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This tweets are about crypto and feature people from the crypto community. These people promote crypto projects, discuss the upcoming bear market, and bring up the topics of government spending, electricity transmission, and global peace. They are discussing various aspects of the crypto space, including technologies, DeFi, and rewards. Finally, they mention the importance of peace and reasoning like humans, rather than engaging in war.

Topic Modeling

  1. Cryptocurrency market
  2. Generation of text with language models
  3. Government spending on war
  4. Role of solar and wind power
  5. Stablecoin rewards and yield farming

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from enthusiasm and excitement to skepticism and frustration. The tweets mention various cryptocurrencies and projects, suggesting a sense of optimism and enthusiasm. However, there are also tweets expressing doubt and disagreement, suggesting feelings of skepticism and frustration. Overall, the range of emotions expressed in these tweets is reflective of the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market.

Trend Analysis

  1. Cryptocurrency - BNB, ETH, BTC, CT
  2. Fake news and language models
  3. Ukrainian spending
  4. Bear markets
  5. Renewable energy - solar, wind, thermonuclear power

Disclaimer: The text analysis on, powered by OpenAI, does not represent the views of or its affiliates. The analysis is for informational purposes only and not an endorsement of any viewpoint.

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Twitter Web App 189
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CryptoTony__ Crypto Tony Crypto Trader / NFT collector / Investor .. Follow for your daily dose of Crypto updates, Educational content, Banter, Memes. Personal views and opinions only 271,172
eliz883 EliZ¥ Crypto trader & Investor ✍️ DISCORD / 254,391
MuroCrypto Muro Early Crypto Trader. Bitcoin Analyst. YouTuber. Partner at 249,867
CryptoNewton Shelby - 242,393
ShardiB2 Shardi B - No Telegram or Copytrading! Macro first. Crypto scalper, swing trader $BTC/ $ETH/NFT HODL'er. I'm a cartoon anon so DYOR, only ideas and opinions. @sharditeam backup act. No paid groups!! 225,463
moonshilla .. paTo🌙 🦡 21M ฿ ÷ 8B 👥 = 0.002625 ฿ 🚀 142,437
CryptoVerse_Co Crypto Verse Crypto for everyone, everywhere. @Binance Feed, Live Creator & Affiliates Partner #AMA #BNB #BTC #TRON feed - 118,007
j0hnnyw00 Johnny Woo | Never DM you for Money 36 y.o/Full time crypto trader since Dec 2013. All tweets are based on my own opinion, #DYOR and just #BTFD 116,760
SatoshiOwl SatoshiOwl Full time #Crypto Trader #NFT Collector #BNB Holder Loving #MEME #Defi #AI Always looking for the next x10 x100 x1000 #BSC / #ETH / #ARB GEM 💎 NFA! DYOR! 113,672
TraderKoz TraderKøz profit maximalist - free lifetime access to @CoinMarketMan with the link below 107,714

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
sthcoin_sthc Soothing Coin (STHCOIN, STHC) Soothing Coin (#STHCOIN #STHC) to be listed on P2PB2B See the pin'ed msg Redeem coupons at #crypto #altcoin #bitcoin #I_RECOMMEND_STHCOIN 11,604
FatManWithGems X100 HUNTER We are building @WhaleToolsApp We will relaunch @Pepita_Tech Biggest bags: $MLT $MTRG $SAITO $PYR $WOO $HTR $VRA $KATA 5,546
sots000 ©️ - 5,487
Lachriste Christian Nwankwo A Business Administrator,Investor, and Entrepreneur.💰👌🏾 Big Fucks small 🦐 5,001
cryptodudrei CryptoDudrei ⚡🐺 Passive Income Lover | Cryptocurrency changed my life 🙏 | Extremely bullish on #XRP #Lucro #Saitama #Verasity #Bnb #APT #Dogecoin #Shib #Bitcoin #Ethereum 🚀 4,451
TheCryptoDaddi CryptoD🅰️ddi.LYX🧪⚡️ Intraday Trader - NFT Connoisseur - Fundamental Enthusiast - Tweets are my own opinions NOT financial advice. $EWT $LINK $SER $DOT $XRT #TOONZ #ApeReunion #AKCB 4,384
danieljohnyoung Daniel Young MD at Pulse, part of Ogilvy PR. Political idealist. Tweets represent my personal view. 4,312
jubatai023 Jubatai trading like a samurai - since 2017 - 3,994
ssgreenburg Hammerloaf A crypto enthusiast. VR lover. Entrepreneur. Total tech head. Be grateful for all that you have, tomorrow things could change. NO financial advice given. 3,863
Mojo_Crypto_BTC 🦍🔥 ✧🔮 Mojo Crⓨpto🔮✧ 🔥🦍 (33.3%) CryptoOracle 🧙🏻‍♂️| Gem Hunter | Designer | Artist 🖊 | Teacher | Consultant | Founder @JLBtc | 70% shitpost | 90% Alpha🐺 3,333

