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Username Name Bio Followers count
MikeSilver Michael Silver Backstage Media, @sfchronicle columnist, @TheVolumeSports, @ballysports Past: 70+ SI cover stories, Yahoo!, NFL Network. Books: Warner (🎥), Rodman, N Coughlin 197,753
G_Kontos George Kontos #70; Former RHP, current Baseball Analyst; 2012 AND 2014 World Series Champion; Northwestern University; Instagram: G_Kontos 57,909
grantcohn Grant Cohn Quality Control for the 49ers. Publisher of @All49ersFN, part of FanNation on Subscribe to my YouTube channel 38,036
akashanav Akash Anavarathan Cover the 49ers. Words and Voice for @NinersNation. Former: @49ersHub. Email: 36,156
sportslarryk Larry Krueger Proud Husband/Father of 4. @stignatius @sacstate. Host of The @pigpickle Krueg Show on Youtube & Spotify, Host on @957TheGame, Ex CFL/NFL Scout 34,235
Vekays Vekays ∞ owner @infinitymob 24,705
StatsOnFire Rob “Stats” Guerrera Free agent podcast host. Inquiries: Alum: @ESPNRadio, @ProFootballTalk, @SBNation. #49ers 17,749
Graham_SFN Brad Chief Big Guy @TheSFNiners • Retired Offensive Lineman • Dynasty • #SDS • YouTube: TheSFNiners 15,583
thewaynebreezie WayneBreezie I write and create content for the 49ers ✍🏾 @49erswebzone | I Podcast🎙️@NGNTalk + @nb9ers | ❤ I love Family, Food, Music, and Sports. 13,966
VishKumaran Vish Kumaran - 12,339

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
CrantGohn Crant Gohn Sometimes I dream. That he is me. You’ve got to see that’s how I dream to Crant. If I could be like Crant. #49ers | Media: 5,908
AllBayAllDayRay Ray B born n raised in Nor Cal 5,007
brettashtonsj Brett Ashton Silicon Valley technology professional -- and sports fan! Owls | Eagles | Phillies | Sixers | Flyers | Trojans | Others too Opinions expressed are my own. 5,000
Ericmeisn 𝓔𝓻𝓲𝓬 𝓜𝓮𝓲𝓼𝓷𝓮𝓻 49ers Rush & TheWayneBreezie Social Media Manager🧑🏻‍💻Instructional Aid 🧑🏻‍🏫 Christ ✝️ Married 🤵🏻👰🏻 #49ers 🏈 #SFGiants ⚾️ #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #AFSP 4,924
BenchesClearedP Benches Cleared Podcast (SFGiants/Dodgers podcast) Podcast covering the best rivalry in sports @sfgiants & @dodgers. Episodes Fridays on YouTube and all podcast platforms! hosts: @JessexGutierrez & @TylerCoe18 4,871
khoee Khoee - 4,869
DuaneHere Duane Love baseball, the outdoors, live music, photography. Go Bears! 🐻 United we stand, divided we fall. #standwithUkraine 🇺🇦 Mastodon: 4,865
Paul_Hope10 Paul Hope A huge @49ers fan in the UK 🇬🇧 Co host of the @49erFaithfulUK LIVE! & contributor to various other podcasts/shows… & also VP for the 49erFaithfulUK 4,649
MrStacyMartin Stacy Martin - 4,536
Jon_Durden Jon Golden State Warriors #Dubnation | San Francisco 49ers #FTTB | San Francisco Giants #SFGameUp | Travel Softball Dad | Pokémon Trainer ✨50✨ | MS Excel Enthusiast 4,170

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
goyato Forever tilting at windmills, but unsure if I'm an idealist or an absurdist. Can now be found on POST under the same handle. 16
lindol22 Travel, Food, Music, Sports, Oregon Ducks, Niners, Giants, Warriors, Dogs, Cats, Movies, TV, Grandpa Ward, Poignant Social Commentary, All Types of Ill Shit. 15
RuleNiners - 14
JaulusD - 14
LosDLF_ California Senior Finance Consultant 2+ decades. Podcaster/actor/executive producer/husband/father of Sarah & Carlos. Giants 49ers Warriors fan, SF native. 8
bonn_geoffrey Vote Blue #BlueCrew 49ers, A’s, Giants, WARRIORS #endmaga #CancelFoxNews #RoeRoeRoeYourVote #CatLover #DogLover #arrestorangefatty #smacktucker #LeftIsBest 8
TeamGaroppolo Chief Public Relations Officer Team Garoppolo *Real Estate Broker specializing in buying/selling athletes' homes *President/CEO *Ma$ter Clo$er* Just Win Baby! 8
f_cadmus Happily married 33 years, proud father of 3, passionate 49ers fan, political junkie, law school drop out, entrepreneur, farmer & writer. 8
six_ace_deuce Be Kind. 7
johnnykidreid_2 SBLive/California correspondent. Central Coast Section Distinguished Service Award, Jan. 2015. Sports Media winner (Hot Stove Corp, 2006) Ex-BANG scribe 7

