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Vinny is receiving congratulations for various accomplishments, such as having a birthday, doing something well and making something. People are discussing topics such as having an ad block for the Super Bowl, Spyro, and Nintendo Directs. They are also joking around with one another and saying positive affirmations.

Topic Modeling

  1. Congratulatory messages to Vinny
  2. Vinny's accomplishments
  3. Advertisement blocking
  4. Birthday wishes
  5. Nintendo Directs

Emotional Analysis

The majority of the emotions expressed in these tweets are positive, ranging from excitement and enthusiasm to congratulatory messages and well wishes. There is also a humorous tone to some of the tweets, with some users making jokes and lighthearted remarks. Finally, there is a sense of camaraderie among the group, as they cheer each other on and show support for one another.

Trend Analysis

  1. Congrats/praising of @Vinny
  2. Nintendo Directs
  3. Block ads for Super Bowl
  4. Happy Birthday wishes
  5. Mentioning of Tom Holland

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Twitter for iPhone 174
Twitter for Android 118
Twitter Web App 64
Twitter for iPad 2
Instagram 1

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Top 10 accounts with highest followers count

Username Name Bio Followers count
Rhymestyle rhyme "Rhyme inspired me to to become as smart as him" - Einstein Biz Only: General: 283,519
GameboyLuke luke i love pokemon • • #8bitbros 102,926
Patterrz Patterrz I upload and stream a lot. Instagram: Business: alt: @notpatterrz 66,139
UnitedHayze Dylan • United I can’t read • Husband. Father. 1 John 4:8 • UG ✉ • UP ✉ 51,910
VantaJay Jay YT/Twitch Partner. I stream and sometimes make videos. J&J ♥️ | Insert Business Email Here 38,423
TetraBitGaming TetraBitGaming Full-time GAMER™. @TheMinusWorld_ member | Powered by @GFuelEnergy , @DrinkCTRL Code: TETRA Business inquiries: 🇺🇦 25,421
KingCorphish Ryan YouTuber • Live-Streamer • Animator • Drummer • 25% of the Core Four • Video-Editor for @MatPatGT • ✉️: 19,862
TooRealUnreal UnrealEntGaming Anything Is Possible. YouTuber/Pro Wrestler. Second Channel ( Vlogging Channel ( 10,388
ArtsyAegis Aegis 20 | Artist (Mostly Pokémon) | Character Designer | Cloud Strife, Link, & Pit my beloveds | ❤️@woodlandbuckle❤️ 9,644
BradicalYT Brad Brad | I think animals are super dope. Editor in Chief at @59Gaming 8,819

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
Redeyes02789579 Redeyes55 Hello. I’m into Space/Technology, anime, Nintendo, Pokémon, Minecraft, and I have autism. (She/her) 4,999
_namori_fan_ Namorin I don't run the world cause I'd get killed for what I do. I'd be real with the people I'd tell everyone the truth. 4,982
mrozek2000 Instinct rules - 4,050
Gregzilla01 Lorepocked Gregzilla, Holiday Turtle Kaiju Man💎 Lead Creative at @RealmOfMisfits. Warthian Chronicler. Homebrew Afficianado. Disney Princess. LGBTQ supporter #WritingCommunity Critter/Thumper. He/Him/Turtle. 4,037
Gamingyarados Gaming Gyarados A small YouTuber just trying to make it 3,834
DracAQUA DracAQUA(323/400Subs) #Pokétuber Youtube: DracAQUA | 3,714
patpower26 Pat Power Loves to help people, pizza expert, loves the Giants, loves the big bang theory, trying to get my grind as a pokétuber started 2,932
intotheveldt gareth 🐀 📻 @DublinDigiRadio // ✍️ @floodmagazine @BackseatMafia 2,858
RealUndeadJohn John "Undead" Mayer 117/150 subs! :) Sup? I'm John or Undead, whatever you wanna call me! I'm slowly becoming a PokeTuber so slap that sub button! Find the link below for my stuff! 2,618
MushroomStew2 Mush 🆒 20|18+|SFW| any accusations you find of me, I’m well aware and I want to move forward and become a better person.| PFP by @ArkDoggOWO| No age in bio = no follow 2,516

