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The tweets discuss topics relating to Australian culture, underground weapons, and YouTube and seem to originate from a range day event. There are also various opinions about topics such as money, hidden weapons, and women. Overall, the tweets discuss a variety of topics and opinions on these subjects.

Topic Modeling

  1. Gun usage and ownership.
  2. Politics.
  3. Social Media Platforms.
  4. Living in Australia.
  5. Receiving recognition for an accomplishment.

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets are primarily positive, with some hints of sarcasm and a few negative emotions. There is a sense of camaraderie and pride among the users, as evidenced by the shoutouts and congratulations. The tweets also express excitement, curiosity, and a desire for justice. There is a slight feeling of disbelief and disappointment, likely in response to the low emergency stock levels mentioned. Finally, there is a hint of suspicion and mistrust, as the users discuss who may have "snitched" on someone.

Trend Analysis

  1. Gun Regulations in Australia
  2. Elon Musk
  3. Youtube Revenues
  4. The New World Order
  5. Gender Stereotypes

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Twitter for Android 3102
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Top 10 accounts with highest followers count

Username Name Bio Followers count
DonutOperator Donut Operator 🍩 YouTuber, Twitch partner, skate shop owner, former police and SWAT officer, veteran, gamer, foodie. 412,817
Lukewearechange Luke Rudkowski 🇵🇱🇺🇸 “Mr. Rudkowski is no shrinking violet. Armed with a video camera and a YouTube account- NYTIMES 395,307
RobMcNealy Rob McNealy TUSC Founder 🐘 | Photographer 📸 | Fabricator/Welder ⚙️ | Floor Nerd 🔨 l #TUSC #BTC #NFTs #Prepping #Art #Photography #2A #Welding #Flooring #Construction 356,884
YourNarrator1 Your Narrator Man of many voices, Full Time YouTuber, loving every minute of it. 343,713
blckriflecoffee Black Rifle Coffee Black Rifle Coffee Company is a premium, roast to order, veteran owned & operated coffee company. 233,306
YourFellowArab Arab 🇱🇧 I Travel the World & Do Cool Shit I Guess | Unapologetically Me | Comedian @brandriskgg | 187,004
RetroFirearms Retro Firearms Post/Repost/Retweet Mostly old Guns, Gun related stuff and random gun memes I find online. Mostly here to post guns I like/personal guns. 114,633
heatherlynnoh Heather Lynn Collector of Bones. Producer at Black Rifle Coffee Company. Twitch Partner. Staff Writer for Coffee or Die Magazine. Cowgirl From Hell. 🤘🏼 107,009
jettila Jet Tila Husband. Father. Cook. Teacher. Adventurer. Chef Partner Pei Wei & Dragon Tiger Noodle Company. This is my only Twitter account. 91,951
AKA_RealDirty The Dirty Truth (Josh) I Watch the news and post important clips to keep followers updated. Things maybe spelled crazy but my hands don’t work and I use Siri to type. 91,625

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
mpukita Mark Pukita USA-1st, Constitutionalist • Ran for US SENATE in '22 (OH) • Personal account • Founder: Grassroots Freedom Initiative (2022) • I follow back • #FJB #LGB • ☦️ 76,399
CocoaBabyBitch #JusticeForBritney 🌹🚀 #Libra #HipHop #FreeBritney @Eminem #Pop #BritneyArmy @BritneySpears #MJFam @MichaelJackson @orianthi @MelissaGisoni @PleasureEllis @SamanthaCartel #StrayKids 23,619
salis333 #Working4aLiving ⭐️⭐️⭐️ We ALL know who won! #Deplorable #GoldStarMominlaw #Patriot NO LIST!! Work 4 "the man". (feds). CoproIalia (look it up). I stood behind this casket. Don't mess with me! 21,912
_America_First Proud Trumplican God, Family, Service & Committed 100% to our Greatest @POTUS DJT as he puts #AmericaFirst & (Bait-em Troll-em Destroy-em) #KAG #Patriots 21,045
djacksonweather 🔴 Live now | RG Sgt_Jackson12 @twitch Partner | @regimentGG | CODE SARGE @GFuelEnergy @DauntlessSnacks @GamerAdvantage @aimcontrollerss @stincebuilt | #MFAM | 18,681
KelliDPowers Kelli_with_an_i Love, coffee, sarcasm, humour, lifting, life and politics. I speak my mind, you may not like it but that’s a you issue! Find your gratitude, love life. NO DMs! 18,021
QTWIQ1 QT 🇺🇸 Knitting in heels, no less. 🧶 Yes that is me in the profile. 😈 God Bless America 🇺🇸 jab free COVID ass kicker 🙏 WYSIWYG 👠 old broad 🤬 9,598
Dslayer298 Dslayer298 Born Again Christian-PRO LIFE Love Jesus-Love Israel I FOLLOW BACK NO LISTS OR TRAINS, PLEASE. 9,067
adam_antill Adam ✝️🇺🇸 I DON'T READ DM's potty mouth #2A #LetsGoBrandon #FJB #HereWeGo #Steelers 8,839
dj6ual DJhasMS ☘️ DJ6ual 👑 Kiss Me, I'm Irish! ☘️ - I do #FollowBack but WARNING: Heavy Tweeter! Multiple Sclerosis (MS), #Crypto #StockMarket & Genealogy. #DJhasMS #DJ6ual 8,804

