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Sports records were unpopular until someone they did not like broke them. Alphas pretent they don't know about sports, and a 'Family Madrigal' is no easy task. Legal suggested adding 'jk' at the end and there was discussion about the XFL and USFL starting, as well as freedom of speech and the idea of a 'savior'. Lastly, someone commented that napping kids should plan around their parent taking a nap.

Topic Modeling

  1. Sports
  2. Law/Legal Issues
  3. Health/Napping
  4. Free Speech/Freedom
  5. Relationships

Emotional Analysis

The tweets in this conversation express a range of emotions, from excitement and enthusiasm about sports and other topics to skepticism and cynicism. There is also a sense of humor, with jokes and lighthearted references to topics like divorce and calories doing math. There is also a sense of admiration and respect for figures like Nora and the savior of free speech and freedom. Finally, there is a sense of resignation and frustration at the realities of parenting and being taken for granted. Overall, the conversation conveys a mixture of positive and negative emotions.

Trend Analysis

  1. Sports
  2. Divorce
  3. Calories/Math
  4. Family/Parenting
  5. Freedom/Legal Matters

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andyholloway Andy Holloway Host @TheFFBallers podcast 🏆 — Author — Entrepreneur, ice cream lover, pickleball enthusiast, proud dad. Love your neighbor (Mark 12:31) 208,817
LateRoundQB JJ Zachariason East Coast Dad™. Late-Round Fantasy Football creator. Host of the award-winning Late-Round Fantasy Football Podcast & @LiveTheStreamFF. Pitt alum. 160,601
KyleYNFL Kyle Yates Christ-follower. Husband. Father. @footballguys. My mom doesn't understand what exactly I do for a living. 66,267
ScottFish24 Scott Fish Creator of Devy & #SFB12 @fantasycaresorg 501(c)(3) @MatthewBerryTMR Game Changer Award, @FSGAtweets Humanitarian of the Year, @TheAthletic Person of the Year 61,612
CDCarter13 Denny Carter I write and podcast about the NFL. I've never been owned online. I’ve never watched a game. I obsess about these bad faith times. I'll never "be verified." 43,142
DaveKluge Dave Kluge @Footballguys | Jay Cutler Apologist 42,336
Football_Guys Joe Bryant Footballguys Guide. We help you win more at Fantasy Football. I like Mr. Rogers more than Aaron Rodgers. And I like Aaron Rodgers. 40,227
peteroverzet pete overzet thought leader, deposit king, creative lead @mbfantasylife, @underdogfantasy influencer, gpp/best ball bro & overexposed streamer: 33,873
TheFantasyPT Matthew Betz Physical Therapist, Lead Writer, Injury Analyst, DFS Analyst for @TheFFBallers 27,117
JakesFFootball Jake's Fantasy Football IFB. Let's talk football. I take article requests. Site: #football #nfl #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballadvice #nfltwitter 26,198

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Username Name Bio Followers count
JakesFFootball Jake's Fantasy Football IFB. Let's talk football. I take article requests. Site: #football #nfl #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballadvice #nfltwitter 25,801
RyanKennedy_22 Ryan Kennedy Self-proclaimed #FantasyFootball Expert, Proud Dad & Husband, #NFL fan living in #SteelerNation, #DadJokes from the #RV #ChooseKind #TeacherTwitter #SFB12 9,496
jpep20 Joe Pepe 🏆 of @tkocbs | ✍️ @fantasypros | Analyst for @livebettingshow (Fri 5pm)|| host @ffdynodiehards| 🥊 1-0 @celebboxing1 | #SFB12 8,622
Brandon_Warne Brandon Warne enigma | baseball writer 6,125
mcbreeze11 C🅾️mmissi🅾️ner 🅱️reeze 🏈🏆🏀⚾️ I'm all about 🔸️Family 🔸️Positivity 🔸️Challenging the mind 🔸️Mocks 🔸️Your fantasy success 🔸️Running successful leagues 🔸️#SFBX-12 🔸️#WB2022 5,634
NickInVancity Nick Walker's Dad. Black belt in puns. Wherever I am, it’s probably raining. 2016 Fantasy Football Champ 🏆 5,513
NanduriNFL Anand Nanduri Former Salary Cap @NFL | Fantasy 🏈 Enthusiast | @OhioStateFB & @RamsNFL fan | @MiamiUniversity Alum | #SFB11 CF | #SFB12 | @RotoUnderworld | Views my own. 5,151
matrix_fantasy M🅡. Ande🅡son 🅿️⚔️🅿️ #404 @SappySealsNFT ————————————- @ThePlagueNFT @theeverai _____________________________ $rsr 4,992
FantasyManDan FantasyManDan🏈🏀⚾⚽ May the market forces be with you. Context matters. Sports, Stocks & Entertainment Outperform 📈 & Underperform 📉 ratings Home of the NFL Fantasy C-Score 4,991
hawksfan3344 Fire Nick Ressler Falcons, Hawks, Dawgs and Braves 🏈🏀⚾️. I get the show . #truetoatlanta #godawgs #ForTheA #DirtyBirds striving to have less followers with 🇺🇸 in their names 4,981

