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A variety of individuals from the NFT, digital asset, and punk communities have been featured as guests on the Rekt Radio podcast. Among the list of featured guests and those mentioned in the tweets are @seedphrase, @Tradermayne, @krybharat, @LucaNetz, @0x_b1, @PhilGalfond, @punk4156, @iamDCinvestor, @KeyboardMonkey3, @CrownUpGuy, @gainzy222, @punk6529, @natealexnft, @CozomoMedici, @TokenAngels, @jdh, @ArtOnBlockchain, @AkiraReloaded, @ACthecollector, @derekedws, @Vince_Van_Dough, @Anonymoux2311, @beeple, @ross_dallbricht, @RasterEyes_, @terminus_dr, @pranksy, @RealCryptoCoach, @_jonnymo_, @gmoneyNFT, @GaryVee, @tender_art, @dom3xyz, @mcuban, @Debussy100, @Zeneca, @Cryptopathic, @FLAMINGODAO, @ROSGO21, @iDecentralized, @DeezeFi, @NFTbark, @opensea, @richerd, @thebrettway, @beaniemaxi, and @_EM_network. These individuals have discussed digital assets, NFTs, and collecting, as well as have been involved in drama, strategic game play, and making large purchases. They have come together to form a larger web of relationships in the digital asset space and support the development of a more decentralized future.

Topic Modeling

  1. NFT - Non-Fungible Token - Collectors, Marketplaces and Shops
  2. Crypto - Socializing and Trading
  3. DeFi - Money and Finance Platforms
  4. Gaming - Wolf Game, Rental Services and Player Profiles
  5. Networking - Appearances and Relationships Building

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets are primarily positive, with words such as "excited," "dope," and "love" being used frequently. There is also a sense of admiration and respect for the various people mentioned in the tweets, such as @seedphrase, @punk6529, @iamDCinvestor, and @gmoneyNFT. Additionally, there is a sense of pride in the accomplishments of these people, with words such as "upper echelon," "biggest names," and "epic trades" being used. Finally, there is a sense of camaraderie and community among the people mentioned in the tweets, as well as a sense of enthusiasm for the projects and activities being discussed.

Trend Analysis

  1. NFT collector profiles and networks
  2. Wolf Game strategies and alliances
  3. Fractionalization and decentralization of NFT assets
  4. Planned strategies for investment
  5. Chaotic 'NFT marketplaces'

Disclaimer: The text analysis on, powered by OpenAI, does not represent the views of or its affiliates. The analysis is for informational purposes only and not an endorsement of any viewpoint.

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Twitter for iPhone 369
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Twitter for Android 154
Twitter for iPad 7
Tweet Hunter Pro 3

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Username Name Bio Followers count
beeple beeple design shit. 15+ years of everydays* 741,860
farokh Farokh just another Web+ and gm enthusiast here to create, collect, learn, and vibe, while building @RugRadio, a decentralized Web+ media ecosystem. 🎙 339,778
gainzy222 gainzy Semi-retired derivatives trader. Owner of Degen Parlays with Gainzy discord. Rollbit partner. Business inquiries: 197,196
CryptoVonDoom VonDoom.eth ☕️ BAYC 4337 & 8920, 💊x65, CC x8, Azuki x3, DeGods. Co-Founder: @ThedropNFT, @loveless_city & @web3expo. Teams @ConsortiumKey, @nationallampoon & @appliedprimate. 176,834
osf_rekt OSF Artist: // Co-Founder: @rektguyNFT / @DegenzNFT / @TABZ_NFT / @CanaryLabsXYZ // Ex HY Trader: @Barclays 170,757
KeyboardMonkey3 Keyboard Monkey -KBM- 🦍 equity pusher extraordinaire, trader of all things. not financial advice, not real advice, (🍷,🍷) advisor @evincowinerydao🎲 co-host @rektradio_ 🎙 164,409
mattmedved medved Co-Founder, CEO & EIC, @nftnow 💭 Creator, Collector & Curator ✍️ Past: @billboard @spin @modern_luxury 154,459
patrickamadon Patrick Amadon artist // digital disobedient 140,984
jackthepromoter JACK-THE PROMOTER™️ A Promoter With Very Good Experience In Crypto Will Know Exactly How To Grow Your Business📈.All Time Active🕧Dm Me 📩#BTC #ETH #USDT #WEB3 #SOL #META #BNB #XRP 121,477
0x_b1 0xb1 #bitcoin #ethereum Never Financial Advice. 120,880