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
Mendozaerick21 - 29
TheSpyGuy384 20 | He/Him | Straight | 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ ally | 🇵🇰 | Atheist (Former Muslim) | Spy Main | Banner: @MewtwoTheScout | #BlackLivesMatter #StandWithUkraine 11
mbaalbergen move well, learn well, play well, eat well and rest well. Enjoy your lives, merrily and to the fullest. 6
RhyenBetancourt The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe. 5
mrkndyl68 Poet/Novelist/Story Writer ✍️🙏 5
KerriHappy I work for American greetings and had the job for a while! 4
QjCosmic Recently Started on YouTube! 4
RoninDiaries A wandering diary. Looking to scribe some history. Please, come share your story with me. Let's grow better together. 4
EvolvedPaul Pokemon Content Creator! #PokemonScarlet #PokemonViolet Loves Megan💍 Business Email▶ Banner & PFP by @Falseboo 3
Jeffy_D20 twitch streamer and all around good guy! New Merch now available! 3

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Top 10 tweets with highest Retweet count

ID Text Retweet count
1624896270815883264 @UnitedHayze @Vinny @ayeJDaye Gonna download an ad block for the Super Bowl 2
1625102198181855233 @Mendozaerick21 @Vinny @UnitedHayze One day. One day it'll happen and Dylan's reaction is going to be GLORIOUS 1
1626625122076356608 @Vinny Hello! Here are some of the videos I have edited: 1
1626623815638712331 @Vinny I’m not much of an editor, but I can make logos. Hmu anytime 1
1626623424981237761 @Vinny Im an editor dm me your dms are closed 1
1624231677655408640 @Vinny @Vinny @hogankylie lol 🤣🤣 1
1626143573623160833 @Vinny 1
1625453359108063233 @AstroidVideos @GameboyLuke @UnitedHayze @Vinny @Shadypenguinn what are these rando odds?! 1
1625140727968681984 Day 1316 of asking @UnitedHayze, @Vinny, @AstroidVideos, and @KingCorphish to play Borderlands #GetTheCore4ToPlayBorderlands (These tweets originally only tagged Dylan, but I didn’t want to go back to day 1 because I’ve been at this for so long) 0
1625053355058819073 @SuperMarioOOC81 @Vinny 0

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1624867999432814593 @Vinny Told y’all it’s a thing lol @ayeJDaye @Patterrz 81
1625314977476145154 @Vinny Reminds me of Spyro a little ngl I’m not against it 41
1624896270815883264 @UnitedHayze @Vinny @ayeJDaye Gonna download an ad block for the Super Bowl 35
1624561862737113089 @Vinny Congrats, mann ❤️🙌🏻 35
1625774338887540737 I hate doing this but it would make my day if you guys congratulated me on my birthday 🙏❤️ @GameboyLuke @UnitedHayze @Rhymestyle @Vinny 19
1625856958472372225 @mbaalbergen @GameboyLuke @Rhymestyle @Vinny Happy birthday!!! Hope it’s a great one! 14
1624326354367053825 @Vinny Let's goooo 13
1624231677655408640 @Vinny @Vinny @hogankylie lol 🤣🤣 12
1625931083639390208 @kucomrade_ @maasaigoat_ @esteeam__ @Deon_judas @iam_frankoh @wayne_breezy_ @Zaid_Kish @LastbornHe @KijanaNgugi @__itsshee @Vinny 12901404 8
1625779714920005632 @mbaalbergen @UnitedHayze @Rhymestyle @Vinny HAPPY BIRTHDAY 7

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Top 10 Hashtags used

Hashtag Count
#getthecore4toplayborderlands 8
#1 1
#pokemonscarletviolet 1
#pokemon 1
#noshavenovember 1
#dbz 1
#vinnyspitz 1
#treemender 1
#worb 1
#nenny 1

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Top 10 mentions

Mention Count
@vinny 373
@unitedhayze 42
@hogankylie 40
@kingcorphish 23
@astroidvideos 15
@gameboyluke 14
@shadypenguinn 11
@grandiangeist 8
@dubbyenergy 8
@rhymestyle 7

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Emoji Count Emoji Text
😂 34 face_with_tears_of_joy
❤️ 17 red_heart
👀 10 eyes
🥳 8 partying_face
🤣 7 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
😁 6 beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes
😭 6 loudly_crying_face
🔥 4 fire
🙏 4 folded_hands
🐐 3 goat

Emojis groups

Emoji Group Count
Smileys & Emotion 105
People & Body 32
Travel & Places 7
Animals & Nature 5
Activities 4
Objects 3
Symbols 2
Food & Drink 1