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Twitter for Android 15346
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Username Name Followers count
AP The Associated Press 16,050,264
SkyNews Sky News 8,328,383
AuschwitzMuseum Auschwitz Memorial 1,506,009
pajhwok Pajhwok Afghan News 962,786
fesshole Fesshole 🧻 866,273
9NewsAUS 9News Australia 831,530
NYDailyNews New York Daily News 816,293
iownjd J.D.™🦄 (🐯Spirit🐢) Nlandu 🇨🇩 🇧🇪 🇫🇷 🇺🇸 797,096
SaniaaAshiq Sania Ashiq 563,008
ferialhaffajee Ferial Haffajee 516,625

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Followers count
iownjd J.D.™🦄 (🐯Spirit🐢) Nlandu 🇨🇩 🇧🇪 🇫🇷 🇺🇸 436,532
Marvel0usJesus Marvelous Jesus 143,300
BlacksunBkRvw Blacksun Book Review 137,152
submit_site Web Directory 106,725
AmoneyResists Andrew Wortman 97,512
UnseeingEyes Vincenzo Scipioni 65,191
invisiblepeople Invisible People ➤ Imagine Everyone With a Home 63,441
Ajitkumar_Kanan Ajitkumar Kanan 46,725
PainterRandy Randy Dueck 45,862

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Username Number of tweets
KavitaJ19773612 143
j_malagar 109
Prakash84523003 101
OKanojwar 97
Budhram8285 90
MayaKale12 80
NigamKu72127489 79
NarayandasRatn2 74
RakeshT06546230 72
VeenaNakra 72

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ID Text Retweet count
1618798537176907776 Asaram Bapu Case exposes the Conspiracy Against Hinduism, where an #InnocentBehindBars denied even basic human rights. Paid media, fake allegations & corrupt investigating officer were used to build this Bogus case. Voice Of The People - Release Bapuji! 1056
1618798739623387136 Asaram Bapu Case is a classic example of Conspiracy Against Hinduism, where an #InnocentBehindBars because He barricaded conversion. Now Voice Of The People around the world 👉deliver justice and release innocent #Bapuji. 1030
1618798589387616256 Conspiracy Against Hinduism has been on the rise by funding private media outlets. Asaram Bapu Case is a prime example of the case. But multiple independent creators on SM platforms have amplified Voice Of The People questioning the system on why #InnocentBehindBars? 975
1618798968791769091 Conspiracy Against Hinduism has become a perpetual trend in our country, live example is of innocent Asaram Bapu Case. Medical report proves no rape. But media misled the country deliberately. Voice Of The People asking why #InnocentBehindBars!? 954
1618798945433706497 Asaram Bapu Case exposes Conspiracy Against Hinduism. Voice Of The People is now a roar. Many VIPs, Influencers, Lawyers are speaking up on how Hinduism is on target & #InnocentBehindBars. It's high time to stand together & fight for our dharma. 880
1618798866723381250 Asaram Bapu Case Depicts That If Person Work Against Conversion He Is Victimised. Conspiracy Against Hinduism Has Been Going On Since Long. Voice Of The People Say That Should Stop & Bapuji Should Be Released. #InnocentBehindBars Has Become Ordeal Of Day 830
1618809367129886721 Asaram Bapu Case is Conspiracy Against Hinduism coz Bapuji brought a spiritual revolution which led to the revival of Sanatan Dharm- Sanskriti The Sanatan Warrior also rose to be the biggest Roadblock For Conversion Voice Of The People Release Asharamji Bapu #InnocentBehindBars 823
1618800090029907968 Asaram Bapu Case में Voice Of The People- सनातन रक्षक संत की छवि को खराब करने का भरपूर प्रयास - क्योंकि यह षड्यंत्र केवल बापूजी के खिलाफ नही बल्कि Conspiracy Against Hinduism है , सनातन धर्म पर से लोगों का विश्वास हटे इसलिए 10 वर्षों से #InnocentBehindBars 718
1618799282559266816 Voice Of The People in Asaram Bapu Case - Bapuji ने जो धर्मांतरण के खिलाफ व्यापक सेवाकार्य किये वे ईसाई मिशनरियों के लिए दीवार बन गये।मातृ पितृ पूजन व तुलसी पूजन दिवस को सभी ने स्वीकारा है। #InnocentBehindBars in Conspiracy Against Hinduism. 702
1618798577878441990 wake up hindu Conspiracy Against Hinduism R increasing 1 by 1 our Hindu saints are being implicated in the conspiracy. Asaram Bapu Case is a live e.g since 10yrs #InnocentBehindBars without concrete evidence. now Voice Of The People justice for Bapuji. 607

