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StableInvestor tweets about investing and personal finance, including the difference in contribution between 25 and 30 years, the difference between an old investment regime and the current one, investing in a NPS and the benefits, the value of money in 35 years considering inflation, comparing India with the US in regards to PPP, and the frequency of SIPs when investing in mutual funds. Additionally, they mention news of SBI withdrawing premature closure penalty, and FDs getting full amount with full interests.

Topic Modeling

  1. Investing strategies and advice
  2. Tax deductions and perks
  3. Generational spending patterns
  4. Mutual funds and SIPs
  5. Interest rates, banking and financial products

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a range of emotions, from excitement and enthusiasm to disappointment and frustration. The conversation between StableInvestor and other users focuses on financial topics, such as the importance of investing early, the benefits of tax deductions, and the advantages of different investment frequencies. The discussion also highlights the uncertainty of the future, with the suggestion that tax deductions may not be available by the time an investment matures. Overall, the tweets show that financial planning can be a complex and daunting task, but one that is ultimately worth the effort.

Trend Analysis

  1. Importance of Investing - investment strategies, early investments, tax deductions, impact of inflation, return on investment, etc.
  2. Impact of Generation - comparison between current and past generation and their attitudes towards saving and spending
  3. Impact of Industries - how new technological advancement and change of trends of the country effect the industry
  4. Importance of Annuities - emphasis on purchasing annuities and compound interest on fixed investments
  5. Impact of Banks - FD rates, monetary policies, NRE FD, etc.

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StableInvestor Dev Ashish, Founder (StableInvestor) | SEBI-Reg. Investment Advisor | Helping people achieve Financial Goals & Invest better | Services - 5
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1625020886112940032 Mutual Funds: What is the best frequency for SIPs – Monthly, Weekly or Daily? Read below as @StableInvestor has the answers ⬇ #personalfinance #mutualfunds #investing #expertspeak 2
1626626081016135681 @StableInvestor If one has a control over his expenditure, even 8 to 10 % (anything more is bonus)of returns Will do a fair job..but people are always behind 20% returns and lose health , time, energy and life itself... 1
1624070187472363520 @StableInvestor Just like you shouldn't take stock tips either from Anthony Fauci or me. 1
1625895316464750592 @BelieverCapital @StableInvestor Meals consist of eggs, milk, nuts. Millet daliya, chicken, lentils, legumes, veggies, butter, ghee. No sugar, refined carbs, veg oils, processed packaged junk foods 95% of time. Eat out less than once a month, sweets on special occasions. 0
1625881785929453568 @StableInvestor Any link to fitness, before and after, for you? I had one from 2014-17. It was my fit phase. 2018-2021 I didnt use one. It was my unfit phase as well. Some causation in my PoV. Now started using again, fittest I have ever been. Tracking stuff keeps me disciplined. 0
1625882888238686208 @makhaik @StableInvestor very interesting. I too used to be a Readers Digest subscriber for a long time, never learnt much from it though. 0
1625886402193018884 @StableInvestor I am tempted to buy a watch every time I pass by a store. A watch is to men, what jewellery is to women. 0
1625893773992669190 @OldSchoolFinanc @StableInvestor Hey what's your fitness routine like, if you don't mind sharing.. 0
1625894906467336192 @BelieverCapital @StableInvestor 4 days a week weightlifting. (Shoulder+leg, chest, tricep+bicep, back) - day wise Average around 12.5k steps per day. Calorie cycling between 1800-2400 cals. On and off intermittent fasting. Sometimes full day fast. 0
1626900561034645509 @StableInvestor Can we claim for expenses incurred for Out patient consultations for parents. 0

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1625823522735132677 @StableInvestor I have gone a step further, stopped wearing watches altogether :) 27
1626544044158627840 @StableInvestor Don't put wrong expectations 12
1625195910623039489 @StableInvestor @SanketD_ET But Dev bhai, don't you think that the upcoming generation is spend-thrift and might not save at all? There was incentive in the old regime 7
1626502664128466944 @StableInvestor The difference in contribution between 25 Years and 30 years is 2.5 Lakhs, but additional corpus generated will be around 58 Lakhs. Never knew investing early would accumulate so much irrespective of tax deductions it give. 6
1623701472931385344 @StableInvestor @gurpreet_saluja @elonmusk I would have got it for free if that was the case :) 4
1624337309918167040 @StableInvestor Sikandar bagh area in 80s was good 4
1626593715962904578 @savy_speaks @StableInvestor This is 6 years xirr 4
1626588053321170944 @savy_speaks @StableInvestor It Varies... 3
1626633306589495296 @StableInvestor You missed out on inflation.I.e what is the value of that 1.49 cr in your first eg, after 35 years ? So the the annuity amount predicted now could well ve peanuts after 35 years. 3
1626524894409404416 @StableInvestor What you omitted is this: Compulsory purchase of annuity for eg say at 6% pa (minimum 40% of the corpus) at the age of 60 is FIXED till death. (Say around the age of 80). 6% is NOT adjusted to neither RBI interest rate nor inflation. Who will do now in 2023 at the age of 60 ?. 3

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