Many times marketers are faced with the dilemma regarding the best way to export Twitter followers list from an account. And why not? With the plethora of solutions available on the web today, it becomes a matter of choosing the best platform that strikes the perfect balance between cost and ROI.

With platforms charging anywhere between $50-$1000+ for Twitter data analytics, it just becomes choosing a hassle for marketers to choose a platform that fulfills their requirements without burning a hole in their pocket. Major brands have contracts worth thousands of dollars with Twitter Analytics platforms just to get their hands on precious user data.

This kind of approach may leave small and medium-sized brands in a limbo. Not only they have their marketing budgets to the tune of a few thousand dollars, but they also need Twitter user data for a short term. This created a dire need for having cost-effective solutions like twtData to come into the picture.

If you are looking to export Twitter followers list from any public account, we have a simple and cost-effective option for you. twtData’s followers export feature delivers raw Twitter data to your email. The platform derives this data directly from Twitter so you can be assured that data you are getting is up to date.

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Steps to Export Twitter Followers List

twtData’s export Twitter followers list is easy to navigate and in just a few clicks, your Twitter data will be ready to download. Simply follow these steps and export Twitter followers list from any account here.

All the payment are handled by Stripe on a secure payment gateway so you can be assured of data security. We never store anything on our servers (not even the last 4 digits of your card) and everything is handled by Stripe with industry-standard security measures.

Not to boast, but twtData has been lauded in the past by researchers and businesses due to its ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Check out our review on TrustPilot. This was made possible by having a user-friendly approach and a laudable response time. If you have any specific requirements for your Twitter data, just connect with us and we will be more than happy to accommodate any special request.

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Export Twitter Followers List: The twtData Advantage

When pondering over various platforms for exporting your Twitter data, twtData stands out as your prime selection. We attribute this to several compelling reasons:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Our platform is purposefully crafted with simplicity in mind, ensuring a smooth data export journey.
  • Accurate Data: As an authorized Twitter application, we assure you the data is sourced directly from Twitter. This guarantees the reliability and precision of the data provided, irrespective of whether you're exporting a Twitter followers list or any other specific Twitter data.
  • Efficient Service: Our swift response time and expedited data export make us one of the most efficient tools available, saving your valuable time.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: twtData offers a solution that provides excellent value for your investment. Our unique model doesn't bind you with subscriptions or contracts; you only pay for the data you need, eliminating unnecessary financial commitments.
  • Choice of Multiple Formats: Our service offers you the flexibility of selecting your preferred file format (.CSV or .xlsx), enhancing versatility to suit various applications.
  • Multiple Currency Options: We accept payment in four different currencies - US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, and Canadian Dollar - catering to your preference and convenience.
  • Free Sample: To instill confidence in our service, we offer a free sample for every request. Only after your satisfaction with the sample do we proceed with the payment for the entire list of Twitter followers.
  • Unwavering Support: Our dedicated customer support team is on standby, ready to assist or accommodate any special requests. Simply click on our chat button to connect with a real person, eager to help.

Choose twtData for your Twitter data export needs and feel the difference that a service built on user-centricity, reliability, and efficiency can bring.