If you are a brand/business owner, government agency, political party, journalist, student, Twitter is one of the platforms you already know provides a wealth of data. Performing analytics on this data is crucial but not always easy to perform in-house. The insights you gain or the metrics you derive from Twitter analytics can help you tap into 10x your revenue, re-strategise your political campaign, understand and convert your brand audiences better, and more.

We compiled a list of paid and free Twitter tools to help you perform Twitter analytics.

Paid Twitter Tools

Some of the listed tools below offer free yet limited services.


Audiense has two different paid plans designed to empower your social listening efforts, find the best times to tweet for your audience, segment your audience, analyse your tweets and more. Plus, its user interface is beautiful and intuitive.



  • In-depth follower analysis
  • Audience segmentation and targeting
  • Chatbot building
  • Tweet analytics
  • Conversation monitoring and sentiment analysis

Price: 39$ per month for Audiense Twitter Marketing | 696$ per month for Audiense Insights (billed annually)


Birdflow automates your community management workflows such as sending welcome messages, automatic replies, follow backs, cross-posting tweets on Facebook and Instagram, and more.


  • Automated replies
  • Automatically follow back accounts that fit specific criteria
  • Rewards for engagement and follows
  • Cross-posting on Facebook and Instagram

Price: Starting from 29$ per month for one account, Birdflow offers a free 7-day trial.


Buffer is the perfect time-saving tool for social media managers. It helps users automatically schedule content, respond to replies and DMs, and analyse engagement.


  • Social media scheduling for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Pinterest
  • Hashtag suggestions and management
  • Post analytics, hashtag performance, and audience analytics
  • Canva integration (schedule or post directly from Canva)

Price: You can schedule up to 10 posts per month with the free version, but for just 5$ a month, you get the goodies.


Buzzsumo makes it easier to find connections with those creating the buzz. It’s also used widely to identify top-performing content and online trends. So it’s a perfect tool for digital marketing and PR.


  • Research and analyse competitor content
  • Reach out to journalists and influencers
  • Create videos and optimise their performance
  • Discover search trends, keywords and CPC
  • Analyse content performance (posts, blogs, articles)

Price: When billed monthly, Buzzsumo starts at 99$ a month. The free version only allows 10 searches a month.


Crowdfire addresses one of the most important pains of social media: content creation. It finds content relevant to your business when you run out of ideas.


  • Find and schedule content worth sharing
  • RSS feed connect for up to 25 feed
  • Get hashtag recommendations
  • Analyse competitors’ key metrics

Price: Crowdfire has a free version, but the best features come to 9,99$ a month.


Circleboom is a Twitter follower management tool where users can get follower/friends insights, delete likes, tweets, retweets, and use smart search tools to find new people to follow.


  • Delete tweets, retweets, unlikes
  • Delete Twitter History Archive
  • Run Advanced Search
  • Edit Twitter Lists
  • Get follower information
  • Delete spam, list inactive accounts
  • Analyse Twitter followers

Price: Circleboom’s free plan allows you to run 1 Twitter account with some limitations. You can delete 200 tweets, retweets & unlikes, run 20 profile searches, get information of up to 10 followers. For 24.00$ a month (on the monthly plan), you can do more for one account.


twtData is a powerful data extraction tool for Twitter that can be used for different purposes from digital marketing to competitor analysis to academic research. We offer competitive pricing to make Twitter data available to everyone.


Price: You can download up to 3200 latest tweets and the latest tweets sent in the past 7 days about a hashtag for free with twtData (for a limited time only!). To download more than 3200 tweets or historical tweets, contact us at sales@twtData.com. Download up to 10,000 followers for 1$, and backup your Twitter account monthly at $5.


Followerwonk allows you to search Twitter bios, compare Twitter accounts, interests, habits, and sentiments between Twitter accounts. You can compare your competitors, find influencers, or find a user who has similarities with your followers to connect with them.


  • Sort your Twitter follows & followers by name, days on Twitter, tweet count, and more.
  • Find any Twitter user's most influential/inactive/oldest followers
  • Search Twitter bios for keywords

Price: The free version of Followerwonk is pretty good, but if you want to analyse influential Twitter users, the price goes up to or 79$ a month.


Hootsuite is Buffer’s direct competitor so it offers many of the same features. It’s a social media marketing & management tool that helps companies to evaluate both the social media performance and their internal social media managers’/marketing or communications/sales teams’ performance.