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Username Bio Number of tweets
TheFantasyEng part-time writer @theffballers | full-time appreciator of fullbacks | dad to 3 awesome kids, 1 w special needs 9
mrmeseeksff Great dad, good husband, terrible follow. I probably tweet about Politics more than you like #FLAFFL #SFB7 #SFB8 #SFB9 #SFBX #SFB11 #SFB12 8
Bored_Trade why is everyone screaming? 7
RyanKennedy_22 Self-proclaimed #FantasyFootball Expert, Proud Dad & Husband, #NFL fan living in #SteelerNation, #DadJokes from the #RV #ChooseKind #TeacherTwitter #SFB12 7
JohnMcGlynn75 Commissioner Evaluation🍀Wife&4 kids🇺🇸Too lazy to write so I pod🎙️Podcast listening champ of Illinois🎧SFB 8,9,10,11,12🐡 FFEXPO 1&2🍻Can I be on your show? 6
Maatspencer Machine Learning Approach to Football Analytics with JavaScript, #RStats, and Excel@RotoViz @thehateful8ff 6
VisionaryDigMar Proud husband and father of two beautiful girls. 5
JakesFFootball IFB. Let's talk football. I take article requests. Site: #football #nfl #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballadvice #nfltwitter 4
RealCarlAllen Sports & Politics Data. OH Small Biz Owner. Frmr MLB/NFL data scout. Bilingüe. Profitable v props. Created new poll metrics. #BTC #LTC, INTJ #BlackLivesMatter 4
LordRekeris - 4

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1627740877073399808 @TheFantasyEng Wish my kids could plan their time around me taking a nap now. 1
1624772013091856386 @TheFantasyEng @andyholloway Ultimate Divorce Kit??? 1
1626760792992370690 @TheFantasyEng *pulls hotdog out of pocket* 1
1627705974810083329 @TheFantasyEng What if we did SlamBall but for football 1
1624456539946754050 @TheFantasyEng You’re the dad I want to be. 1
1627431940994502656 @TheFantasyEng Sorry I was staring at your banana pouch 1
1626641054580736000 @TheFantasyEng If you’re not maintaining eye contact as you pullout the chapstick you ain’t built to wear one. 1
1627453390811701249 @TheFantasyEng bad day to be another dad at that beach 1
1624422829331554311 @TheFantasyEng alphas love pretending they don't know about sports 1
1627902372608442369 @TheFantasyEng I say this about baseball. Let em juice its more fun that way and hitting a baseball is still incredibly difficult. 0

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1627704517746630661 @TheFantasyEng @hoovtube They did this in baseball. Everyone liked it until it was the guy they didn’t like breaking the records. Then it went to court. 63
1624422829331554311 @TheFantasyEng alphas love pretending they don't know about sports 31
1624772013091856386 @TheFantasyEng @andyholloway Ultimate Divorce Kit??? 22
1624757960286298112 @TheFantasyEng or plus minus 182 days in either direction 20
1624758451892113410 @TheFantasyEng of course they don't. Imagine sentient calories... out there doing math 16
1626634268255322131 @TheFantasyEng 14
1626775300292976640 @TheFantasyEng He definitely did not. He promised us regular bed time and no more treats the rest of the weekend. He’s still awake, an hour past bedtime now, and only had 2 chunks of it. 8
1626398571518955525 @ckaz44 I honestly thought that was @TheFantasyEng role 8
1626048487208157184 @TheFantasyEng Counterpoint. Yes they did. 8
1626775737238753280 @TheFantasyEng You think she’s messaging other guys besides us? 7

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#mannypack 1
#bringbackroids 1
#dadonvacation 1
#udk 1
#footclan 1
#howrich 1
#1 1
#saints 1
#gopackgo 1

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@thefantasyeng 632
@4whomjbelltolls 9
@andyholloway 8
@jakesffootball 5
@katemagdziuk 5
@ryankennedy_22 4
@hoovtube 4
@realdealfantasy 4
@lateroundqb 4
@mrmeseeksff 4

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😂 13 face_with_tears_of_joy
🔥 12 fire
❤️ 10 red_heart
👀 6 eyes
👏 5 clapping_hands
😆 4 grinning_squinting_face
😎 3 smiling_face_with_sunglasses
😩 3 weary_face
🤝 2 handshake
☃️ 2 snowman

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