spend and return on investment.

Conversion types can be site visits, purchases, downloads, sign-ups, or custom actions. Twitter has a detailed guide on how to set up conversion tracking on websites. Conversion tracking even lets you track when someone views your ad on their mobile but converts on their laptop. The conversion will be accurately attributed to your campaign.

In order to track conversions, you can create a universal website tag or a single-event website tag. Twitter has a detailed guide on how to set up conversion tracking on websites.


Analysing your results and adjusting your Twitter account or ads performance will lead you to success. Take the guesswork out of the equation and start testing and investing. All advertisers, brands and businesses rely on Twitter analytics tools when making strategic decisions. Luckily, Twitter is an easy social media platform to start. If you have any questions about data extraction from Twitter, get in touch at