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ShuForCongress stated that white supremacy is a fabricated issue that is used to create division and chaos. Other users presented statistics which they believed showed white supremacy leads to significant problems, while ShuForCongress suggested that media narratives and other external forces were driving these issues. Other users accused ShuForCongress of making anti-black tweets and suggested that she should be a former Congressional candidate, to which she replied.

Topic Modeling

  1. White Supremacy
  2. Racial Divide
  3. Crime and Statistics
  4. Media Narrative
  5. Nationalization

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a range of emotions from agreement and support to disbelief and frustration. @ShuForCongress is the main focus of the tweets, with users expressing agreement with their stance against white supremacy and challenging them on their views regarding Antifa and statistics. There is also criticism of @ShuForCongress from users who disagree with their anti-black tweets and view their candidacy for Congress as undeserved. Overall, the tweets express a range of emotions from support to opposition.

Trend Analysis

  1. White supremacy is a constructed issue
  2. Antifa arrests
  3. Black people overrepresenting in crime statistics
  4. Divide between the have and the have Nots
  5. Media narrative

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CynthiaDRitchie Cynthia D. Ritchie Writer, Public Speaker, Film Director. 🇺🇸 Adventure traveler living/working in 🇵🇰 2009-2022.… cynthiadawnritchie@gmail 329,367
dom_lucre Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives I Put The Homeless in Homes |Tips ⤴️| Veteran | Former Hip-Hop Exec | Founder of Credit Cadabra | 40 Under 40 Awardee | All THREADs & Donation info Is Below🧵💰 166,883
MAGAgpsmith MAGA Smith🇺🇸 God! Country! Family! John 3:16 Personal Account. Opinions expressed are my own. #ArmedForcesBrewingCo Living in Taiwan: supply chain expat 2 yrs 165,251
Iraqveteran8888 Iraqveteran8888 2A Advocate, FFL 07/02, Hunter, Fisherman, Nerdy Redneck, INFJ-A ♌️, GOA GA State Director, Sober Libertarian 121,164
MartinDaubney Martin Daubney 🇬🇧 Journalist for 28 years. MEP who voted us out the EU. Do some presenting on @GBNEWS. Miner's son, patriot 120,950
cliftonaduncan Clifton Duncan Artist. Liberal. Atheist. Erstwhile New Yorker. Drollery is my love language. 104,529
AsraNomani Asra Nomani TIPS to, open DM, 304-685-2189 all apps 🔥 @WSJ alum @IWN @FDRLST @TheMuslimReform @CoalitionForTJ @DPearlProject Fmr @Georgetown prof 89,689
JebraFaushay Dr. Jebra Faushay 7% Native American Woman of Some Color, Neurodivergent+, Author of IS MY FETUS TRANS? & STOP BEING WHITE "Jebra is brilliant. A genius." Dr. S.A. Tire, PhD 69,919
SonnieJohnson Sonnie Johnson Host of #SonniesCorner on SiriusXM Patriot 125 Sat 1pm Political pundit, Communications Consultant @arraystrategies. Linktree: 62,962
USAPat4DJT Ultra MAGA Erin 🇺🇸💋🇺🇸 #VettedPatriots❤️🤍💙#PatriotsAssemble✨🇺🇸#ULTRAMAGA❤️ #1A🗣️ #2A🔫 #ProLife🙏🇱🇷🗽#StarsAndStripes76✨🇺🇸F/B @DineshDSouza🔥 @WayneDupreeShow 🔥@RitaCosby 🔥 61,818

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MAGAgpsmith MAGA Smith🇺🇸 God! Country! Family! John 3:16 Personal Account. Opinions expressed are my own. #ArmedForcesBrewingCo Living in Taiwan: supply chain expat 2 yrs 57,456
USAPat4DJT Ultra MAGA Erin 🇺🇸💋🇺🇸 #VettedPatriots❤️🤍💙#PatriotsAssemble✨🇺🇸#ULTRAMAGA❤️ #1A🗣️ #2A🔫 #ProLife🙏🇱🇷🗽#StarsAndStripes76✨🇺🇸F/B @DineshDSouza🔥 @WayneDupreeShow 🔥@RitaCosby 🔥 34,097
remzicavdar Remzi Cavdar 🇳🇱 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 🇺🇸 🌍 🌐 Junior PHP / WordPress Developer - Sysadmin - Technical support & Bug testing - Political/Human rights activist 32,043
BFes56 🦁🇺🇸(BIGGEST🛡CAT)🇺🇸🦁🗳 🛡I DELETE USELESS DM's 🛡Love😇God, 🖤 being a Husband 😍, BEST Dad! I love America🇺🇸 & the Constitution🛡 #LionsDen2024 #tigersden24 #no4crt🦁 25,456
sjlnlgl5451 CONSERVATIVE MEMAW Retired nurse.wife,mother,grandmother, Conservative,educated trumper.2 nephews and 2 grandsons serving our country.Trump is my President.#MAGA by rt'in NO LISTS 22,123
USA_Anne711 ❣️Anne❣️ Politics, News, and some Fun @NewsBecker 21,731
StarbuckLizzie Lizzie Starbuck ⭐️ 🏴‍☠Pirate, Valkyrie, Concertina Player. Find me on Post: Lizzie Starbuck #MeidasMighty #StandWithUkraine #FuckTrump #FuckElon 🤡🤡 18,942
JVER2ME JoyceV 🌟 God 🌟 Family 🌟 Country 🇺🇸🇺🇸 🌟 Sip A Little Tequila 🌟🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Yes, I Support MAGA … 18,573
Lauras4T lauras4Trump Pro-Life, Finish The Wall, America First, Pro 2A, Back The Blue, Legal Immigration, Trump2024 *I Do Follow back. I Am Trying to Catch Up* 17,285
jamie_blom Jamie Ott Blom You LOVE because you ARE love, not because YOU can give it - THE JOSEPH COMMUNICATIONS. Perfection is a horizon that always recedes. Dr Jordan Peterson. 14,703