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1619020610214170625 people were sending fan favorite voice actress Laura Bailey death threats about her child back when the game dropped, so I don’t want to know what kind of hate TV audiences would send to an unknown for playing a character 5265
1618484035050930177 Happy Republic Day. As an American I want to say that I also identify as an Indian Hindu. Not by birth or blood but purely by Heart & Soul. India is one of the greatest countries in the world, with the greatest people & culture. Love from an American. #26january #RepublicDay2023 3289
1618396145981730816 Some bigot on my feed just asked where the Voice is for non-Aboriginal people. That just about sums up the intellectual contribution of the ‘no’ proponents. 3155
1618552282391666689 Senator Thorpe is entitled to her opinion but if she thinks opposing the Voice will advance the cause of First Nations people in the short/medium term she is misguided imo. Perhaps calm down a bit and listen to Tom Calma speech last night. Limelight doesn’t mean action.#voteyes 2552
1619058699531857921 Reminder that Miku is a blank slate meant to be the voice of the artist. She can be anything you want her to be and anyone who tells you otherwise is either new here or just wants another easily digestible anime girl. MIKU IS FOR THE PEOPLE 🎉🎉🎉 2387
1619013135935078400 Not only Karachi, but whole nation is looking towards @MaryamNSharif and be the voice of common People of Pakistan. 2357
1618815362648375296 Hey media: The request for a Voice came from hundreds of meetings by Aboriginal groups across the country over several years It's their idea, not a Labor vs Liberal horse race IPSOS poll says 80% of Aboriginal people support the Voice Centre their voices in your reporting. 1896
1618447114257969154 Australia will remain stuck as a nation until it embraces a Voice for First Nations people, becomes a republic with one of its own as head of state, changes its flag (John Joseph’s design is the best IMHO) and settles on a new national holiday that unites rather than divides. 1842
1618555607597867008 For cool points, I tell people I was oppressed at school in the 80s when I was given detention for singing "Free Nelson Mandela" at the top of my voice. I don't admit that it was because I did it during a Maths exam. 1588
1619317317091082240 If you had an appropriate and proportionate reaction to hearing the voice of God, losing your mind and living off honey and locusts in the wilderness and so forth, any of these people would say you were crazy. It’s fine to talk to God as long as he’s giving you lifestyle advice. 1325

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Hashtag Count
#innocentbehindbars 13029
#bapuji 563
#irgcterrorists 403
#iranrevolution 155
#ब 125
#mahsaamini 120
#auspol 76
#godkabir_nirvanadiwas 74
#jamuna 70
#voice 68

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Mention Count
@yssspeaks 1471
@jantakeeawaaz 572
@reviewsonbapuji 339
@megharede3 297
@reshmalachhani2 291
@sangeetapardes5 224
@jagohindustani_ 207
@gagnejaraghu 204
@vikramsthakur2 197
@yuwasewasangh 185

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👇 1352 backhand_index_pointing_down
918 red_exclamation_mark
812 red_question_mark
😡 587 pouting_face
♦️ 394 diamond_suit
⁉️ 311 exclamation_question_mark
👉 280 backhand_index_pointing_right
✊🏻 216 raised_fist_light_skin_tone
☹️ 176 frowning_face
🙏 170 folded_hands

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Emoji Group Count
People & Body 2859
Symbols 2756
Smileys & Emotion 1740
Activities 443
Objects 291
Flags 212
Travel & Places 103
Animals & Nature 65
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