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This collection of tweets generally comments on and acknowledges @Swishem as a great content creator, typically related to the game Ashika Island or Call of Duty. Furthermore, it discusses the importance of watching streamers and provides love and support to the person of @Swishem with Valentine's Day wishes. Lastly, there is mention of participating in a form or game.

Topic Modeling

  1. Streamers - Tommey, Brittney Raines, Swishem, KKtheBurger, Queenshadows_, Adore Stephy, iSmixie, Deliastamales, IntechsTV, RedroseO_, DrDisrespect, BobbyPoff
  2. Valentine's Day - Couple, Cutest
  3. Ashika Island - Gaming, Tips
  4. Call of Duty - Gaming, Tips
  5. Dojo and Danilol - Form

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a range of positive emotions, including admiration, respect, appreciation, love, and happiness. Many of the tweets are directed at @Swishem, expressing admiration for their work and thanking them for their contributions. Additionally, several of the tweets express love and care, wishing them well and expressing appreciation for their presence. The overall sentiment of the tweets is overwhelmingly positive, expressing appreciation and admiration for @Swishem and the other streamers mentioned.

Trend Analysis

  1. The influence of streaming content on gaming skills.
  2. Showing love, appreciation and respect for streaming content.
  3. Referencing of specific streamers.
  4. Expression of positive attitudes and sentiments towards others.
  5. Sharing of tips, advice and resources for gaming.

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Twitter for iPhone 198
Twitter for Android 57
Twitter Web App 46
TweetDeck 2
Twitter for iPad 1

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Username Name Bio Followers count
ScufGaming SCUF Change your game. We created the performance controller category. For help, send a DM to @SCUFAssist. 1,474,331
Swagg FaZe Swagg ☢️ Content Creator for @FaZeClan @NukeSquad #FaZeUp | Business- 497,930
Subliners Subliners Home of The New York Subliners, the @NYXL Team for @CODLeague. #NYSL #StandClear 124,668
Jaystatio0n Ɖ0G3꧁꧂LIVE ON TWITCH - 13,934
TheTacticalBrit TheTacticalBrit 24 - Call of Duty + Warzone, FPS UK YouTube Streamer. (104K+). @TMThrustmaster Partner 🇬🇧 in 🇵🇹 13,801
p90princess LG | p90princess 🦋 video games + positive vibes + adventures ✨ content creator for @luminosity // partner on @Twitch // 📩 contact: 12,888
TestyFPS WaR 𝗧𝗲𝘀𝘁𝘆 @Twitch Partner|Content Creator @OfficialTeamWaR |Your passion is your priority | Code "Testy" @GhostLifestyle @respawnproducts #SwolePatrol 11,990
Stukawaki Stu 20 | @Twitch Partner | Scuf Code “STU” | Business Inquiries: 11,912
OPMarked Jake Full Time @Twitch Partner • Warzone Content Creator • Business Inquiries - @CarterPulse 11,104
PrimitiveAK PrimitiveAK 🇯🇲 Content Creator for @KARNAGEclan | @FacebookGaming Partner | @KontrolFreek | IT NetSec/Media Grad | Business: 10,442

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
CHEW5TER CHEW5TER NYC*EMS 🚑 Paramaniac & GAMER!! #StaySafe 4,988
Jaystatio0n Ɖ0G3꧁꧂LIVE ON TWITCH - 3,956
Gunz_of_God Gogleaksmoke Twitch streamer. Music producer and lyricist. Xbox Gamertag: Gogleaksmoke halo veteran.Justin Rispoli ❄️ 3,404
Dirty_Matt13 Matthew Sanchez #spurs #cowboys #FOH Army! #MMATwitter Ohana Academy @UnknownMMA_ GAMER! Twitch Affiliate IG and TikTok: dirtymatt13 3,038
Ne33k0 Nick Gamer | NCAT Alumnus | Twitch : neekoplays_ | Streamer for @STREAMERZONE 2,693
8ternell N E L L Y 🍥 Here to BS about sports, life, and everything in between. GS Warriors 🏀 ☆ SF Giants ⚾️ ☆ SF 49ers 🏈 ☆ SJ Sharks 🏒 CA: $jnelly Venmo: mrjnelly 2,645
NotKadar Him Duncan Philly | #TMC 🏁💙 | #MFAM | #Greenwall | Content Creator for @DelcoGaming 2,586
CavslnFour Mike Huge Cavs and Browns fan! I follow back! THE CAVS FOLLOW ME 2,565
TheCaLiDee D E E @twitch Affiliate 👾 Professional Warzone Pleb and content creator | Sports fan |⚠️dont take my tweets seriously⚠️ 2,312
Zoults Zoults R.I.P. Mom |22| Twitch Affiliate Logo made by @SakuraGamingUK #WhoAreWe #CBB! Bengals fan btw #WHODEY 2,277

