Twitter is a data goldmine. Marketing companies, influencers and news companies use this readily available public data to analyse, strategise and grow their following. As an influencer, how and why should you use Twitter data?

Read on and learn about:

  1. How to Use Twitter Data to Boost Engagement
  2. How to Use Twitter Data for Content Ideas
  3. How to Backup Your Twitter Data
  4. How to Download Tweets to Discover New Hashtags
  5. How to Use Twitter Data for Social Listening

With 206 million daily active users, Twitter is a high-engagement platform where it's easier to gain organic reach, pick up on or start new trends and trending conversations. Influencers, news, media, and marketing companies and celebrities alike benefit from many of its features. Compared to other platforms, Twitter is a data goldmine where users make most of their content public. This data can easily be used for a variety of purposes.

Today, we'll be talking about the 5 uses of Twitter data for influencers.

If you're an influencer, growing your account, creating relevant content for your audience and protecting your reputation might be high priorities for you. It's super easy to learn how to use Twitter data to meet these needs, so read on!

There are many ways you can pull Twitter data, either by using scraping techniques or using applications like twtData. twtData provides you with the raw data that most other social media analytics tools don’t, so you can perform all the analysis you want.

#1 Boost Your Twitter Engagement

It's no secret that fake accounts and bots roam social media platforms. A recent study says that 15% of Twitter users are bots. Although Twitter is deleting these accounts daily, if you have over 100K followers, it's likely that some of those are either fake or inactive accounts or bots.

Fake followers, bots or inactive accounts either don’t interact with your posts or worse, they can damage your credibility or cause you to be penalised by Twitter. This can lower engagement, lower rankings in the news feeds, and lower conversions; check out this article by Marketing Guru Neil Patel.

You can identify these fake followers, inactive accounts and/or bots by exporting your Twitter following list and filtering out accounts that are only a few months or weeks old, don't have any tweets or followers or a bio. For more on how to know a follower is a bot, we have an extensive article here. The good news is, Twitter recently made it possible to delete followers rather than only having the option to block them like in the old days. So get your follower list downloaded to start weeding out!


#2 Finding New Content Ideas

As an influencer, you’re always looking for content ideas relevant to your followers. Day after day, it can be difficult to create high-quality content consistently. You can use twtData to download anyone’s tweets for inspiration. You can filter keywords and hashtags to find content you can retweet or start a new conversation by replying to a tweet.

If you have been an influencer for some time, your followers will remember the good old tweets, and new followers will appreciate good content. Use twtData to download your tweets and filter your top-performing tweets by how many times they were retweeted/favourited You can use this information for throwback post ideas or to create new, similar content. Twitter Analytics can also help you do this, navigate to the second tab ‘Tweets’ on the top left side of the page, and choose a date range to find your ‘Top Tweets’ over a time period.

#3 Backup Your Twitter Account

Think of backing up your Twitter account as having insurance. You've worked very hard to grow your account and connect with those thousands of followers, and it would be a shame to lose it all because of some hacker or a false Twitter suspension. It's down to you to regularly back up your Twitter account to avoid losing followers and tweets.

Twitter offers a backup solution, but it is limited and difficult to use. We have an article explaining this in detail here. After much research, we simplified this process for our customers with our own backup solution that backs up the most essential data, and we store it for you!

Using twtData to backup your Twitter account is simple. Click on ‘Backup Twitter Account’ on our navigation bar, and allow the twtData app to access your account by accepting the authorisation. You’ll be redirected to our dashboard, where you can order a monthly backup, protecting your account's Followers, Friends, DMs and Tweets.

#4 Discover New Hashtags

According to studies, tweets with hashtags are 33% more likely to be retweeted than those without them. You might think you are using engaging hashtags and that you are part of trending conversations, but it doesn't hurt to check out what your audience or competitors are talking about. You can download tweets of any account that uses hashtags successfully to get some inspiration. Just export their tweets and filter out their tweets with the hashtag symbol ("#").

You can use a tool like Hashtagify to see how the hashtags you use compare to the other influencers in your niche. Hashtagify also lets you know how your audience is responding to your hashtags.

#5 Social Listening

Many brands use social listening as part of their content strategy. As the owner of your personal brand, you should monitor what people say about you, the brands/products you endorse, your competitors and the tweets you post.

By using Twitter data for social listening, you can learn:

  • Who is endorsing you
  • What people like/dislike about your brand
  • Which influencers or brands follow you
  • How your audience is reacting to your tweets

Your audience is your biggest asset, so it's vital to learn more about them. Social listening tools such as Sprout Social make it easier to analyse bulk data. You can follow specific topics and keywords, monitor the engagement rate of a topic, easily compare your account to your competitors’, and see if people are saying positive or negative things about a topic/brand/product i.e. sentiment analysis.

With twtData, we provide you with the raw data so you have the flexibility to derive the metrics you see fit and discover things that preset generic analytics reports can never show you. You know your brand best and that's why we put the analytics power in your hands. You can create your own dashboard and can filter raw data as you see fit. In terms of social listening insights, you’ll have more flexibility to focus on what you think is essential to track.

Utilising Twitter data effectively can be very powerful and is definitely a tool you can use to grow your influence on Twitter. Start downloading and analysing Twitter data by using our site now. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at for any questions you might have.