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Players of Tower of Fantasy are requesting more male characters—with adult models—and a skin for existing character King. They are also hoping for free hair options and a skin for a male simulacra. There has been disappointment that the majority of players voted for female characters, and excitement for the upcoming character Fenrir. Players are also discussing the gacha nature of the game and comparing it to Genshin Impact.

Topic Modeling

  1. Gameplay of Tower of Fantasy
  2. Charcter options in Tower of Fantasy
  3. Tower of Fantasy Skins
  4. Thoughts on Tower of Fantasy Updates
  5. Comparisons to Other Games

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from enthusiasm and excitement for the game @ToF_EN_Official to disappointment and frustration with the lack of male characters and skins. There is a sense of anticipation for upcoming events and characters, as well as a sense of justice for the male characters that have been overlooked. There is also a mix of appreciation and annoyance with the gacha system, as well as a feeling of sadness for a particular character.

Trend Analysis

  1. Game:Tower of Fantasy
  2. Gender Equality in Games
  3. Character Skins
  4. Gacha Games
  5. Pros and Cons of Specific Games

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JustJaremi Jaremi I do cool sh*t! Host - Artist - Makeup - Gaming MANAGER: 130,477
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MMORPGcom MMO news, reviews and giveaways 65,126
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ToF_BR Tower of Fantasy Brasil Um MMORPG de mundo aberto compartilhado! Compre Cristais Negros com bônus de primeira compra: #toweroffantasyBR #ToFBR 16,119
Grinu39 ɢʀɪɴᴜ💢 ⛓️ ᴅᴜᴍʙ ʜᴇʟʟʜᴏᴜɴᴅ ⛧ 23 ⛧ ʜᴇ/ᴛʜᴇʏ ⛧ ᴀʀᴏᴀᴄᴇ ⛧ ᴀᴅʜᴅ ᴍᴇss 💦⛧ 🇵🇱/🇺🇦🕊⛧ ᴘʟ,ᴇɴɢ ⛧ ʙʟᴜᴇ ᴇxᴏʀᴄɪsᴛ ᴛʀᴀsʜ ⛧ sғᴡ (ᴏᴄᴄᴀsɪᴏɴᴀʟ ɢᴏʀᴇ)⚠️⛓️ ᴘғᴘ: @staplepls 14,935
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Multiplex_Zero Ángel Carrillo - 5,018
Unsh3thed_ Unsh3thed ◼️I’m 23 | Author | Martial Artist | Gamer | Autistic | They/Them | Wraith🟥 | Owner Of @Ggsmartial 4,997
AzureYumi Yumi Kurogane Gamer for BBTAG|Soul Calibur|Tekken|GBFV|Dead or Alive|King of Fighter|Story Writer| I only love Yumi Senren Kagura.Wish be part in FC and make team. 4,990
V1perByte V1perByte 24- she/her-18+PansexualWeak for Kitties, Titties and GamingLots of D&D, League, GenshinAspiring Vtuber/variety streamer, Debut TBD 4,978
PGN_X35 Penguin Master 🐀 Aucun avenir, seulement des souvenirs. ∞ Nichijou propaganda 🔥 Pfp : @powerjayron 🔥 4,917
shiela_senpai Shiela🐱 🇵🇭/🇪🇸 cosplayer & illustrator • Official Content Creator of @genshinimpact, @honkaistarrail & @ToF_PH_Official • Artist for @AzurLane_EN • BSBM Student • 💎 4,733
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nutyorphone chers ok 3,472
MavrixkArgo Ra's Al Ghul I got nothing 3,162
Macson_Heart Mikoto_Mackenzie_Heart soon to be something 3,096

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1Kazuha Men are hot Idgaf what you say | Defender of Ayato lore - Block means I win 19
KairisFirstMix Sometimes pan, mostly asexual. Autistic 33 she/her 🏳‍⚧ 19
CastralnRioly Current Game: Tower of Fantasy Server: Fate UID: 1100231038 19
GavinWolfvoid - 17
chaosprimeZ YouTube Partner, Twitch Affiliate | I enjoy playing and making content about video games |… Business Contact: 16
solidgamersdly - 12
Steffenchucrute - 9
feb_riyanz aquariusboy// 🎮 tower of fantasy 9
SoulWhiteAngel No #vtuber model yet but looking. Just your average Affiliated guy streaming games on twitch. #twitchaffiliate 9
KaiGreen_08 No tengas pena, háblame... 8