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
Falcon1Brendan Twitch: 16
Toyboy7772 Husband, Father, Owner/CEO Manuel Medical Solutions, Gamer, Twitch Streamer 5
xSennyy - 5
DimsiiFPS 19 | Content Creator | Use Code: DIMSIl for 10% off on @DrinkPOGGERS Products | #StandClear | #NJDevils I Mom🕊️ 4
candy57212477 follow and massage me if you’re interested in getting hook up.Terms of conditions apply 🍆👅❤️ 4
VerdoTV 🇨🇴 | Competitive CoD player | Twitch Streamer I @XSET Rep Code Verdo❌ | All Socials: VerdoTV I Business inquiries: #Swishfam 3
ballakendra Content Creator | 29 | M&K player | Twitch streamer | JEEP GANG | 3
GuacaMoose_ Check me out on twitch 👾Stream Team @tamuesports 3
levimatthew12 im 20 years old im a gamer #contentcreator sponsored by @TheRogueEnergy use code truesweat for 10% off your purchase www. 3
Matteo73M I do stuff like play games, stream and post clips to YouTube. I'm a diehard NY sports/esports fan and a pretty funny guy I think? 3

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Top 10 tweets with highest Retweet count

ID Text Retweet count
1626393095901257729 @Swishem I tried.... 2
1625846120952856576 @Swishem you knows it’s gonna be a good day when it starts with @deliastamales 1
1626266519645655042 @Swishem that video was clean ❤️ good ole days dude 1
1627509771401035777 @Swishem 1
1627713106268016642 @Swishem @NukeSquad @TheBoiSantana @JSmooth @FaZeBooya W! 0
1625691888253534216 @Swishem Where is that 👀 0
1625675628371378177 @Swishem @IntechsTV My favorite duo 0
1625676256774692867 @Swishem Awe, the cutest couple. Happy Valentine's Day! 0
1625687672072163330 @Swishem holy… omg that… oh that’s delicious. 0
1625690438337273862 @Swishem DAMN that so fire 0

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1626393095901257729 @Swishem I tried.... 46
1627509771401035777 @Swishem 10
1626387910042996736 @Swishem 10
1627713106268016642 @Swishem @NukeSquad @TheBoiSantana @JSmooth @FaZeBooya W! 5
1626386194408869888 @Swishem I am positive that you are lovely❣️ 5
1626620024705191938 I say this respectfully,People on the TL asking how to get better at #AshikaIsland or #COD in general.The biggest tip I can give is watch your favourite streamers for me the likes of @Tommey @_brittneyraines @Swishem @KKtheBurger @queenshadows_ @adore_stephy @iSmixie & so on 5
1626390641734287362 @Swishem 5
1625898965018325003 @Swishem 4
1625846120952856576 @Swishem you knows it’s gonna be a good day when it starts with @deliastamales 3
1625675628371378177 @Swishem @IntechsTV My favorite duo 2

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Top 10 Hashtags used

Hashtag Count
#swishfam 3
#nysl 3
#ashikaisland 1
#cod 1
#newprofilepic 1

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Top 10 mentions

Mention Count
@swishem 306
@intechstv 15
@subliners 13
@powergpu 7
@scufgaming 7
@ashtov1234 4
@candy57212477 3
@tommey 3
@_brittneyraines 3
@queenshadows_ 3

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Emoji Count Emoji Text
😭 13 loudly_crying_face
🤣 12 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
🔥 11 fire
❤️ 10 red_heart
😂 9 face_with_tears_of_joy
🤤 8 drooling_face
💚 7 green_heart
🥰 6 smiling_face_with_hearts
😍 5 smiling_face_with_heart-eyes
💯 5 hundred_points

Emojis groups

Emoji Group Count
Smileys & Emotion 118
People & Body 48
Travel & Places 13
Activities 6
Animals & Nature 2
Symbols 1
Flags 1
Food & Drink 1