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People are expressing their condolances and support for @Wezi_heartsound, who had recently lost someone close to them. They also show admiration for their achievements and appreciate their wise words. They are also expressing their love and respect for Wezi.

Topic Modeling

  1. Grieving and Healing
  2. Showing Appreciation and Gratitude
  3. Celebrating Zambian Football
  4. Encouragement and Motivation
  5. Recognizing Zambian Music and Culture

Emotional Analysis

The tweets show a range of emotions including sorrow, love, gratitude, admiration, pride, respect, appreciation, sadness, and empathy. There is a strong sense of support and comfort expressed in the tweets, with many expressing condolences, love, and appreciation for the person being addressed. There is also a sense of resilience, with many of the tweets expressing admiration for the strength and courage of the person being addressed. Overall, the tweets express a range of emotions, all of which are supportive and comforting.

Trend Analysis

  1. Expressions of love, care, and support
  2. Death and healing from it
  3. Alex Chola and Peter Kaumba
  4. Zambian Football
  5. Wezi X Tic

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Twitter Web App 31

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Username Name Bio Followers count
Cleo_icequeen Frozie-Froze 🥶💎👑 🇿🇲Artist 🎤🎵 African Queen 🇿🇲💎👑Muva💕💕🇿🇲Mogul 🇿🇲💰💰 Inquiries & Bookings: #LeadersOfTheNewSchool 170,420
FAZFootball FAZ Official Twitter Account of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ). 2012 AFCON Champs, 2017 U20 AFCON Champs, 2022 COSAFACup Champs, 2022 WAFCON Bronze Winner 166,638
VanillaDzaddy Bobby East 🐐 Award winning musician/producer,C.E.O XYZ entertainment ,co founder /CMO ULTRA L.S 113,817
Wezi_heartsound Wezi Mhone African & Proud! True Zambiana 🇿🇲 102,720
BuyoyaJonah Dingindaba Jonah Buyoya BBC Komla Dumor Award Winner 22 • TV/Radio Host • News Anchor • Journalist at @DiamondTVZambia • Journalist • CITYZEN • 80,069
Slim_Thanos Thanos I'm a Polarizing Figure 72,222
Slick_ZM Slick_ZM - 42,530
bennyMalama BennyMalama🇿🇲 Entrepreneur/ @Arsenal /foodie/ photography lover/ adventurous / addict of movies and series/ advocate for mentrual hygiene @PadDonate 27,737
TheeSalmaSky Salma Sky Recording & Performing Artist. Multi Born & Bred Music Video Award Winner. Zambian Music Award Nominee. Bookings: / +260975281595 27,735
bundebunde Eccentric Cb🇿🇲 lonely star.. | #fcbarcelona_fan | I am compos mentis | good vibes. 💯 26,649

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
Slim_Thanos Thanos I'm a Polarizing Figure 45,286
bundebunde Eccentric Cb🇿🇲 lonely star.. | #fcbarcelona_fan | I am compos mentis | good vibes. 💯 21,464
chingu_nash Mr. Adorable🏴‍☠️ What else you wanna know? 16,242
Slick_ZM Slick_ZM - 15,909
kunda03 harriet🇿🇲 - 15,040
Nachi_zm Dark_horse♥👸 Taila's mum.... there's nothing interesting here until you can relate... otherwise I'm far from basic or normal😊 13,166
OskidoBanoko Oscar Oskido THE BANOKO guy. BANOKO NI BANOKO BOI😏 @Chelseafc 💙/ Formula1 is in my blood.follow @flipit_mobiles for phones and accessories. 12,210
JustinLarkinSc1 🚨YOUR FAVORITE IPHONE AND AIRPODS PRO PLUG ✊🏿💯 Mechatronics Engineer , Electrical & Automation Engineering Student,Your IPhone and AirPods plug . @ManUtd loyal fan 🙌🏾🔥🔴 .🇿🇲 WhatsApp line;+8619155048376 9,552
chongomedley Mayor of Kabwata🇿🇲 Social Accountability Advocate |• Digital Rights Advocate |• Digital Media Creative |• Data Enthusiast |• Data Visualizer |• #MayorSpaces |• RTs ≠ endorsement•| 9,387
bennyMalama BennyMalama🇿🇲 Entrepreneur/ @Arsenal /foodie/ photography lover/ adventurous / addict of movies and series/ advocate for mentrual hygiene @PadDonate 8,556