  • Social media management for multiple platforms: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram
  • Lead generation
  • Customer support

Price: Hootsuite has a free version, but for small businesses, the price starts at 39$ or 99$ a month.


Keyhole is a social listening and analytics tool that sends you notifications when a particular keyword, hashtag, or URL you follow is mentioned (such as your brand’s).


  • Social media performance analytics for Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin
  • Find real influencers
  • Get Twitter historical data
  • Hashtag analytics
  • Social media publishing and scheduling
  • Keyword tracking

Price: Contact Keyhole to learn about their pricing.

MailClark for Slack

MailClark is a Slack extension that helps you manage messages coming to your company’s social media pages/profiles and email addresses without leaving Slack.


  • AI-reviewed and prioritised messages
  • Assign emails, DMs, replies and enquiries
  • Reply quicker to customers
  • Simplifying collaborative work

Price: For 7$ a month, this is a very niche tool for Slack-heads.


Mention is a social media management and analytics tool with powerful social listening features. Mention helps you find and post relevant content on your social media channels from one platform. It not only monitors social media, but also other media channels such as radio, news and blogs.


  • Build alerts for keywords
  • Conduct sentiment analysis
  • Analyse competitors
  • Understand your audience with reports
  • Simplifying collaborative work
  • Get Twitter historical data

Price: Mention offers a wide range of payment plans, and it has a free plan as well. The solo plan starts at 29€.

Twitter Bots

Not all bots are bad! If you can’t code but want to use automation on Twitter, you can use Twitter Bots to build your own bot.


  • Use Twitter bots to search geotagged tweets that have been posted from a specific location
  • Filter tweet by number of engagement
  • Create auto DMs and replies

Price: Twitter Bots costs only 4,25$ a month.

Free Twitter Tools

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is Twitter’s native analytics platform that helps user identify their top performing tweets, monthly tweet and profile performance, their conversions and more.


  • See profile visits
  • Measure click rate on links
  • See tweet impressions
  • Analyse Twitter engagement
  • Measure video content performance
  • See audience demographics (only for accounts with over 1K followers)
  • Track conversions

Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter Advanced Search is super handy when you are trying to gather historical data about a particular subject, person, or period. Go as far back as 2006 to see someone’s tweets or tweets about an event. Gather throwback content ideas or run a creative campaign for your brand.


  • Search certain keywords and phrases
  • Exclude keywords
  • Look for tweets from an account or tweets mentioning an account
  • Show links
  • Filter engagement (replies, likes, retweets)
  • Search a tweet from a specific time period


TweetDeck is the best free tool you can use for content scheduling on Twitter. It let’s you view your lists, followers, feed and topics you follow all in one platform so you never run out of things to tweet about. Once you schedule a tweet, it appears under ‘Scheduled Tweets’ and you can even use it with multiple accounts.


  • Follow conversations closely
  • Find content ideas from your feed, your lists and your followers
  • Use Twitter’s filtering tools to filter most engaging tweets

Get Day Trends

Get Day Trends brings you insight into trending conversations on Twitter so you can always stay relevant to your audience. You can keep up with what’s happening in the world by taking a look at Worldwide Trends, and you can travel back in time to see past trending topics. You can also find long-term popular hashtags and topics on Get Day Trends.


  • Find out what’s trending by country, time, total tweet volume
  • Get ideas for popular hashtags
  • Identify and be a part of relevant trending conversations
  • Review past trending topics
  • See where a hashtag is trending

Twitter Lists

You can create Twitter Lists to sort users into categories and follow their tweets closely. You can either use a list to make note of key people in an industry, or however you would like to categorise them (i.e “climate change journalists”, “world leaders”, “most powerful ceos”). Each List is a handy directory that has its own feed. You can also subscribe to lists curated by other users.


  • Follow industries that interest you
  • Create a directory of important people
  • Keep up with and identify new trends
  • Find content ideas for retweets or engage with other users
  • Conduct research or sentiment analysis about a particular subject in a particular industry

Daily 140

Simple, free and effective, Daily 140 sends you an email every day containing the recent follows and favourites of 3 accounts you’re following.


  • Learn more about 3 accounts of your choosing, whether they are influencers, your competitors, or your friends


Twurly is a free Twitter tool that keeps track of all the links being shared on Twitter so you don’t have to scan your Twitter feed just to find the links. Give ‘read only’ access to Twurly for your Twitter account, enter your email address and wait for the links.


  • Fetch all the links you shared in your latest tweets