In recent months, there has been significant growth in the world of NFTs (that’s Non-fungible tokens) in the world of Blockchain. NFT artists have utilized to the full extent the power of Twitter as a promotional tool.

Just last month, a representative from Twitter said that the discussion of Crypto and NFTs had seen a massive 242% rise in recent months. Read on to find out how to take full advantage of Twitter as an NFT artist.


NFTs and Twitter

Knowing Your Audience

Marketing Your NFT on Twitter

Using twtData to engage with the right people

A word on Security…



NFTs and Twitter

While there is no inexplicable link between Twitter and the NFT market, it is one of the main platforms on which discussions about the assets and sales of particular NFTs and artists are promoted. Indeed, there was such confidence in the crypto assets from Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, that, in March 2021, he sold his first tweet for a staggering $2.9 million, according to Business Insider.

In fact, the social media platform has introduced the ability to set verifiable NFT profile pictures, complete with fancy hexagonal border. While this feature is currently only available to customers of Twitter Blue, a premium subscription for extra features, offered by the social network, it’s further evidence that if you are an NFT artist, collector or enthusiast, Twitter is the place to be.

More recently, Twitter has started minting its own NFTs as part of its “The 140 Collection”, presumably referencing the amount of characters that a tweet used to be limited to. At time of writing, the most expensive NFT in the collection was going for 420.69 ETH ($1.24 million). Unaffordable for the average person but nevertheless, impressive.

Twitter is a great place to explore the world of NFTs, as well as communicate with enthusiasts and collectors if you are, indeed, an NFT artist.

Knowing Your Audience

One of the best ways to promote your product, NFT or not, is by knowing your audience or market. Using the tools that are part of twtData, you can download key information on your followers and hashtags. The tool can tell you who your most loyal followers are and pick out any influencers, such as Vitalik Buterin and many others, who you can tailor your content around.

In addition, many of our customers perform Sentiment Analysis on tweets they download using our service. twtData can also be used to download data on the Twitter following of other NFT artists, enabling competitor analysis as well. From location data to size of following to their tweet count, twtData provides a plethora of raw data for you to comb through.

There are just some examples of the types of information that twtData can provide:

  • ID
  • URL
  • protected?
  • followers
  • Friends count
  • List count
  • Created at
  • Favourites
  • Time zone
  • verified?
  • Statuses count
  • Language
  • Last tweet date and time
  • Contributors enabled?
  • Is translation enabled?
  • Has extended profile?
  • Following you?

While, upon sign up, there is a chance for a free sample of the data from whichever profile you request data for, from then on, there is a price for each download which may vary on the profile.

Marketing Your NFT on Twitter

One vital area you must be on top of if you want to sell your NFT artwork, is the analysis of the NFT market and your competitors' presence on social media platforms, particularly Twitter.

The ability to download your competitors' followers for a small price makes it easy to pick out influencers to engage with. You can either DM them or mention them in your own content to make sure they are aware of your project or make their followers aware of you too. A great opportunity for outreach. Using our Auto-DM tool, you can specify the handles and the message you want to send them and our engine will do all the work for you; fully automating the DM outreach process.

Use Twitter Spaces to target the types of markets that would be interested in your NFTs, talking about your project in the right communities that can spread the message further, beyond what is accessible to you. Having discussions using this platform within Twitter can bring users round to the idea of supporting your project and getting a loyal section of followers, if at this point small.

The use of Twitter Lists compiled by others will help you find out where to target next, based on previous research. Take advantage of them when possible to get as much insight as you can. Lists are also a great source for information to create discussion and hype on your NFT Project Twitter Marketing pre and post-launch.

Using research tools to engage with the right people

Using a combination of several research tools, an NFT artist can successfully leverage Twitter to launch themselves into the metaverse with an established fan base. One great example of someone who has done this very well is NFT artist, ROBBi (@ROBBi_NFT) who used these techniques to build a Twitter following of over five thousand, despite posting relatively few tweets.

They show how research and the right content, rather than the amount of content, can prove more successful than going all guns blazing into launching yourself on Twitter.

Screenshot 2022-08-31 200437

While there are many hashtag research tools, using twtData gives you a wide array of data on hashtags to use for the greatest reach and impact. Some of our customers often use the hashtag research tools we provide for research around the hashtags #nftmint and #nftgiveaways but for a reasonable cost, it can be used to expand your social media research, ready for the launch of your NFT project.

An example of the data for #nftmint can be found below.

Screenshot 2022-08-27 211426

This can boost your engagement and followers and, in turn, your sales. Using all or a combination of the tools mentioned gives you the best chance of Twitter marketing success as an NFT artist. Analyse the content of your fellow NFT artists in the community to learn how best to engage for the best sales. Approaches will vary but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick key things from each.

A word on security…

As with anything online, there is always risk. Risk of your Twitter account being hacked or suspended. While Twitter has its own Archive tools, these are limited and we have set out these limitations in an article on the twtData Blog. We would suggest regular, preferably weekly, backups of your Twitter account data,including followers,friends and tweets. .

For free, using twtData, you can export a list of up to 2000 followers of any account and the same for who an account follows. Beyond this, there is a reasonable cost for any longer follower/following lists. In addition, download up to 3200 tweets from an account or 2000 by hashtag for free and similar cost beyond this number.

There is also the facility to backup a whole Twitter account. You just enter your Twitter handle and get a quote, including recent lists, followers and 3200 tweets.

This, despite the small cost, is definitely worth it and if you are a successful NFT Artist, this cost can be offset against the profits from your sales. An offline version of your Twitter account protects you from losing such data from potential cyber threats.

For added security, it is also advised that you switch on Two-factor Authentication on Twitter itself, providing yourself with the extra reassurance that you can have more control over access to your account.


Leveraging Twitter for your NFT marketing strategy is highly recommended, if not essential to being successful as an NFT Artist. With the use of a number of other tools, you can give yourself the best chance of social media success.

The extra security and analytical features offered by Twitter and external websites give you all the tools to analyse your performance, as well as that of your competitors, while ensuring safety from hacking or suspension of your account. Use these tools and you will definitely be on the path to success as an NFT Artist.


Q1. How do you market NFTs on Twitter?

A: Do your research (using twtData) and use your contacts to get the word out there. Tweet with the right hashtags and use take advantage of popular trends in the NFT space and shape your content around your research. Also, get your existing follows to promote for you - a shout out can always help boost your engagement or followers.

Q2: Can you run NFT ads on Twitter?

A: Ads for NFTs are on the list of things that are prohibited from advertising through Twitter Ads. This is because certain financial services are prohibited from taking advertising space on Twitter. You can find out more here.

You can, however, promote your NFTs through Twitter by creating engaging content that can be tweeted out to followers (and anyone who may come across your profile), as anyone can do. Use the tools provided by twtData in order to take advantage of research and competitor analysis and you are well on your way to setting yourself up to be successful..

Q3: How do I get followers for my NFTs on Twitter?

A: Using the right keywords, hashtags and asking your contacts to spread the word goes quite a way to establishing a core fan base but also, creating engaging multimedia content will keep your follower list expanding. Include a link to your NFT collection in most posts to take as much advantage of tweets as possible and leave the magic of retweets and sharing to do its magic. You’d be surprised how quickly you can build a committed following.