Download Twitter Data

Download Twitter data in csv format by entering any Twitter handle, keyword, hashtag, List ID or Space ID.

Data type Count Description Price
Historical Mentions 1,105 A CSV file containing a list of tweets_by_hashtag for the Twitter account.
Time Period: 21/03/2023 - 30/03/2023
Historical followers 10,000 A CSV file containing a list of followers for the Twitter account.
Data was extracted on 22/07/2023
Historical timeline 3,250 A CSV file containing a list of timeline for the Twitter account.
Time Period: 02/06/2022 - 10/06/2023
mentions - A CSV file containing the tweets that mention the query
Real Time Extraction including Retweets
timeline Last 3,200 A CSV file containing the last 3,200 tweets posted by the Twitter account.
Real Time Extraction
tweets by keyword - A CSV file containing the tweets that include the query
Real Time Extraction including Retweets
Tweets pricing: $0.012 per record. Min price: $9.99.
Followers/following pricing: $0.0005 per record. Min price: $9.99.

Make more strategic business decisions

Today’s largest and most successful organizations use data to their advantage when making business decisions. To better understand how you can incorporate Twitter data into your decision-making process, consider the below:

Understand your audience

Export your Twitter followers and perform analysis on a user-specific level to enhace your marketing strategy. Understand the influencers following you, the demographics of your followers, the language they tweet, their interests and more.

Grow your followers

Download competitors followers and begin to engage with your future customers. Follow them, mention them with Twitter Ads or even directly DM them. Using the data and performing analytics can help you target the right handles and formulate a compelling introduction to increase your followers.

Competitor Insights

Export the followers of your competitors and conduct analysis. Use the data to understand your target market and promote your service/product to handles that are already warm leads.

Bot or Not

Twitter is swarming with bots and fake accounts. Download follower data and perform advanced analytics to help you identify fake accounts to enhance your marketing strategy to target those that really matter.

Optimize Twitter Ads Strategy

Enhance your Twitter Ads ROI by targeting your competitors followers. Download their followers and upload them as a custom audience.

Identify real influencers

Leverage follower data; conduct analytics and identify Twitter influencers for you to target.

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Digital Marketing Agencies

Drive success for your clients with data driven decisions


Use data to analyse and understand your social media image.


Source breaking news and distribute your work effectively

NFT Artists & Collectors

Utilize data driven marketing to promote your NFTs

Finance / Investment Traders

Twitter cashtags and sentiment analysis are key market movers


Enhance your academic research with recent and historical data


Yes, Twitter allows data mining, especially through authorized applications like twtData. twtData is an official Twitter Authorized Application that provides users with accurate Twitter data and analytics.

Tweet mining involves extracting and analyzing data from tweets to gain insights. With platforms like twtData, users can search the entire Twitter sphere using advanced analytical resources, enabling them to uncover valuable insights from tweets.

Platforms like twtData collect Twitter data by interfacing with Twitter's backend through authorized means. twtData, being an official Twitter Authorized Application, can access and provide accurate Twitter data to its clients.

Yes, with twtData, users can extract data from Twitter. The platform enables users to search the Twitter sphere and obtain data in a structured format, such as spreadsheets, making it easier for analysis.

While Twitter provides its own built-in analytics, twtData offers a specialized service that provides accurate Twitter data and analytics. By using twtData, users can get detailed analytics related to specific searches or criteria.

Twitter analytics provide insights into tweet performance, audience engagement, and other metrics. Platforms like twtData enhance these analytics by offering advanced analytical resources, allowing users to dive deeper into the data.

Basic Twitter Analytics is available for free to users. However, specialized services like twtData might have associated costs for the advanced analytics and data extraction they offer.

To check analytics on twtData, users would need to use the platform's services to search and analyze Twitter data. The platform provides detailed analytics based on the user's search criteria.

Twitter analytics measure various metrics related to tweet performance, audience engagement, and more. With twtData, users can obtain enhanced metrics and insights, such as tweet reach, engagement rates, and detailed audience demographics.