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Conservative voices in the USA are calling for Biden to be prosecuted following Trump's appearance. Eric Trump tweeted an image in response to his father's hearing. Donald Trump has declared that the US dollar is collapsing and losing its world standard status. Time magazine has dedicated a cover featuring an orange fingerprint to Trump, who is the first ex-president in history to have criminal defendant status. Putin has implemented travel bans on high-level officials by seizing their passports. There are allegations of media bias against Macron, with the media focusing on Trump's Stormy Daniels charges.

Topic Modeling

  1. Legal Issues Related to Trump: Some tweets discuss the legal issues surrounding former President Trump, including demands for Biden's indictment and Trump's arraignment.
  2. Entertainment: One tweet promotes the streaming of a musical series related to Trump, while another uses humor to express admiration for him.
  3. Politics: Many tweets express political opinions related to Trump, including comments on the Republican and Democratic parties and the role of the media in covering his presidency.
  4. International Relations: One tweet discusses Putin's actions related to travel restrictions for top Russian officials, while another discusses how Trump's arrest is being perceived in Russia.
  5. Humanitarian Concerns: A tweet appeals for aid to a baby affected by an earthquake, while another criticizes the media for not covering Macron's alleged fund misappropriation.

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a range of emotions regarding former US President Trump and his ongoing legal issues. Some express support for Trump and criticize his opponents, while others criticize him for his alleged misconduct. There are also references to Trump's impact on global politics, such as his alleged role in the weakening of the US dollar as a global standard. Some tweets also express concern for the victims of natural disasters or political unrest, which are tangentially related to Trump's legal issues. Overall, there is a mix of anger, cynicism, and concern among the tweeters regarding Trump and his legacy.

Trend Analysis

  1. Trump's legal issues and potential indictment
  2. Opinions and commentary on Trump and his presidency
  3. The impact of Trump's policies and actions on the US economy
  4. The comparisons between Trump and other figures, such as Jesus and Putin
  5. The coverage of Trump in media and its effects on public opinion

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France24_fr FRANCE 24 Français 🌍 La chaîne française d'information internationale @FRANCE24 en français - Suivez toute l'actualité du monde en #Direct - 🔴 Alertes Info : @UrgentF24 4,926,191
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abplive ABP LIVE Follow @ABPLive for breaking news alerts and latest stories in English from India. 2,102,374

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EricMMatheny Eric Matheny 🎙 Attorney • Podcaster • Social Commentator • Cohost of “Bob & Eric Save America” • iTunes: | Google: 149,775
assabahnews الصبـــاح متميزون في مصداقية نقل الخبر عالمياً ومحلياً Distinguished in the credibility of reporting the news globally and locally 137,621
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paoloigna1 paolo ignazio marong libero professionista, analista sereno navigatore nel mondo che cambia per cercare rotte nuove ed insolite. Degusta il tempo sa di non sapere. #i4Emploi 96,106
Lesism Les Floyd 48-year-old teenager. Cat Butler. Mental, but not dangerous. I, for one, welcome our new #AI overlords. #BlackLivesMatter #TransAlly #AISupporter 92,581
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NahBabyNah NahBabyNah My patriotic heart beats red-white&blue! @kristyswansonXO @GenFlynn @SharylAttkisson @SaraCarterDC @DineshDSouza @Techno_Fog @RogerJStoneJr @catturd2 @jjauthor 89,145
tocata11 DEPORTIVO CALI T.V.G 83,914
LinosVersion Lino's Version “I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” ~ Bilbo Baggins Analysis & Stuff 68,846

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randomtrump1 Random Trump Gifs - Powered by Giphy - 71
cryptoclubarmy We are big whale 🐳 Lost people will be helped 💵#Crypto #Btc #Nft #Ai #Doge #Giveaway #Promotion #Elonarmyclub $LTC $SHIB $DOGE 38
BasakKayaTrade Sinyal,Eğitim,Veri 36
newsoneplace is a News Aggregator, it gathers news all around the USA and the world for you, 24/7 automatically. All news in one place. 26
MedPierre #TruthSandwich Trying to Make Sense of a World of Contradictions. Some Sarcasm, Some Parody, Lot's of Truth. Every Avalanche begins with a few Snowflakes 23
dipakhaldar02 Consultant: Recruitment | Digital Marketing | Hotel & Hospitality Head Marketing Allied Technologies वसुधैव कुटुम्बकं #Pranichealing Alumni @IIMKsp 23
themagacancer Politics Not checking DMs 19
Pandadollbaby They won't know what hit 'em. 18
SebWrites Tortured, literary genius, well probably the first. Figured if I concentrate on the former, that the latter is 'bound' to occur... sooner or later! 17
vuthehung_1995 digital warrior news freedom truth and awaken follow our media pill news...escape the deception matrix 17