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ID Text Retweet count
1638303765219491845 Hey Faithful! Tune in tomorrow night at 8:00pm ET as @sportslarryk joins us LIVE to chat #49ers! @JM41484 @MrTyAlston @rebdab @MattyB4949 @IESportsRadio 8
1638634609964642304 Next Up: WED 3/22 8pm EST #EastCoastRedAndGold with @JM41484, @MrTyAlston, @MattyB4949 and @rebdab featuring @sportslarryk #49ers #FTTB #NFLOffseason @ECRG_IESR 7
1640832359397490688 @sportslarryk Maybe Kyle shouldn't have run Trey up the middle in '22 as if he's the second coming of John Riggins 5
1638218575147335685 I’ve taken a long break… due to school work and jus things going on in my personal life. I’ve missed talking 🏈 it’s something that I love and that I’m passionate about and it brings me peace. So without further ado I’m back tonight 8:05 PM w/ the Legendary @sportslarryk 4
1638559225910525956 Whats up Faithful? Tune in tonight at 8:00pm ET on YouTube as we have @sportslarryk LIVE! Like and subscribe! @JM41484 @MrTyAlston @rebdab @MattyB4949 @IESportsRadio #49ers 4
1638692454554820611 Tune in live for #EastCoastRedAndGold with @JM41484, @MrTyAlston, @MattyB4949 and @rebdab featuring @sportslarryk! #49ers #FTTB #NFLOffseason @ECRG_IESR 4
1638561971174879233 Things are getting tight in the #49ers Media Madness Bracket!! @grantcohn and @sportslarryk are tied with mere minutes left to vote! @Graham_SFN is within striking distance of @MaioccoNBCS! @mattbarrows is barely holding off @JohnLundRadio! VOTE: 4
1640895034219167747 I am live on YouTube with @sportslarryk talking #49ers Quarterbacks and the recent comments made regarding them by Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch. Tune in here: if you can! 3
1638577747629940742 Congrats to @Graham_SFN, @sportslarryk, @StatsOnFire, @akashanav, @timkawakami, @AlSacco49, @BontaHill, and @JohnLundRadio for winning at least one round. They all do great things and should be followed by every 49ers fan! 2
1639334298368233473 @b_eglesia @YouTube @sportslarryk @DogSurfRoadshow I had on Krueg Show Chat legend @b_eglesia on last night for a great show. Check it out: 2

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1639318623159304194 @sportslarryk 83
1640583577195757569 @sportslarryk That’d be a mistake given Purdy’s recovery, and there’s no cap advantages to doing so. Given our luck, I’d say there is a good chance Lance plays this year and they get to evaluate him. Big decision next off-season when they decide on his 5th year option. 76
1639310049800749056 @sportslarryk Im in the picture, holding one of the swords 47
1640832359397490688 @sportslarryk Maybe Kyle shouldn't have run Trey up the middle in '22 as if he's the second coming of John Riggins 46
1640758474115268610 @sportslarryk Lance’s trade value would be in the tank if he can’t beat out Darnold.. 40
1640580806614880257 @sportslarryk His dead cap accelerates to $12M if traded, which is $3M more on the cap space The 49ers need any cap space they can keep I think he is the backup 27
1639319805537972225 @sportslarryk Sure... If you're the Ravens. If you're the Niners, you negotiate a long term deal with Jackson and then make the trade before the Ravens come to their senses. 23
1640579997298728960 @sportslarryk 1. There is no guarantee Pursy’s arm is ready at the beginning of the season. 2. There is no guarantee Purdy plays as well as he did last year. Cosell said tape showed he was regressing at the end of last year. 3. Let Trey compete and see what happens. Nothing to lose. 20
1640698606591283200 @six_ace_deuce @sportslarryk I don’t know how you can watch Purdy’s 9 games and think he’s a game manager. How many games did Lance make it before his first and second injuries? 20
1639346217321902081 @sportslarryk I’m a Padres fan down in San Diego, but I stumbled into your tweets last year and follow now for reasons like this. You’re a Giants fan/SF media guy who keeps it real 17

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#49ers 33
#sfgiants 9
#1 8
#warriors 6
#fttb 6
#eastcoastredandgold 5
#nfloffseason 5
#3 3
#4 2
#mlb 2

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@sportslarryk 1144
@grantcohn 82
@pigpickle 61
@brockpurdy13 50
@youtube 42
@six_ace_deuce 33
@gspodcasts 25
@dannyg_49 24
@maiocconbcs 24
@graham_sfn 23

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😂 17 face_with_tears_of_joy
🤣 17 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
🚨 13 police_car_light
🔥 10 fire
👀 9 eyes
😆 8 grinning_squinting_face
💯 8 hundred_points
❤️ 4 red_heart
🤔 4 thinking_face
🙄 4 face_with_rolling_eyes

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Emoji Group Count
Smileys & Emotion 85
People & Body 23
Travel & Places 23
Activities 5
Objects 4
Animals & Nature 2
Symbols 1