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
RealCarlAllen Sports & Politics Data. OH Small Biz Owner. Frmr MLB/NFL data scout. Bilingüe. Profitable v props. Created new poll metrics. #BTC #LTC, INTJ #BlackLivesMatter 78
OhmanRand I stan gummy bears, Jell-O, and eggnogBUCKETHEAD is the GOAT!Politically non-binary#FarOutExtremist#CNNBOI#volunterrorist 55
SEAConsv - 32
CharlesShepper Take a step gotta think twice before you react 32
Sushihunter2 Support the 🇨🇦 Freedom Truckers! Pro-Gun - Anti-Trudeau #Trump2024 $TSLA Tesla - To the Moon... and Mars! #TrudeauMustGo 29
toweltime89 respect science and facts not the opinions based on feelings 25
SandwichExplor1 I rate and review the best sandwiches I can get my hands on. 22
AnnieWaff17 viola player and violin teacher. All round Aussie girl. NIN lifer. 20
finleygender this account is not a safe space for snowflakes! 20
teflondawn4452 🇺🇲Pro God, 🇺🇲Pro Country, 🇺🇲Pro life, 🇺🇲Pro gun, 🇺🇲Pro Military, 🇺🇸Pro Blue Line, 🇺🇲Productive, 🇺🇲Provider, 🇺🇲Protector 19

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ID Text Retweet count
1626042615727546368 @TheAKGuy @DonutOperator australians are built different 172
1624206673719033856 Big shoutout to @DonutOperator and @TheAKGuy for putting together a badass range day. AP teams’ machine gun virginities are all gone 57
1625178159799844894 @TheAKGuy 30
1626069722188943360 @TheAKGuy Not today you new world order jackboot fucks 19
1626180507154382855 @mylocalgunshop @TheAKGuy @DonutOperator 7
1626018915892752384 @TheAKGuy Australia sounds terrible. This man had a dope basement. 7
1626017152116445186 @TheAKGuy This is the same country that proudly destroyed antique firearms from its own museums and genuinely thought they were brilliant for doing so. Australia is not a serious country. 7
1625179271118438402 @TheAKGuy No 6
1625302484854898688 @DonutOperator @TheAKGuy The only appropriate response 6
1626084646768500736 @ZaTaf2 @TheAKGuy 6

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1626042615727546368 @TheAKGuy @DonutOperator australians are built different 1879
1624206673719033856 Big shoutout to @DonutOperator and @TheAKGuy for putting together a badass range day. AP teams’ machine gun virginities are all gone 1399
1626069722188943360 @TheAKGuy Not today you new world order jackboot fucks 1360
1626314559064514563 @TheAKGuy @Dexerto “Fuck him for wanting more money to do his job” 947
1626018915892752384 @TheAKGuy Australia sounds terrible. This man had a dope basement. 871
1625257965111369728 @TheAKGuy @elonmusk I second this 806
1626040542143434754 @TheAKGuy You'd be surprised how many people there still have banned weapons just hidden or so far from a city and just didn't turn them in during the 90s. 556
1626322663143792640 @TheAKGuy @Dexerto Has the potential for good, as opposed to her staying 532
1625179271118438402 @TheAKGuy No 449
1626644697711083520 @CharlesShepper @TheAKGuy @MeroNecio @heatherlynnoh Someone was born after 2000 398

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Hashtag Count
#gunmemereview 7
#cursedgunimages 6
#ohiochernobyl 4
#1 3
#darwinawards 3
#ukraine 2
#bakhmut 2
#guntube 2
#theakguy 2
#cursedguns 2

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@theakguy 7597
@donutoperator 2624
@angrycops 1426
@yellowstone 1417
@notoriouspbg 368
@heatherlynnoh 333
@meronecio 305
@dexerto 269
@elonmusk 193
@zataf2 188

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😂 304 face_with_tears_of_joy
🤣 205 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
🤔 32 thinking_face
💀 30 skull
🤡 26 clown_face
👍 25 thumbs_up
😭 22 loudly_crying_face
👀 19 eyes
😎 17 smiling_face_with_sunglasses
🤷‍♂️ 16 man_shrugging

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Smileys & Emotion 870
People & Body 142
Flags 16
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Travel & Places 12
Activities 10
Objects 9
Animals & Nature 8
Symbols 5