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BoneKnightmare I go #Viral a lot so there's that.... #MadViral I am the secret weapon. Shhhhh..... Disclaimer: Retweets are not endorsements. Don't shoot the messenger. 105
SoyPato85 - 50
JonNida2 - 37
c723a9f65477420 Make sure negetive energy you give out you have the intestinal fortitude to receive it back. FBA, B1. Observer(me)5, rest 85 follow,10 produce. 37
SovietGlory Слава матушке России и гордой славянке. 37
VT_Jizzy 1 part asshole 2 parts intellectual 1lb meathead 1 cup philosopher season with compassion add a pinch of pan africanism bake for 35 years and 35
cheybennis - 33
Albert4Truth Truth Seeker 33
scat_tee 🇺🇸Reparations for Black Amer of USA soil chattel slavery & Jim Crow 🇺🇸 Reparationist 💯 31
JaimePretellEsq Peru/US Mestizo/Creole, Esq & Army w love of facts/fact checking. Heterodox/Veridical/Based He/Hi/Ho/Hum 30

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1626967201621200899 Excuse me by why is this Somali American calling Americans who didn’t have to file for citizenship, VISA or a Green Card “So Called Americans”? Shukri Abdullahi Abdirahman @ShuForCongress loves makes a lot of anti-black tweets, talks down on black Americans , now she’s running… 38
1625948084189466624 @ShuForCongress 28
1625964272718319616 @ShuForCongress I’m glad you put this up for everyone to see. White supremacy is a fabricated issue designed to create division & chaos. 23
1627044491357200386 @ShuForCongress Members of Congress should all wear their #CorporateBigTech BOUGHT/PAID FOR/SPONSORSHIPS LOGOS!! #CorruptToTheCore 21
1624474595578224641 My interview last night with @ShuForCongress as the original "live stream" was about an hour late because of a scheduling hiccup on my part. 21
1624180474955370496 I'm so excited to have on @ShuForCongress tonight to talk about her incredible journey from Somalia, to the United States, to the Army, and ultimately a race for Congress and an ongoing fight to save this Nation! Come on in tonight at 9pm EST live! 21
1625675217162113024 This is why he is harassing @ShuForCongress He is trying to step on her to rise. It will not work. Block @Maejor4Congress and report him for targeted harassment. Politics brings out the worst in people. Liberals seek and destroy anyone who opposes group think. 18
1626115307130564608 @ShuForCongress Since you asked and you brought up crime yes. 12
1626433643362099200 we have been telling you @ShuForCongress that you do not have any right to tell black americans anything about the way we deal with the atrocity of chattel slavery. its disgusting and now even white people are telling you how wrong you are. 12
1625270215998046210 @ShuForCongress you can’t not tweet or honestly believe that there is no systemic racism, then come iin spaces and double on that false narrative. Even white some MAGA Conservatives I know, agree that their is systemic racism. To deny this KNOWN FACT is in-fact ANTI BLACK. 11

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1625964272718319616 @ShuForCongress I’m glad you put this up for everyone to see. White supremacy is a fabricated issue designed to create division & chaos. 561
1626220105146441729 @DKeller56891630 @ShuForCongress Is that a collage of all the Antifa arrests? 543
1626226536230817792 @BoneKnightmare @ShuForCongress Black people are 13% of the population. This is one of the biggest self owns I’ve ever seen 337
1625948084189466624 @ShuForCongress 240
1626199007310626816 @BoneKnightmare @ShuForCongress Lol, dude, black people are only 13% of the population. They shouldn't be leading in any category, not by a long shot, but here we are 205
1626071094686846976 @DKeller56891630 @ShuForCongress These pictures have no context. Unlike the original post. 🤔 165
1626228157346086916 @BoneKnightmare @ShuForCongress You realize what you just linked actually further PROVES what OP said, right? Do you know how statistics and percentages work? 158
1626023522790440960 @DKeller56891630 @ShuForCongress Looks like Antifa to me 150
1626235040379322368 @BoneKnightmare @ShuForCongress Males of any race commit more violent crime than females, by a wide margin. And since black males represent about 6% of the total US population, the fact that they lead in any category is damning. You probably don't want to use these stats if you're trying to convince anyone. 149
1625967276058107905 @ShuForCongress You tell me.. 134

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#usa 3
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#ashesandechoes 3
#fundamericansonly 2

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@shuforcongress 5756
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@indyboye 413
@elonmusk 233
@adamkinzinger 231
@spacex 201
@dkeller56891630 200
@sirmaejor 145
@dineshdsouza 125
@maejor4congress 123

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