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Username Bio Number of tweets
Mateqss Bitcoin givETH and Bitcoin takETH, blessed be Bitcoin. 12
INVADlNG editor ✦ @HHEARTU @occcuIt 10
THE_MAGNATE °• DM for 1-1 #Masterclass - TA, Risk Man. & Psychology!🎓 Masters (Ms) in Law, Business/Finance.°• #SUB to ▶️ for an (MTF) TA 👇 10
MichaelRyner10 Product designer, Surfer, Bicycles, Investor. Never underestimate your bicycle mechanic. A couple of bicycle mechanics figured out how to fly! 6
vanilla____face 🇨🇦🇷🇴 I’m not brutal. I’m honest and you’re just sensitive. 6
misakay21 - 5
ryantaylor1312 - 5
j0hnnyw00 36 y.o/Full time crypto trader since Dec 2013. All tweets are based on my own opinion, #DYOR and just #BTFD 4
BigmanDan2527 I will only raid and support projects that I personally have invested+believe in long term. Join me as we hunt for the best 10-100x 💎 YDF 50x on money 💰 4
PetraLlaima I don't know what to write here, nsfw on tl. 4

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1626604248698847232 FF DA BEST IN #CRYPTO SPACE 👑 @ShardiB2 @CryptoTony__ @FatManWithGems @cryptocevo @Blockchainsanta @MuroCrypto @SimonHayesBTC @tehMoonwalkeR @j0hnnyw00 @CryptoNewton @BTC_Revolution @THE_MAGNATE @DaanCrypto @Mojo_Crypto_BTC @eliz883 @Phoenix_Ash3s #BNB #ETH #BTC #CT 81
1624079070416846848 FF #CRYPTO BEAR MARKT SURVIVORS 👑 @CryptoTony__ @cryptocevo @MuroCrypto @ShardiB2 @SimonHayesBTC @j0hnnyw00 @tehMoonwalkeR @CryptoNewton @THE_MAGNATE @BTC_Revolution @FatManWithGems @eliz883 @Phoenix_Ash3s @Mojo_Crypto_BTC @DaanCrypto @Blockchainsanta #BNB #ETH #BTC #CT 38
1625965437245685768 Have you heard the #NEWS mateys ? @EricCryptoman @ChadCaff @tehMoonwalkeR @chirocrypto @BlocksNThoughts @capitalist_sd @0xUnihax0r @realdoge @wytetrades @0xFitz 14
1624431002037657602 @tehMoonwalkeR GM ser. How many times have you been rugged before? Be a part of a project that is actually taking action to stop these guys from doing this, once and for all? Come write history & join with $WIGGLE #wiggle ARMY in its infancy making history @wiggleerc20 9
1626163510068617217 @tehMoonwalkeR @BenBuckwalter still you can buy $ARBINU before @arbitrum 🪂 7
1626787925534052353 #FF Follow Friday Rain🌧or Shine☀️ through the Bears🐻& the Bulls🐂 make sure to follow the Best in CT💎 @SimonHayesBTC @UpRising2o @CryptobullMike @woofBIGDAWG @NoBanksNearby @ja1405_ja @Astrones2 @j0hnnyw00 @CryptoNewton @tehMoonwalkeR @BullChain @CryptoBoss1984 @LilMoonLambo 7
1624054634326249474 @tehMoonwalkeR @DEXToolsApp @jdb_data is that solution. They will be the replacement for BSC scan and Etherscan very soon! #JDB 5
1624054843739348992 @tehMoonwalkeR @DEXToolsApp Bro you are literally searching for #JDB check you can track everything you want !! #DeFi #dApps #BSC #Ethereum 4
1624278570116988928 #FF Follow Friday New to Crypto or a 100X Veteran, you have to make sure you follow the Best Crypto Fam @SimonHayesBTC @UpRising2o @CryptobullMike @woofBIGDAWG @NoBanksNearby @ja1405_ja @Astrones2 @j0hnnyw00 @CryptoNewton @tehMoonwalkeR @BullChain @CryptoBoss1984 @LilMoonLambo 4
1626007785547657217 @tehMoonwalkeR $STABLZ @Stablzone is exactly that. A true #DeFi Evolution🤝 *#Stablecoin Rewards *Staking *#RealYield *Referral Rewards *Yield Farming *Liquidity Mining *Automated Harvesting *Depeg protection *Community Governance Adaptable platform built to survive 4

