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Australian duo TwoSetViolin recently hit 4 million followers, and are receiving congratulatory messages from fans. They performed at a large venue and the video stream of the performance is coming next week. They received mentions for their chemistry and received Valentine's Day wishes from supportive fans. Congratulations from fans continue and they are looking forward to more success and the duo's world tour.

Topic Modeling

  1. Congrats on 4MIL & successes
  2. Venue size & video streaming
  3. Davie & TwoSet Violin Chemistry
  4. Happy Valentine’s Day
  5. Tour the world & Bringing Music and Love

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express excitement, joy, and pride in the accomplishments of TwoSetViolin. People are amazed at the size of the venue and are eagerly awaiting the video stream. They are wishing TwoSetViolin a happy Valentine's Day and congratulating them on reaching 4 million followers. They are expressing admiration for the duo's chemistry and expressing how proud they are of them. Finally, they are encouraging others to watch the stream and congratulate the duo on their success.

Trend Analysis

  1. Congrats on 4 Million milestone
  2. Davie's image and personality
  3. Excitement for upcoming livestream video
  4. Support for TwoSetViolin and other associated accounts
  5. Happy Valentine's Day

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itsakyo its ak yo from nowhere to now here 12,194
ESWarriorPoet Elizabeth Spring OUT NOW ACROSS THE SHADOW-VEIL Winds of Transformation FANTASY ROMANCE on Smashwords Also available on Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc. 2,156
ChristopherSeuc $Cristóbal🇫🇷🇨🇺🇺🇸⚡️🌋 #BTC #LTC #ADA #CNFTMusician @ADAOcommunity $cristobal Member of The Guild of Saint Columkille #bhaki 2,123
kokirikero dani 𓆏 music lvr , tchaikovsky enjoyer 🐝 1,953
frausti_ frausti⁵²¹ has sap superhero art 🇨🇳• signal location uploaded to PDA • he/neos • adult • cxmms open 1,947
jj_tsv jj twoset 🐑🍊💭 | any pronouns 1,911
yokkitanabung Bangbingbung Bung bing bang yok kita ke bank. Tang ting tung yok jangan dihitung. Tau tau kita nanti dapat untung | 26 y.o. 1,710
piyakuro •⩊•piya。𓃠 ✾ a faithful servant of 北信介. ENG/ID. 2×+. 🔞 1,671
cappuchienoooWP ☀️ c h i e #YChronicles 🌊 — new writer acc. christian. content specialist at wattpad webtoon studios. sunshine protector of cnags & alons. wp: cappuchienooo. #ychronicles #crushkitaWP 1,631
bybrillylili yuuki chuusa ♀️| IDN/ENG | repost w/ credit 🙏🏼 | I sell fanmerch on IG @/bybrillylili - 🎏☯️🎩 1,307

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marlene60905738 Marlene - 3,403
ChristopherSeuc $Cristóbal🇫🇷🇨🇺🇺🇸⚡️🌋 #BTC #LTC #ADA #CNFTMusician @ADAOcommunity $cristobal Member of The Guild of Saint Columkille #bhaki 3,165
jennifer93willi Jennifer - 3,090
melba17sims Melba - 3,089
sharonj01409359 Sharon - 3,079
cristi_rufi_ Cristi - 2,095
rum0r_p0720 Rum0r EN/JP/VN/etc-she/her - I use google translate- GI/A9/FGO/2434( also fckGI) - heavy RT - don't repost without permission - 18+ 1,714
WolfangPatrick 狼牙 the wolf 💉💉💉⭕ NSFW perhaps. I do many compilation complex things.雜食、難以捉摸、活在自己的世界 Traditional bow strings instruments maintenance worker, Executive Assistant, ITFC staff. 1,460
SaintJudith1 Destroyer of Mammon 消灭玛门者 坚决地 反女权主义,反自由主义,反资本主义,反民主主义,反种族歧视。爱圣父,圣子耶稣,与 圣灵。尊敬,但不敬畏圣玛丽亚。种族主义是异端。爱神爱人,厌恶罪,但爱罪人。耶稣舍命为人类的拯救,而是因爱 不是为了谴责我们人类。愿上帝赐给我们力量为耶稣舍命,如同 祂为人类舍命。 1,453
StevenCiang13 dr. Steven Ciang Your Friendly Neighborhood Doctor 1,447

