With Twitter constantly changing its rules and policies, it is a really challenging task to keep your Twitter account 'clean' and avoid suspension. The duration of your suspension depends on the cause, but for most people, it lasts no more than 48 hours, and there are a couple of methods to get your account back. Read on if you want to know more about what Twitter suspension really is and ways to recover your account.

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How Long Does a Twitter Suspension Last?

How Do I Unsuspend My Twitter Account?

What Happens When Your Twitter Account is Suspended?

Does Twitter Release Suspended Accounts?

Do Suspended Twitter Accounts Get Deleted?

As Twitter says it (https://help.twitter.com/en/rules-and-policies/enforcement-options under ‘Account-level enforcement’), permanently suspending an account will remove it from the public view, and the person who violated Twitter's rules and policies will not be allowed to create new accounts. You can read Twitter’s rules and policies here: https://help.twitter.com/en/rules-and-policies#twitter-rules
When it comes to whether your account gets deleted or not, once you file a report it is all up to Twitter. If they decide that the suspension was not an error and that you made a serious violation of their policies, you might lose your account forever.

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How Long Does a Twitter Suspension Last?

When it comes to how long it takes for you to get your account back, we can only speculate since it purely depends on the type of suspension and the violation made. However, we can say that, on average, the Twitter suspension lasts for around 48 hours in the case of a minor violation of Twitter policies. That's the time it takes for Twitter to review your account, the phone number you provided, or any other piece of information you use for verification.

However, if the violation is not simply spammy behaviour but something more serious, the Twitter suspension could last longer. For example, if your account is put on read-only mode, you are not in too big of trouble. Since your account is seen as usually 'healthy', this kind of suspension is only temporary and could last from 12 hours to 7 days maximum. The duration still depends on how serious the violation is. If Twitter requires that you verify the ownership with an email address or a phone number, the suspension lasts until the completion of the challenge, such as providing the necessary information. However, if you are dealing with a more serious violation of Twitter's policies, it is more likely that you will have to face a permanent suspension. This is the most serious form of a suspension and it lasts the longest. Once you file a report, Twitter will look into your account and see if the suspension is valid. How long the suspension will last or if you will get your account back completely depends on Twitter’s response to the appeal.

How Do I Unsuspend My Twitter Account?

Luckily, there are different ways for you to get your Twitter account back. We will draw our attention to the two methods we have previously mentioned: by verification and by filing a report.

1) Unsuspending Your Twitter Account by Verification

The first method is definitely the easiest one and you can easily do it on your own! It is the quickest way to get your account back, but it only works for minor violations. The first thing you should do is log into your account. Once you do that, look for prompts asking you to verify your phone number or confirm your email address.

By giving them any of these two pieces of information, you should be able to get your account back. Yes, it is that easy and quick! Keep in mind, however, that this method works mostly for mild forms of suspensions, such as your account being put on read-only mode.

2) Unsuspending Your Twitter Account by Filing an Appeal

If the previous method has failed and you didn’t manage to get your account back, the only thing left to do is file an appeal for your Twitter account. If you think Twitter made a mistake by permanently suspending your account, you can always use this method. The easiest way to do this is by using this link that will lead you to where you can file a report: https://help.twitter.com/forms/general?subtopic=suspended. If you have a strong reason why you believe Twitter made a mistake, and if your explanation is good, you should get an email stating that Twitter looked into your appeal and that they have successfully unsuspended your account. Once your account is back, it might take a couple of hours for everything to come back to normal, such as your follower and following numbers. However, if your report is denied, there is nothing you can do, and, as sad as it sounds, your account suspension becomes permanent. Not only will your account be removed from the global view, but you will also not be allowed to create any new ones. Twitter is serious about privacy violations and this kind of suspension is definitely final, so you should be extra careful about what you Tweet.

3) We appeal on your behalf with @AppealBuzz

The last option is that we can tweet @Support on your behalf and ask them to investigate the matter. We cannot guarantee that this will get you unsuspended but it is the last resort. If you would like us to appeal on your behalf please fill in the form below:

What Happens When Your Twitter Account is Suspended?