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1625162907607785472 The reasons to play @ToF_EN_Official are infinite! 😍 Like if you agree 💜 #TowerofFantasy #ToF 11
1625168202291638273 Happy Valentine's Day from King and Cobalt-B ❣️ A sweet art collab with @RCA1188 🍫💐 #幻塔 #アイダ星上陸計画 #幻塔SS #ToF #TowerofFantasy #Creatower #CobaltB #King @ToF_EN_Official @ToF_PH_Official 7
1626917166238007301 #TowerofFantasy #ToF #ToFAesperia #ToFography #ToFficialUse #Lin @ToF_EN_Official Bikini × Lady 4
1626009563240574977 @ToF_EN_Official UMI WANTERS WILL BE UMI HAVERS 3
1626101766889644036 @ToF_EN_Official Still love the Mako reference, love you Hotta 2
1624993676555345920 I just created an Umi graphic to use on stream for her countdown, my first item for purchase on ko-fi. ^-^ @ToF_EN_Official link in the replies! #vtuber #envtuber #toweroffantasy 2
1624040163675607042 #TowerofFantasy #ToF #ToFVera #ToFography #ToFficialUse #Alyss @ToF_EN_Official #MiasmicSwamp 『Diamond❃Dust』 2
1626653593565597717 ♥️♣️É hora do show♦️♠️ Umi, de tower of fantasy . . #parkooart #toweroffantasy #fanart #tofart #tofarts @ToF_BR @ToF_EN_Official 2
1623960636467326976 @ToF_EN_Official Farm for Tian card💖 #ToFHalfAnniv #TowerofFantasy #Tian #TianLang #幻塔 #ToF Thanks for playing 'Meant to Be' here love it 💖now to wait for Tian outfit that I can buy for him✨ #husbando we need a special email from them or a chat that's how you do fan service. 2
1624434449726291968 @ToF_EN_Official THIS IS HORRIBLEEEE 2

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1625162907607785472 The reasons to play @ToF_EN_Official are infinite! 😍 Like if you agree 💜 #TowerofFantasy #ToF 292
1624338272934559745 @ToF_EN_Official ToF we need more male characters, but not kids, we need strong, muscles men, and cool male characters 💪🏾 Also, King is the coolest guy in ToF, he deserve a skin🔥 52
1624349990125436929 @ToF_EN_Official Pls consider making a skin for a male simulacra as well. It was so obvious that a waifu would win. On top of that its Lin (BIG SHOCKER). We've been asking for a male skin since the launch of the game. 48
1626991619080704000 @ToF_EN_Official the hair should be free... the game has been around for a while and until now they haven't been able to make new hair... that's a bummer 45
1626030055884312579 @ToF_EN_Official Me trying to hold out for Fenrir! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 41
1624333415804817414 @ToF_EN_Official The guys are the last, so "shocking". Sadly i knew ppl will vote for the girls but nope, we dont deserve a new male skin. 🥺 Maybe next time... 41
1626378689649729536 @ToF_EN_Official Already rocking it! 29
1626009563240574977 @ToF_EN_Official UMI WANTERS WILL BE UMI HAVERS 25
1624347312800825344 @ToF_EN_Official You have to make more male characters that have an adult model. As long as the kit is good, people will pull since the majority of the players are meta slaves😞 24
1626014097694408704 @ToF_EN_Official 24

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#toweroffantasy 90
#tof 82
#tofhalfanniv 44
#tofography 19
#tofficialuse 19
#tofvera 14
#miasmicswamp 10
#lin 8
#alyss 8
#tofanmade 7

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@tof_en_official 1130
@gateoo 28
@tinakitten 27
@sapnap 27
@sethphir 26
@castralnrioly 13
@kyriosyuudai 13
@agulonujr 11
@twistidiot_ 11
@yhzaig 11

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😭 53 loudly_crying_face
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20 sparkles
🤣 17 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
🥺 15 pleading_face
😍 14 smiling_face_with_heart-eyes
🥰 14 smiling_face_with_hearts
💀 13 skull
💖 12 sparkling_heart
🙏 11 folded_hands

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