There are a few reasons why Twitter might suspend your account. If you’re searching for how to recover your tweets and followers after your Twitter account is suspended, read on. Twitter doesn’t suspend your account right away after a few flagged tweets, but if you break Twitter rules consistently, you may never get your account back.

A list of Twitter’s rules is available to determine why your account might have been suspended. This information will be useful to you when you file an appeal.

Read our article on how to recover your account when it’s been suspended to learn the steps you should follow after your account gets suspended.

Why was your account suspended?

Twitter may suspend your account if you’re using bots, post the same tweet a few times (in other words, spam), retweet and like too many tweets within a short amount of time, etc.

For minor violations, such as suspicious activity, unsuspending your Twitter account by filing an appeal takes 12 hours to 7 days. If Twitter bans you from tweeting, you’ll still be able to access your account in read-only mode. At this stage, you should remove any content on your account that is violating Twitter’s policies.

If you’ve already filed an appeal but want to make sure you can save your tweets and list of followers then you can use twtData.

Download Your Tweets and Followers When Your Account is Suspended

If your Twitter account was suspended and you are only able to access your account but not send any tweets, there might be a way for us to recover your data.

Please fill out the form below and authorise twtData on your account so we can perform a backup. We can’t guarantee that we will be able to recover all your data. We’re testing this feature to determine if a suspended account can be backed up.

Backup Your Twitter to Avoid Losing Your Content and Followers

At twtData, we can backup your Followers, Following/Friends, List, DMs, and your tweets with our backup service. You can backup your Twitter account weekly.


Whether you are an avid Twitter user, an influencer, or store valuable information on your Twitter account, we recommend that you use this service to avoid losing your data.

When Twitter Doesn’t Lift Your Suspension

If Twitter permanently banned your account and consequently banned you from accessing it, you won’t be able to download your data. This includes tweets, followers, the following list, media files, lists, likes, DMs, moments, and more.

You can, however, submit a request to receive your non-public Twitter account information.


Twitter suspension shouldn’t be taken lightly as getting your account suspended a few times may result in never being able to create a Twitter account again.

We recommend reading through Twitter’s rules to make sure you never get into that position. More importantly, backup your Twitter account with us to avoid losing years of work.