Gathering and analysing data about your Twitter followers will give you the insight to create engaging content, grow your following, and review key metrics so you can understand your audience better.

If you’re wondering how to analyze Twitter followers, read on. We will discuss the following:

What Happened to Twitter Audience Insights?

Before we start talking about analysing Twitter followers, we should talk about Twitter’s Audience Insights. Twitter Audience Insights offers all kinds of information about followers, from their gender to occupation.

However, unless you have an account with more than 1000 followers, Twitter doesn’t make its Audience Insights available.


Fear not! You can still analyse your followers by downloading their data in a few simple steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Export your Twitter followers list for free
  3. Get their Profile Location, Twitter Bio, Account Protected Status, Followers count, Friends count, Account Time zone, Account Verified Status, and more (see full list here)

So when launching a new product or a new Twitter account, you can begin to gather audience insights of your Twitter followers by using free Twitter analytics tools.

Free Twitter Analytics Tools out on the world wide web?

twtData: This is a Twitter data tool that data scientists, digital marketers, and brands use to extract raw data and then perform their own analysis. You can gain insight into users’ geolocation, device usage, follower count, friend count, verified status, and even the number of users that have access to that account.

Followerwonk: You can search bios for certain words, breakout your followers by location, bio, who they follow, and more. You can also identify influencers and compare users to see who has the most followers, highest engagement rate, or the average number of tweets.

Daily 140: Choose 3 Twitter users, and Daily 140 emails you once a day with all the new people your chosen users followed and the tweets they’ve favorited. For example, you can use it to keep an eye on your 3 biggest competitors.

Social Bearing: Use Social Bearing to search Twitter keywords, locations, usernames, interests, or followers.

How to Find and Identify Fake Followers

Fake Twitter followers can lower your engagement and spoil your overall follower data. If you want a credible Twitter account, we recommend identifying and deleting fake Twitter followers and Twitter bots that follow you.

There are simple indicators such as the user’s bio, follower and following count, latest tweets, and account creation date that would help you notice if it’s a bot account. Follow our detailed guide to identifying fake followers and bots.

You can better understand the organic growth and engagement of your account when you remove fake followers. If you’re an influencer, this can also make you look more credible to brands. For more ideas on how to use Twitter data as an influencer, check out our article.

How to Understand Your Audience

The most important information you can access on Twitter Analytics is your followers’ interests and demographics. Twitter Audience Insights now lives in Twitter Media Studio, and is accessible to accounts with over 1K followers. Twitter Audience Insights show you the following demographic data; age range, gender, and location of your followers.

You can also see their top interest and consumer behavior.


Let’s break down the follower data you can analyse.

Interests: Analysing your audience’s interests can help you anticipate what kind of content they are more likely to engage with. For example, a cereal brand might notice fans of a famous TV show follow them. They can create a Twitter campaign or a post accordingly to increase their follower engagement.

Consumer behavior: If you are an e-commerce business, offer a paid service online, or a paid app, you want your content to appeal to online shoppers. You can see what percentage of your followers are online consumers and create content that refers them to your website/app/e-commerce store.

Age Range: Another vital information about your followers is the age range. This can help you identify what specific group they are in. Are they a student, a parent, a millennial, a boomer, or else? Your communication style and content should match your audience’s age.

Gender: If your content is gender-specific, this is an important indicator of your success at reaching your preferred audience.

Location: This can help you understand when your followers are active, what languages they speak, and their culture. The location of your followers is also important to know during trending major world events such as the Olympics, UEFA, and such.

You should always aim to analyse the above data as a whole. Creating personas for your followers can make it easier to write relatable content when creating your Twitter content strategy.

For example, a big brand like Nike might have 10 personas such as; 18 to 25-year-old athletes, middle-class millennials, 30+ male runners, 20 to 30-year-old sneaker addicts, and more. However, a new brand or product should bond with fewer personas.

If you’re after an in-depth analysis of your followers, you can download your follower data to learn what is written on their bio, how many of them are verified accounts, their status count, and more.

How to Analyse Your Most Engaged Followers

Your most engaged followers are the ones who are sharing your content - probably online and offline! You risk losing followers if you never engage with them. By leveraging your followers, you can even share the burden of content creation by retweeting user-generated content. You can reward them with engagement campaigns and draw in new followers too.

Twitter Analytics shows your top follower of the month (who has the most following), and if you check your notifications frequently, you know who your most engaged followers are. If you’re not sure, you can use paid Twitter analytics tools such as Hootsuite, Circleboom, and SproutSocial to find out. They offer 14 or 30-day free trials too.

Make a Twitter list to follow your most engaged followers; what are they tweeting about, how are they endorsing you? You can then respond to them and engage with them to keep them interested and encourage their loyalty.

How to Find Notable Twitter Accounts That Follow You

Engaging with influencers and notable Twitter accounts in your industry is an excellent way to build rapport in the Twitter community and reach a wider audience.

You can use twtData to download your followers and identify the key accounts you want to engage with. Scan your followers to find verified accounts and accounts with big followings to put them on your radar. You can create a Twitter list of your important followers and keep track of their tweets.

Here are a few ways to identify if someone is genuinely an influencer:

  • Following: How many accounts are they following? If it’s the same amount as their followers, this is not a good sign. They might only have many followers because they follow everybody back.
  • Followers: How many followers do they have? To consider an account influential, they should have more than 20K followers.
  • Activity: How often do they tweet or engage with their followers?
  • Engagement: How many retweets, replies, or likes are their tweets getting?
  • Verified Status: If an account is verified, they are likely a big influencer in their niche.
  • Other accounts: Do they have an Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Youtube account? If they are a well-known content creator, they are likely to have a following on other socials too.

Find Out What Your Followers Like Most About You

Twitter Analytics shows your best-performing tweet of each month. By analysing your best-performing tweets, you can find out what type of content resonates with your followers. You should be looking at both the type (image, text, video) and the content of your popular tweets.

You can also see the impressions, clicks, and overall engagement your tweets receive.


You can monitor what people tweet about you on TweetDeck by filtering your mentions or looking at specific content mentioning your brand.

Just login on TweetDeck and add column ‘Mentions’ or just search a hashtag or content associated with your profile and add your handle under ‘Tweet authors’.

You can customize your search, look at tweets with more engagement and more.


Learn When Your Followers Read Tweets

Knowing when your followers are active can increase the chances of your tweets being seen. Optimizing your tweet schedule can help you reach new people and create more engagement.

You can invest in a paid Twitter analytics tool such as Circleboom or Sprout Social to see when your followers are most active. Or, you can use the free version of Followerwonk to see the most active hours of your followers.


That’s it! Feed your Twitter strategy with factual data and continue to improve your results. By analysing and learning more about your followers, you will be able to grow your account. Compare the data you gather about your followers periodically to pick up on following trends and successful content ideas.

As twtData, we always provide you with the most actionable and accessible Twitter data. Just contact us at for your inquiries.