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The tweets include discussions about defining scams, organizing poker games with various players, a massive $9 million pot won by Andrew Robl against Tom Dwan, and a mention of ghosting as a scam. There are also unrelated tweets about Texas Hold 'em and Tom Dwan being a part of the "panda gang."

Topic Modeling

  1. Defining a scam and discussing finalized arbitration
  2. Suggesting a big poker game with specific players
  3. Asking about setting up an on-chain poker game
  4. Discussions about playing heads up with specific players
  5. Sharing news of a huge poker pot won by Andrew Robl against Tom Dwan
  6. General discussions and mentions of specific poker players (@TomDwan, @PhilGalfond, @junglemandan, @berkey11, etc.)

Emotional Analysis

The tweets are primarily focused on discussions around poker, with various players and fans engaged in banter, debate, and speculation about past matches, potential games, and personal preferences. While the tone is generally lighthearted and humorous, there are also moments of excitement and intrigue, particularly when discussing high-stakes games and significant victories. Overall, the emotions expressed range from curiosity and anticipation to admiration and camaraderie among poker players and fans.

Trend Analysis

  1. Poker tournaments and games
  2. Discussions and debates around specific poker matches and players
  3. Suggestions for future poker games and lineups
  4. Sharing of notable moments and hands from televised poker events
  5. Fandom and admiration for specific poker players

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Twitter for iPhone 60
Twitter Web App 37
Twitter for Android 27
Twitter for iPad 2
Sendible 1

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Username Name Bio Followers count
Irenezhao_ Irene Zhao Disrupting the creator economy @socol_io | Building @0xIreneDAO $SIMP 192,759
DougPolkVids Doug Polk @UpswingPoker Founder | Partner @LodgePokerClub 170,748
junglemandan Daniel Cates 🇺🇸 🌎 Known as “Jungleman” in the poker 🌎 Check out my podcast below 73,910
macondo_town Macondo (🎮, ♣️) Decentralized virtual city inspired by GTO presents world's 1st Tokens Hodl'em Poker. Be a part of the revolution, try now! #NFT #POKER #Gamefi 51,864
KanpaiPandas Kanpai Pandas 🐼 8-Chain Utility Kings. 37,713
CryptoApprenti1 Dr.Hash "Wes Side" Wesley, Poker's Newest Entertaining Character. Founder of @IDC_Financial. Tiktok: official.westleyflan. Trader. No financial advice. 36,225
msalsberg Salty Writer. Weeds, Kidding, Curb. WPT Paris chmp, WPT POY. Loyal friend, Dog lover, golfer. If you don't believe in a higher power you haven't lived long enough. 13,032
mikecryptolife (Kitty)🐈 Ⓜ️🕸MikeCryptoLife 🛡🐈 Fulltime Kitty #BTC #LTC #ZEC #DOGE maxi My MEOWs are NOT financial advice!! 11,650
noblemillions NM «ноблемиллионс» Forecaster // Trader // Cartel Head Theorist // building @Cartel_Global «Only the strongest will survive, and that is not irrational.» 10,994
highstakesdb HighstakesDB ♠️ HighStakesDB is the world's largest high stakes poker website, bringing you all the latest action ♣️ 4,430

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MihaiGingu RomanianMike ♠♥♣♦ Poker Player on / Author of #TheVirtualGrind "The Virtual Grind: Mastering The Art of Making Deep Runs" #wsop #poker #holdem 5,001
0xAnav anav.eth button pusher wordcel @daolens 3,287
iamafrojalam Afroj.bnb 2,929
StansStandards StansStandards Bitcoin only. C.T.G. 2,521
E_iversonii Libertarians Posting Their L’s Ecologist / Activist / Democratic Socialist / #SSDP / #FeelTheBern Retweets are endorsements except when conveniently not 1,941
_Carlos_Danger Art Vandelay Seinfeld and 80's trivia buff....and obsessed Cowboys fan 1,916
pokerorg The Voice of the Players. Follow us everywhere: 1,776
hpoker H I scan for hazards 1,773
scribblingkid1 scribbling⚔️ The Renaissance took place in chaos and plague 1,653
slapmylovespuds $🎰🆙 ₿LOCK HEAD (💙,💛) 我把一切都搞砸了,所以如果你想做同样的事情,那就跟着做吧 1,392