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
PLombanya Brains 8
JaneBan61247233 Godz love nizee 7
wadada_ras “Impossible is nothing”..... 4
DannyMundia2 Not everything that makes you smile is good for you # Dannythepoet. 4
Mubajnr @ESusanKatongo 's manager | Editor in Chief @zambianfootball| @Betway_Zambia BA|CEO -@Barbrabandafou1|| 3
YasahMoses Biggie's ceo, agromist, actor & scripwriter.🇿🇲🇿🇲 3
Bfacemwape I’m just but a man bringing light & truth by the order of the Peaky F.... Blinders 3
FredMatutu @Arsenal. Gooner, Husband, Father. MSc in Actuarial Science candidate 3
DreamkillerYPL Am an artist basically hip hop artist 3
Larpack Wealth Management Consultant and Experienced Banker 3

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Top 10 tweets with highest Retweet count

ID Text Retweet count
1626275315436724229 @BarefeetTheatre @Wezi_heartsound @ItalyinZambia @nkwoolley @Mulengakapwepwe @IrelandinZambia @Kuwaha @tonytheegoon @LuluHaangala @USAIDZambia @ChibweLumpa This is great. Looking forward to it 🙌🏼 2
1624302154969149441 @Wezi_heartsound @kryticworldwide The best singer and the best rapper both from Ndola Wezi X Tic 2
1627761570620006402 link for video @ZambeziJuice @Wezi_heartsound @kb_killabeats @hiphopcrisis @slapdee @VanillaDzaddy @Slick_ZM @Dakar1Kwesta @casspernyovest @SizweDhlomo @ReasonHD @verified @YungVerbal @HHichilema @Ariella_ale @Slim_Thanos @bundebunde 1
1626884055454167042 @ChabuOfficial @Wezi_heartsound Awesome voice 1
1626612564846149632 @Wezi_heartsound You are a great deal in the music industry,you are truly an artist with effect.God bless you mah 🙌🙌🙌 1
1624706331646087170 @Wezi_heartsound The first time I watched this movie I shed tears. Then I watched it again I cried and again I cried. It’s like the story keeps on getting interesting every time 😢 0
1624650719742533633 @Wezi_heartsound This is why hurt life my dad died when I was young to make things worse he was bewitched. 0
1624652266677452801 @Wezi_heartsound Mhsrip 0
1624673076628660226 Good Morning @Wezi_heartsound 0
1624701549678133252 @Wezi_heartsound May his soul rest in peace 0

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1624167292358516831 @Wezi_heartsound I’m sorry baby. May this year bring all you’ve ever dreamed of and more. 🙏🏾 🕊 11
1624318929970642944 Sending you hearts @Wezi_heartsound 🥺❤️❤️ Death is js something so hard to heal from..we js get to live with it 😪 9
1624496614164373504 @Wezi_heartsound @diamondtvzambia @mainess_ranch Wezi❤️ You've always been so kind and I'm super grateful my friend. I love you❤️ 8
1626697893653499925 @Slick_ZM Hey @Wezi_heartsound ... Beautiful. @Slick_ZM would like to meet you... She's in Lsk right now. She's an influencer from the Copperbelt like myself... She'd be honoured to have a chat with you 7
1624284462115696640 @Wezi_heartsound I was born in a funeral house. My dad died and I was born the following day. Continue being strong 6
1624261071669174273 @Wezi_heartsound What a proud record for Godfrey ‘Ucar’ Chitalu. It must be nearly 40+/-years old. #ZambianFootball stands shoulders above the rest! 4
1624302154969149441 @Wezi_heartsound @kryticworldwide The best singer and the best rapper both from Ndola Wezi X Tic 3
1625566734311690249 @Wezi_heartsound @Chefy187 We need that video 2
1625744113600528388 @Wezi_heartsound Weezy F wechipondo! 🔥🖤 2
1626644266033246208 @Wezi_heartsound Thank you for sharing these wise words, Wezi. Sometimes, happiness and contentment are closer than we think. Very close. 2

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#kaya 1
#brokenolunkumbwa 1
#easternpipo 1
#roman5 1
#act 1
#tgdy 1
#zambianfootball 1
#themetrobreakfastshow 1
#liveonair 1
#junkielover 1

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@wezi_heartsound 283
@ndineemma32626 7
@chabuofficial 7
@slick_zm 4
@slim_thanos 4
@officialndawana 4
@slapdee 3
@chefy187 3
@diamondtvzambia 3
@kuwaha 3

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❤️ 33 red_heart
💔 12 broken_heart
🥰 12 smiling_face_with_hearts
🔥 10 fire
🙏🏾 9 folded_hands_medium-dark_skin_tone
😂 9 face_with_tears_of_joy
🙏 8 folded_hands
😍 8 smiling_face_with_heart-eyes
😊 7 smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes
🙌 7 raising_hands

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Emoji Group Count
Smileys & Emotion 143
People & Body 50
Travel & Places 12
Animals & Nature 9
Activities 7
Objects 6
Flags 1