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
makeitrad1 makeitrad Artist, designer, pixel manipulator. Looking at the world with childlike wonder. 🤍 🤍 14,028
rabsterious rabster.ethᵍᵐ Co-Founder @MovieShots Mints on #LaurelAndHardy #RunLolaRun #Film3 #MovieCollectibles NFT Collector 🎬🥳🤟🦁🐫🐦🔮 10,921
parvizmayelzade VIZ ᵍᵐ 3D artist, NFT creator & small collector 🎨 Crafting virtual worlds & collecting unique treasures 🔍 Bringing imagination to life 9,878
rektmando Mando Founder: @CanaryLabsXYZ. @DegenzNFT. @rektguyNFT. Shows on: @RugRadio. @rektradio_. Contact: thegreatmando.eth 8,827
theNFT_Pilot BladeSlap.eth 🚁 Flying into NFTs w/ ☠️Quirkies🦑||🐒Chimpers 👨‍✈️||🕯 Creepz 🦎 ||👽Alien Frens🛸|| 👁️ Vision DAO || MAYC Doodles BAKC KillaBears Quirkies Again 8,369
CryptoVonDoom VonDoom.eth ☕️ BAYC 4337 & 8920, 💊x65, CC x8, Azuki x3, DeGods. Co-Founder: @ThedropNFT, @loveless_city & @web3expo. Teams @ConsortiumKey, @nationallampoon & @appliedprimate. 8,107
OUchrisNFTs OUchris.pcc.eth🌌 Formerly topshotpro2. No promos, etc. Overlord & 10ktf Maxi. Skybrook #890, Jira, Llama, Kaiju, PCC, Chimpers, MAGMA, y00t, Plague, Renga, Seals, Digi 7,572
CryptoBarneyNFT Crypto Barney 🤠 WESTERN APOCALYPSE NOW MINTING 🧟 Barney - Creator of the Legendary Crypto Barneys and Western Apocalypse 🤵🧟‍♂️ #NFT #NFTs #NFTCommunity #OpenseaNFTs 📈🚀 7,071
Reptjar Reptjar.eth @BLEdoteth @overlord_xyz 6,631
ManuAlzuru ManuAlzuru🥑 ( :D , :D ) 🔜 @ ETHDenver 🇻🇪Humanist, solarpunk, engineer, web3/DAO/dGov/NFT enthusiast, data-driven & optimist. Founder @DoinGudHQ, @eth_barcelona. @Own_Fund @Meta_cartel @api3dao. 6,609

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
Igniteyy Passionate about the outdoors and expressing myself through music and photography. from new zealand #NFTCOMMUNITY #NFTSPHOTOGRAPHER 21
Dogeonaut Come with us to Mars!🦊🚀 #DOGECOIN 14
multiverseboyss A boy who really likes the night, where the quiet atmosphere allows him to imagine into all the things he dreams of💭 #ElonMusk #Dogecoin 9
Not_Scotti 🔥🧊🩸💎 8
idmintthatagain web3 gaming maxi | #spaceshost | vibes @supeyeti / @piratesmeta | Marketing @SeddonaHQ 7
NFTCHESUS Host of @wen_radio / Founder & CEO of Varsity Alpha Group @overlord_xyz @illucidstudio 7
0xTechno Bullish on kindness and art. I like tacos. @GrailersDAO | My genesis genart project Toys: 7
punkscomplex This project pays homage to Cryptopunks and complex. Max Supply = 10 NFTs. 7
bunya_eth Pixel Artist x Motion Designer Foundation - Manifold gallery - 6
Burnasso PP #7067 🐧 | POSITIVE | INSPIRING | MOTIVATING | OM AMBASSADOR @om100m | MEMES ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD | buidling with @punk6529 | ✨ artist 6