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Username Bio Number of tweets
junglemandan Known as “Jungleman” in the poker 🌎 Check out my podcast below 3
Sicariowallhack was has du gedact 3
Ttutt110 - 2
DrAdriano86 - 2
rahuldodka - 2
philthebeast_ ♣️ Best Worst Poker Player ♣️ 2
ikickedurdawg - 2
acvfdsggy Hedge Fund for the digital world. Diversify in investments. Professional Risk Management. Privacy Focused. Complete transparency of funds. Reimage how you bank. 2
Salle7De 𝗣𝗼𝗸𝗲𝗿 𝗽𝗿𝗼 𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝟮𝟬𝟬𝟲 - 𝗕𝗶𝘁𝗰𝗼𝗶𝗻𝗲𝗿 𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟬 2
RockPreddy I'm not you, you're not me. 2

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ID Text Retweet count
1639854710986268672 @TomDwan @PhilGalfond @berkey11 @TomDwan How would you define a scam? 6
1641727701063987201 @PhilGalfond We did have a finalized arbitration of the @TomDwan match right, couple years ago? I’m trying to figure out what happened to that 2
1641215965747658756 Which of these poker players would you rather play heads up for half your net worth? #poker @TomDwan @phil_hellmuth @WAFoxen @RealKidPoker 1
1639108697900331008 Ten years later When your son asked you what is Texas Hold 'em @TomDwan @philivey @RealKidPoker #poker #TexasHoldem #WSOP 1
1639223688645181442 @TomDwan @arbitrum dwan ivey. paul phua triad macau mafia is finished. #fulltilt. yahweh alohim. 1
1639860087287054337 @junglemandan @TomDwan @PhilGalfond @berkey11 It would be kinda funny if tom agreed to play the challenge out live and won. After all these years. 0
1639858575001436164 @junglemandan @TomDwan 0
1639862270565007360 @junglemandan @TomDwan @PhilGalfond @berkey11 0
1639876093132849152 @junglemandan @TomDwan @PhilGalfond @berkey11 Ahahahahah 0
1639865090240311296 @junglemandan @TomDwan @PhilGalfond @berkey11 Lol you call him so quick even before he puts the money in the pot 0

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1639854710986268672 @TomDwan @PhilGalfond @berkey11 @TomDwan How would you define a scam? 321
1641727701063987201 @PhilGalfond We did have a finalized arbitration of the @TomDwan match right, couple years ago? I’m trying to figure out what happened to that 52
1639433937977212929 Maybe @HUSTLERCASINOLA or the lodge can put on a big game with @GmanPoker @ArtPapazyan @junglemandan @DougPolkVids @sayaono13 Limitless, @philivey @TomDwan @jeremyausmus and no rec whales they have to sweet talk and you all can just say fuck my EV for a session or two. 48
1639435286836019200 @msalsberg @HUSTLERCASINOLA @GmanPoker @junglemandan @DougPolkVids @sayaono13 @philivey @TomDwan @jeremyausmus I’m busy that day 44
1641732383782105088 @junglemandan @PhilGalfond @TomDwan 7
1639858575001436164 @junglemandan @TomDwan 7
1639454287695683584 @msalsberg @HUSTLERCASINOLA @GmanPoker @ArtPapazyan @junglemandan @sayaono13 @philivey @TomDwan @jeremyausmus I'd play but I think you are looking 2 MAYBE 3 players 7
1641724035238350848 @TomDwan @cz_binance Tom do you wanna set up an on-chain poker game with CT folks? 7
1640033334498836482 @junglemandan @TomDwan @PhilGalfond @berkey11 “Honey! Honey! Come quick…come see junglemans tweet!!!” 6
1638917426879541249 @TomDwan 6

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Hashtag Count
#poker 5
#fulltilt 3
#isildur1 1
#highstakespoker 1
#cashgame 1
#livepoker 1
#robbi 1
#shidodex 1
#shidocard 1
#shidowallet 1

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@tomdwan 129
@philgalfond 58
@junglemandan 50
@berkey11 50
@philivey 8
@dougpolkvids 7
@cyberconnecthq 5
@rushluton 5
@vincentniu222 5
@magicsquareio 5

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🤣 11 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
😂 4 face_with_tears_of_joy
🥶 3 cold_face
😅 2 grinning_face_with_sweat
👀 2 eyes
👏🏻 1 clapping_hands_light_skin_tone
😮‍💨 1 face_exhaling
🔥 1 fire
😮 1 face_with_open_mouth
👌 1 OK_hand

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Smileys & Emotion 28
People & Body 6
Activities 2
Travel & Places 1
Animals & Nature 1
Symbols 1