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Username Bio Number of tweets
h2gm08 I'm only Bach on twitter for the BAE's: TwoSet Violin & B2TSM; Author of Across Time on ao3 ✍️ 17
sibeliussnow ancient fossil adult | she/her | tsv 9
2setSymphony February 3/4, 2023: TSO4MIL is here! Website: #TSO3MIL #TSO4MIL 6
es_sekotengs 🇮🇩 • AoT • TwoSetViolin #tsvtwt • ID/ENG/العربية • but rarely tweet in eng/arabic • non-musician gang • 18 6
wodream_stillme || Whatever is currently taking my interest account || || she / her || línea del 00 || 6
JessicaYiu5 - 6
jj_tsv twoset 🐑🍊💭 | any pronouns 6
lity2set she/her swyamahifprmaiy tweets literally anything; mostly twoset, and little bit kpop, personal life, feelings and many. 6
buffysplanet A person who love violin and panda 6
mitsuitsuru always hiatus ---- made solely for loving TVXQ and all things that I come to love----- sometimes, its the smallest things that take the most place in your heart 5

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ID Text Retweet count
1626024323629604864 4MIL!!!!!! @TwoSetViolin CONGRATS! 🎉 36
1626030434327863296 “We did it” Congrats, guys!! @TwoSetViolin and massive shoutout to @SingaporeSymph and @TarisioAuctions 🎻 18
1626068009298132993 CONGRAAAATTTSSSSS @TwoSetViolin 💐💐💗😭😭😭💗💗exactly 3 months after the concert omggg😿💗 6
1626810135673962498 @TwoSetViolin This was my favourite segment 6
1626156098662047744 4m subs, they’ve come so far 🥺 im so proud of them. they’ve inspired people to listen to more classical music, to practice more classical music, and to even pick up their childhood instruments and start learning again. Inspirational! congratulations @TwoSetViolin ❤️ #2set4mil 6
1626309604132126721 Congratulations @TwoSetViolin , #twosetter, and #linglingwannabe all around the world! We arranged, performed, edited and a 4 VIDEOS to celebrate, including a medley with #paganini24! Check it out here: #twoset4mil #tso4mil #twosetviolin #fanproject 5
1626123222679957505 @twosetviolin Congratulations! 3
1626942147218776064 @TwoSetViolin WHO WON I HAVE TO KNOW WHO WON also i got these great photos from their subreddit 3
1626025038460899328 CONGRATS @TwoSetViolin !!! ON 4 MIL 3
1625424868010500096 @TwoSetViolin so were u practicing when u posted this 3

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1626810135673962498 @TwoSetViolin This was my favourite segment 154
1626024323629604864 4MIL!!!!!! @TwoSetViolin CONGRATS! 🎉 150
1626716447677317121 @TwoSetViolin Love how Davie is barely smiling even in this situation. Suits his image. 88
1626724634745012224 @TwoSetViolin the venue soo bigg 😳😳 and phone flashlights(?) look like light sticks?? 😳 omg can't wait to see the videostream next week 🥺✨✨✨ 71
1626030434327863296 “We did it” Congrats, guys!! @TwoSetViolin and massive shoutout to @SingaporeSymph and @TarisioAuctions 🎻 69
1625559070743859200 @TwoSetViolin Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 💕🫰🏻🫰🏻 61
1626714952223318016 @TwoSetViolin i still can’t believe how HUGE that arena is! proud of u guys! 54
1626942147218776064 @TwoSetViolin WHO WON I HAVE TO KNOW WHO WON also i got these great photos from their subreddit 44
1625560112730411030 @TwoSetViolin Happy Valentine's day. 42
1625424868010500096 @TwoSetViolin so were u practicing when u posted this 41

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#twosetviolin 13
#twoset4mil 10
#fanproject 8
#twosetter 6
#linglingwannabe 6
#tsvtwt 5
#tso4mil 4
#twoset 4
#paganini24 4
#linglingworkout 3

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Mention Count
@twosetviolin 416
@davie504bass 34
@h2gm08 8
@mint_mintyy 7
@anngonemadd 6
@flufftasia 6
@jj_tsv 6
@coldbrewmachine 6
@shostybrett 6
@2setsymphony 5

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🎻 43 violin
🥳 37 partying_face
❤️ 31 red_heart
🎉 28 party_popper
😭 26 loudly_crying_face
😂 22 face_with_tears_of_joy
💕 15 two_hearts
🤣 14 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
💐 14 bouquet
🥺 11 pleading_face

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Smileys & Emotion 247
Objects 51
Activities 49
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Animals & Nature 16
Food & Drink 5
Travel & Places 4