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1626604248698847232 FF DA BEST IN #CRYPTO SPACE 👑 @ShardiB2 @CryptoTony__ @FatManWithGems @cryptocevo @Blockchainsanta @MuroCrypto @SimonHayesBTC @tehMoonwalkeR @j0hnnyw00 @CryptoNewton @BTC_Revolution @THE_MAGNATE @DaanCrypto @Mojo_Crypto_BTC @eliz883 @Phoenix_Ash3s #BNB #ETH #BTC #CT 109
1626376109771182080 @iRowebot @tehMoonwalkeR @WatcherGuru The reason it's fake isn't because it generated text. A language model can't "want to be alive" it can't want anything all it does is produce text based on a prompt you give it, it has no emotion, wants or needs it just generates text it is goofy anyone cares about this. 85
1626330025443356674 @tehMoonwalkeR @ScienceFactsFun @Rainmaker1973 Probably less than what they spend in Ukraine. 80
1624079070416846848 FF #CRYPTO BEAR MARKT SURVIVORS 👑 @CryptoTony__ @cryptocevo @MuroCrypto @ShardiB2 @SimonHayesBTC @j0hnnyw00 @tehMoonwalkeR @CryptoNewton @THE_MAGNATE @BTC_Revolution @FatManWithGems @eliz883 @Phoenix_Ash3s @Mojo_Crypto_BTC @DaanCrypto @Blockchainsanta #BNB #ETH #BTC #CT 69
1626318972596670464 @myckull @tehMoonwalkeR @ScienceFactsFun @Rainmaker1973 Yeah, once they are built there is literally zero maintenance or replacement ever. The power also transports itself where it needs to go. It just knows. 44
1626343487083024384 @realkanyeast @tehMoonwalkeR @ScienceFactsFun @Rainmaker1973 Government should maybe focus on its own country instead of proxy wars. Sorry the idea that a government should put it citizens first triggers you. #sensitivemuch 41
1626548319383085062 #FF 🐂💵 @Pentosh1 @Timeless_Crypto @tehMoonwalkeR @FeraSY1 @PostyXBT @ShardiB2l @TeddyCleps @BITCOINTRAPPER @Yodaskk @Phoenix_Ash3s @follis_ @TraderDaink @j0hnnyw00 @irncrypt @MartaVerse @TraderKoz @moonshilla @grimy_trades @CryptoYoddha @Swansonflows @DaanCrypto @SavageCharts 40
1626282334025826304 @tehMoonwalkeR @WatcherGuru Seems plausible to me. This wouldn't even be the craziest answer someone's gotten. 32
1625965437245685768 Have you heard the #NEWS mateys ? @EricCryptoman @ChadCaff @tehMoonwalkeR @chirocrypto @BlocksNThoughts @capitalist_sd @0xUnihax0r @realdoge @wytetrades @0xFitz 28
1626330670468325379 @vanilla____face @tehMoonwalkeR @ScienceFactsFun @Rainmaker1973 How the Fuck do you bring Ukraine into this 27

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#defi 13
#jdb 11
#eth 10
#crypto 9
#arbitrum 8
#ff 7
#multiversx 7
#pos32 6
#bnb 6
#ethereum 6

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Mention Count
@tehmoonwalker 656
@rainmaker1973 154
@sciencefactsfun 151
@j0hnnyw00 60
@culture_crit 59
@cz_binance 57
@daancrypto 51
@phoenix_ash3s 48
@dextoolsapp 48
@the_magnate 41

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🔥 28 fire
👀 24 eyes
🤝 19 handshake
🚀 19 rocket
💎 16 gem_stone
😂 10 face_with_tears_of_joy
🐂 9 ox
6 hourglass_not_done
🌀 6 cyclone
👑 5 crown

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Travel & Places 71
Smileys & Emotion 71
People & Body 66
Objects 35
Animals & Nature 20
Activities 9
Flags 4
Symbols 3