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1643527187708952577 USA : Flash, les principaux conservateurs demandent que les procureurs inculpent Biden après la comparution de Trump. #Biden #Trump #USA 551
1643550442755080192 本日20時より ! #TRUMP シリーズ のミュージカル 『#マリーゴールド』がYouTubeにて配信されます。2018年の上演です! はじめての方も、 よくご存知の方も、 ぜひ繭期と”末満ワールド”をお楽しみ下さい🧛 #はじめての繭期2023 241
1643524978812280832 ⚡ #USA 🇺🇸 De rares images du vrai sourire nauséabond de #Biden qui en dit long en réponse à la question d'une journaliste : " L'acte d'accusation contre #Trump est-il une polémique politique ?", Après cela, la presse a été priée de quitter la salle de réunion. #DonaldTrump 129
1643543266212691968 ‼️EX PRESIDENTE de #EEUU Donald Trump: “Nuestra moneda se está derrumbando y pronto dejará de ser el estándar mundial…” 👀‼️ 💸 #Dollar #Trump #DonaldTrump 98
1643526873496932352 Les médias français sont très étranges. Des heures d'antennes du fait que #Trump aurait payé une prostituée pour qu'elle n'ébruite pas leur aventure durant une campagne électorale mais pas un mot des détournements de fonds de #Macron avec #McKinsey 88
1643616890361729024 #Trump 75
1643547126360580097 "Trump demuestra que las democracias occidentales son un cuento: no hay separación de poderes" @LorenzoRamirez_ #lorenzoramirez #trump #eeuu #donaldtrump #republicanos #democratas #partidorepublicano #separaciondepoderes #occidente #juiciotrump 70
1643566886762819584 Maintenant que l’on connaît les chefs d’inculpation bricolés par le procureur #Bragg, on se dit que #Trump devrait profiter, une fois de plus, du mélange d’incompétence et de méchanceté de ses adversaires. #DonaldTrump #TrumpArraignment 67
1643614633922646017 💥FLASH #USA 🇺🇸 Séquence surréaliste❗ #JoeBiden a oublié de prendre ses pillules ce matin, et avoue publiquement qu'il persécute #DonaldTrump à New York pour qu'il ne soit plus président. "Nous coordonnons ces accusations contre #Trump pour l'empêcher de reprendre le pouvoir." 67
1643549266361581568 #TrumpIndictment #PoliticalPersecution Corrupt DA #Bragg indicted President #Trump during #HolyWeek2023 “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. Matthew 5:10 62

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1643527187708952577 USA : Flash, les principaux conservateurs demandent que les procureurs inculpent Biden après la comparution de Trump. #Biden #Trump #USA 917
1643550442755080192 本日20時より ! #TRUMP シリーズ のミュージカル 『#マリーゴールド』がYouTubeにて配信されます。2018年の上演です! はじめての方も、 よくご存知の方も、 ぜひ繭期と”末満ワールド”をお楽しみ下さい🧛 #はじめての繭期2023 593
1643616890361729024 #Trump 546
1643543266212691968 ‼️EX PRESIDENTE de #EEUU Donald Trump: “Nuestra moneda se está derrumbando y pronto dejará de ser el estándar mundial…” 👀‼️ 💸 #Dollar #Trump #DonaldTrump 425
1643572544555872257 Mann, muss der #Trump gut gewesen sein! Soviel habe ich noch nie bekommen! 😉😁🤣 253
1643575040657747969 How the hell is #Trump like #Jesus? He was crucified for our sins Trumps being crucified for his! #TeamDl 201
1643526147039215617 Fox-News-Dauerschleife: "Wenn das #Trump passieren kann, kann es uns allen passieren!". Ja, Schnuffies, das ist genau der Punkt: In Rechtsstaaten ist das Gesetz für alle Menschen gleich und keine:r steht darüber. 177
1643609181906403328 @CalltoActivism Yeah getting tired of the same old Frump re-runs. #Trump 142
1643540175241240579 TIME magazine has dedicated a cover to Donald #Trump. It features an orange fingerprint and the caption 'Unprecedented'. Trump is the first ex-president in US history with criminal defendant status. 141
1643547126360580097 "Trump demuestra que las democracias occidentales son un cuento: no hay separación de poderes" @LorenzoRamirez_ #lorenzoramirez #trump #eeuu #donaldtrump #republicanos #democratas #partidorepublicano #separaciondepoderes #occidente #juiciotrump 139

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#trump 8233
#trumparraignment 1453
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#doge 745
#donaldtrump 481
#nffc 366
#trumpindicment 350
#usa 321
#supermariobrosmovie 286
#biden 281

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@realdonaldtrump 114
@elonmusk 48
@gop 47
@donaldjtrumpjr 42
@youtube 41
@msnbc 40
@cbknews121 37
@potus 36
@foxnews 33
@cnn 33

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