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Several tweets discuss Lamar Jackson's move to another conference, Jared Goff's performance compared to Lamar Jackson's, and Woodward Sports Crew's plans to host a live show in Detroit, with all money donated to charity at the choice of TJLang70. One tweet also mentions meeting an idol and another an off-season bet between Woodward Sports and others. The overall theme of the tweets is related to sports.

Topic Modeling

  1. Conference football
  2. Criteria for quarterbacks
  3. Donation to a charity
  4. Meeting of a sports idol
  5. Detroit Lions PR Personnel

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from excitement and enthusiasm to annoyance and frustration. People are discussing the potential of Lamar Jackson in a different conference and Jared Goff versus Lamar Jackson. There is also excitement and appreciation for meeting a hockey idol and anticipation for a live show in Detroit. Additionally, some of the tweets express confusion and disbelief at the questions being asked. Overall, the tweets convey a range of emotions from hopefulness to exasperation.

Trend Analysis

  1. The comparison between Lamar Jackson and Jared Goff
  2. The power of the media and the ability to discuss sports takes
  3. Hockey idols and fandom
  4. Charitable giving and donations of money to causes
  5. Detroit Lions football

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PatMcAfeeShow Pat McAfee LIVE M-Fri 12-3ishEST on YouTube. @FDSportsbook’s the 🐐. Kicked off a SuperBowl. Wrestled at WrestleMania. @CollegeGameDay’s on Saturdays. Life is good. 2,804,450
TJLang70 Teej. Former actor. 257,865
OfficialBraylon Braylon Edwards WOODWARDSPORTS APP #BOTTOMLINE 229,212
terryfosterdet Terry Foster A retired sports dude trying to stay one step in front of the law and trying to get healthy. I remain a trouble maker 142,763
evanfoxy Evan Fox All things video for @PatMcAfeeShow ⎮ The Pat McAfee Show LIVE M-F from 12-3 ⎮ Subscribe to our @Youtube Channel ⬇️ ⎮ IG: evan_fox 136,681
woodwardsports Woodward Sports Network LIVE M-F 8a-10a, 11a-1p, 2p-4p, 5p-7p on our Website & App. Woodward Sports unleashes the power & imagination of sports. The Future of Detroit Sports is Now. 66,397
elitetakes_ Nico Just a high schooler with a dream to work in sports TikTok: @ EliteTakes (500K+ followers) 41,423
mark_giangreco MARK GIANGRECO Former TV Sports Anchor, Classic Muscle Car freak , AFL historian ,Hockey fan, R&B Lover, Closet Cartoonist ,on Cameo! and All-Around Jaded,Cynical smart ass 35,813
_kyonaj KY 🦍 EMU | 22 | Taurus 28,158
5hourenergy 5-hour ENERGY® Welcome to the Official 5-hour ENERGY® Twitter Page! Follow us on Instagram and TikTok (5hourenergy) or Snapchat (fivehourenergy)! 25,798

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Username Name Bio Followers count
NFLFantasy_More Scott King Christian, Husband, Father, NFL/Fantasy Expert, Hockey Player. Lions, Red Wings, Tigers, Pistons, Buckeyes, #RowdyNation #tygibbs 20,299
SteveSPORTTalk1 Steve On-Air Personality #MMATwitter #FlyEaglesFly #RingTheBell #NFLTwitter #NBATwitter 19,529
Tiger_Hebert Tiger Hebert, Author Epic Fantasy that Dares to Hope, Edify, and Inspire. You can find all my books at #author #fantasy 14,656
TKchasebenji TeeKay ChaseBenji Founder/CEO of @LifeTimeGrind_ @TEBCbasketball @87Comics & @TroyMarieFDN 14,156
_kyonaj KY 🦍 EMU | 22 | Taurus 12,436
sasukeamador Jose Di Maria Amador Mi cuerpo es un templo de lunes a viernes y los fines de semana un pinche parque de diversiones. 12,048
jakharicarroll_ 𝒪𝒸𝓉𝑜𝒷𝑒𝓇’𝓈 𝒱𝑒𝓇𝓎 𝒪𝓌𝓃 10/21 ♎️ 10,381
NonsenseWhiskey Sports Nonsense And Whiskey Podcast Group of friends talking sports whiskey and a dash of nonsense. Check us out on YouTube, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. #UFC #NFL #NBA #MLB #NHL 10,066
MotorCityBanter Nick Brandel 27 | Detroit Sports/UofM fan | Jersey collector | Video Game enthusiast | Xbox | #Pistons #GoBlue 8,963
lionsfanreport LionsFanReport All things Detroit Lions and anything else related to football. Turn the 🔔 on! #NFL 7,857