We have already mentioned a couple of different types of Twitter suspension, so it is only fitting that we describe each of them. All of these types of suspensions depend on how bad the violation is. There are a few types of suspensions that Twitter refers to as 'account-level enforcements' and they are: requiring media or profile edits, placing an account in read-only mode, verifying account ownership, and permanent suspension.

Requiring Media or Profile Edits

This is the mildest type of account suspension. If your account or piece of content goes against Twitter's policies, they will make it temporarily unavailable and ask you to edit the information that caused them to take this action. Twitter's team is kind enough to explain which policy you have violated with your profile or media content, so editing and getting your account back should not be too big of a problem.

Placing Your Account in Read-only Mode

If it is your first time violating some of Twitter’s policies on your otherwise clean and healthy account, Twitter might temporarily make your account read-only. If your account is going through an ‘abusive’ phase, Twitter takes action by limiting your ability to Tweet, Retweet, or like any content until the whole situation calms down. Worry not, however, since you will still be able to at least read your timeline or send Direct Messages to your friends. When your account is under this type of ban, other people will still be able to engage with your profile. The duration of this type of suspension ranges from 12 hours to 7 days, depending on the violation that caused Twitter to take this action.

Verifying Account Ownership

Twitter makes sure that its users do not use the platform to abuse anonymity and harass other people. Because of that, they may ask you to verify your ownership of the account using your phone number or an email address. This also helps them track and identify people who are violating their policies while operating multiple accounts. Once you go through this type of suspension, your account will be locked and removed from follower counts, likes, and Retweets. The only way for you to unlock your account is by completing the challenge (verifying your phone number or email address). Once you verify account ownership, you should be back and ready to tweet again!

Permanent Suspension

This is Twitter’s most severe enforcement action. By taking this action, Twitter removes your account from the public view. While your account is permanently suspended, you are not allowed to create a new one. Twitter immediately notifies you once your account is suspended for abuse. They will note which policy was violated and which content was used to do so. As we have previously explained, the account owner always has a chance to file a report if they believe that Twitter made an error. Upon appeal, Twitter will look into it and see whether the suspension is valid or not. Whether you get your account back or it is lost forever depends purely on their decision.

To avoid losing all your data and information, it is extremely important to back up your account save all of your tweets, as well as your followers and following lists. Twitter's privacy rules are constantly changing and it is just a matter of time before your account gets suspended, too! We offer a fast and easy way to backup your account, so do not hesitate to save all your important Twitter data. By doing this, you make sure all your account data is safely restored and you no longer have to be scared of losing everything.

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Does Twitter Release Suspended Accounts?

In short – yes, Twitter does release some of the suspended accounts. However, if they decide their suspension is valid, there is hardly anything you can do to save your account and get your profile back. That is why it is extremely important to file a good report explaining everything in detail. Since Twitter lets you know which content was in violation and what policy or policies they have violated, you get a chance to explain the mistake you have made that led you to lose your account.

Once you decide to file a report, you can visit Twitter’s Help Center and find the page titled ‘Appeal an account suspension or locked account’ (https://help.twitter.com/forms/general?subtopic=suspended). There, you will be asked a few questions and be given options to choose your answers. For example, the first question is ‘Where are you experiencing this issue?’ and you will be given a number of options to choose from. Some fields will require you to do a bit of writing, such as the field titled ‘Description of problem’. Here is where you need to be careful since this is what will help them decide whether or not the suspension of your account was valid. They ask you to describe the nature of your appeal (why you believe that your account did not violate the Twitter rules). You can also use this report to notify Twitter if you are unable to unsuspend or unlock your account, or simply cannot provide them with the information they need, such as your phone number.

Upon reviewing your report, Twitter should email you with their final decision. If you are lucky enough, the email you receive should start with the following statement: ‘We’re writing to let you know that we’ve unsuspended your account.’, and in a couple of hours, your account should be back to normal. However, if you are not so lucky, you will face losing your account and all of your information forever. To avoid this, we highly encourage you to backup your account so you never have to worry about losing all of your tweets, followings, followers, and more.

Notification System: Get alerted when an account is unsuspended

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With Twitter’s guidelines constantly changing, hardly anyone is safe from their enforcement actions. Risking losing years and years of content is never fun, which is why we encourage our readers to consider backing up their accounts and keep their information safe and secured. We offer you a quick and easy way to download all the information you risk losing, such as tweets, followers, following, and more!