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1626220775421415425 Squad of @rektradio_ guests so far: W1: @seedphrase W2: @Tradermayne W3: @krybharat W4: @CirrusNFT W5: @LucaNetz W6: @0x_b1 W7: @franklinisbored W8: @PhilGalfond W9: @punk4156 W10: @iamDCinvestor W11: @KeyboardMonkey3 W12: @CrownUpGuy Tonight we have @gainzy222... 17
1626813019660619776 @seedphrase Agreed! An #NFTmarketplace shouldn't have all the power in #web3. Fractionalization of #NFTs can provide more control and fair compensation for creators while giving collectors access to a wider range of assets. Let's support artists and build a more #decentralized future! 14
1626973752217968644 Huge week for @DeepBlackAI making the top part of the Curated AI list from @tender_art !!! When @seedphrase apes into something… it’s because he knows this collection is a gem…. Congrats to how favorite AI artist from 2019! and great buy by Seedphrase (again) 7
1627112464063279105 @DeepBlackAI now has, imo, the three top nft collectors in its ranks : Mr703, @seedphrase and @VonMises14 ... wen @CozomoMedici 4
1624253246448496643 @_EM_network @opensea @richerd @thebrettway @seedphrase @beaniemaxi @garyvee @punk6529 @iamDCinvestor @gmoneyNFT 🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥🔥🔥❤️🔥Very Cool 🤠 3
1623751588849360900 @seedphrase @cramercoin $Cramer ChadMoney 3
1623805358648209408 Hey @tropoFarmer @frankdegods @dingalingts @seedphrase @dotta @rodarmor ...need a brew? 🍻 2
1625657104043237376 @WME @Overlord_xyz It’s time !!!! 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️ @seedphrase 🕯️ 🕯️ @farokh wen farokh ? 🕯️ 🕯️ @SethGreen 🕯️ 2
1626987323563933696 39/ upper echelon of NFT collectors: @punk6529 @iamDCinvestor @punk4156 @seedphrase @natealexnft @CozomoMedici @TokenAngels @jdh @ArtOnBlockchain @AkiraReloaded @ACthecollector @krybharat @derekedws @Vince_Van_Dough @Anonymoux2311 2
1626275740470607879 @p0k3rN3rd @rektmando @0x_b1 @rektradio_ @seedphrase @Tradermayne @krybharat @CirrusNFT @LucaNetz @franklinisbored @PhilGalfond @punk4156 @iamDCinvestor @CrownUpGuy @gainzy222 There are live video versions of most of the episodes on the @rektradio_ Twitter account if you scroll through it also! Or for multi platform audio.. enjoy! 2

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1626220775421415425 Squad of @rektradio_ guests so far: W1: @seedphrase W2: @Tradermayne W3: @krybharat W4: @CirrusNFT W5: @LucaNetz W6: @0x_b1 W7: @franklinisbored W8: @PhilGalfond W9: @punk4156 W10: @iamDCinvestor W11: @KeyboardMonkey3 W12: @CrownUpGuy Tonight we have @gainzy222... 124
1626987323563933696 39/ upper echelon of NFT collectors: @punk6529 @iamDCinvestor @punk4156 @seedphrase @natealexnft @CozomoMedici @TokenAngels @jdh @ArtOnBlockchain @AkiraReloaded @ACthecollector @krybharat @derekedws @Vince_Van_Dough @Anonymoux2311 41
1626854585766739970 @beeple @seedphrase 👀 41
1626987299962486785 30/ and thoughts about digital assets and punks. I got to build so many strong bonds with the absolute biggest names in NFTs. Having relationships with people like @natealexnft @seedphrase @Tschuuuuly @ross_dallbricht @RasterEyes_ @terminus_dr @pranksy @ArtOnBlockchain... 38
1623775645238169600 I see you @seedphrase - great buys. Welcome to the @dreamlab JOURNEY family my friend. 31
1624120273133010944 @seedphrase gm ❤️💙 Little higher res for you. Appreciate your support! 30
1624632667990900736 I think @seedphrase is behind all those new @wolfdotgame wallets, and he’s delegating starter packs of sheep and farmers to them. He could then rent out the wallets for ETH, for peak game rental, or he could hire people to manage the wallets and work his farms. 29
1626696769684885542 Yo @seedphrase how does this not get you excited? We miss you in the discord🧊🩸🦎 23
1627112464063279105 @DeepBlackAI now has, imo, the three top nft collectors in its ranks : Mr703, @seedphrase and @VonMises14 ... wen @CozomoMedici 21
1626859047336173568 @seedphrase @mattmedved 😘 21

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#nft 8
#opensea 6
#web3 5
#nfts 5
#dontsleeponcreepz 4
#freemint 4
#openseanft 3
#nftgiveaways 3
#nftmarketplace 3
#decentralized 3

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@seedphrase 745
@iamdcinvestor 106
@beaniemaxi 78
@gmoneynft 77
@punk6529 74
@richerd 72
@garyvee 71
@stielhugh 70
@thebrettway 65
@opensea 56

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🔥 72 fire
🕯️ 53 candle
🕯 35 candle
👀 29 eyes
❤️ 26 red_heart
🦎 22 lizard
🤍 20 white_heart
🧹 13 broom
💙 12 blue_heart
💛 11 yellow_heart

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Smileys & Emotion 223
Objects 120
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Animals & Nature 37
Food & Drink 18
Activities 14
Symbols 12
Flags 1