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Username Bio Number of tweets
Tyler19034416 one true legend of Fenton 50
VasaceFibonacci Bald and mean and full of beans #BLM - ally - #GoGreen - never financial advice - - IG: @CruellaDeTrill69 39
CoopDaDon1 - 39
Mj79451622 Happy honest loyal 33
FCsgle3 Huge Michigan and Arizona sports fan. Accountant and very proud father of one incredible son! 30
Mikeswe78102911 - 27
inktown123 From Inkster,MI 27
cjluke26 Father of Eleena & Oliver 25
Jk42001998 - 25
CHEN313 DETROIT BORN AND RAISED, I LOVE SPORTS AND LIFE. #NABJ| Girl Dad |Host of the Sports Rap 🎙Podcast @ 19

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1626722634711924737 Penei. So glad he’s a Lion! Looking for Twitter magic so he sees it! @WorldofIsaac @Lions @LionsNationU @barstoolsports @BSMotorCity @woodwardsports @CorelPainter @detsportsnation @peneisewell58 @SewelIWrld @MikeSullivan @oregonfootball @LionsPride @LionsPR @lionsfanreport 11
1627808959397756928 @313MCDC I certainly acknowledged.. and only talked shit on the Detroit Lions PR guy. But with that being said.. we will be having a live show in Detroit this off-season as a part of the bet with @woodwardsports.. we will donate all of the money to a charity of @TJLang70’s choice AND I’m… 6
1624531176882057216 @elitetakes_ @woodwardsports If you know football, you know Jared Goff > Lamar Jackson 5
1624519240073232384 @elitetakes_ @woodwardsports The real dream. 4
1626366793571762177 My latest for @woodwardsports. Now that Negro League stats are considered major league stars, Hall of Famer centerfielder Turkey Stearnes had one of the best rookie seasons by a Detroit professional baseball player in history. 4
1624977151928811520 Y’all @woodwardsports are not ready for me tomorrow!!!!!!!! #SuperBowl #PatrickMahomes #GOAT 4
1626967234227720193 @woodwardsports @ATWATER05 The Missile in the middle!!! The Haitian sensation!! Knocking dudes heads off!!! The hard hitting safety from Western Michigan!! Louis DELMAS!!!!!! 3
1625161173267275776 #NewProfilePic I'm So Happy I Finally Got To Meet My Hockey Idol Today Thank You DMAC Sam Neal and The Woodward Sports Crew @DarrenMcCarty4 Word Can't Express How Much This Meant Too Me Today @woodwardsports #BigDEnergy 3
1627844133644562433 @DetLionsWatch @PatMcAfeeShow @woodwardsports @TJLang70 This is why @WHWPod is my only daily show these days 🔥 3
1625518373407969280 Jaden Ivey, Killian Hayes and the Pistons Identity | Woodward Pistons LIVE with @JeffIafrate & @DetroitKoolAid | @woodwardsports #Pistons 3

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1624519444281147394 @kickoffradar @woodwardsports Yep I would rather see Lamar in a different conference on a better offense 313
1624534218578722817 @yeballtalk @elitetakes_ @woodwardsports Bro’s criteria 305
1624520118733623296 @HeyItsCoal_ @woodwardsports No. Howell’s team now 281
1627404973016330249 @woodwardsports How is this even a question? 168
1624532520611053568 @yeballtalk @elitetakes_ @woodwardsports Dawg what? 97
1627808959397756928 @313MCDC I certainly acknowledged.. and only talked shit on the Detroit Lions PR guy. But with that being said.. we will be having a live show in Detroit this off-season as a part of the bet with @woodwardsports.. we will donate all of the money to a charity of @TJLang70’s choice AND I’m… 96
1624531176882057216 @elitetakes_ @woodwardsports If you know football, you know Jared Goff > Lamar Jackson 94
1624519296998158336 @elitetakes_ @woodwardsports Scared to play the jets with Lamar twice a year I see Don’t blame you 94
1624519491240468483 @elitetakes_ @woodwardsports This is the real dream 76
1624519240073232384 @elitetakes_ @woodwardsports The real dream. 70

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#onepride 151
#nfl 41
#lgrw 38
#pistons 37
#superbowl 31
#godt 15
#1 10
#nbaallstar 9
#detroitlions 9
#golions 8

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@woodwardsports 5211
@woodwardpistons 314
@elitetakes_ 314
@jalenramsey 104
@amonra_stbrown 103
@jswaggdaddy 86
@woodwardtigers 68
@fanduel 65
@detroitpistons 62
@lions 56

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😂 115 face_with_tears_of_joy
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🔥 53 fire
🤡 36 clown_face
👀 26 eyes
🚨 21 police_car_light
💯 20 hundred_points
😭 16 loudly_crying_face
💀 13 skull
🎥 12 movie_camera

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