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Twitter for iPhone 3881
Twitter for Android 3095
Twitter Web App 1354
Twitter for iPad 108
TweetDeck 60

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Top 10 accounts with highest followers count

Username Name Bio Followers count
MATTHARDYBRAND MATT HARDY Meet #HouseHardy - @RebyHardy, Maxel, Wolfie, Bartie, Ever. @MattHardyPod on Fridays! @AEW on Wednesdays! My Cameo- 1,523,432
ShaneHelmsCom Hurricane Helms Pro Wrestling’s Greatest SuperHero, The Hurricane! @WWE Producer. Otter half of @H2HEmpress 483,449
Dexerto Dexerto Influencers, gaming and esports news. 417,428
DaxFTR Uncle Dax FTR Father. Husband. Wrestler on the side. 390,155
davidmweissman David Weissman ✡️ Army Vet, Jewish, Former Trump Supporter, Former Republican, Proud Liberal Dem. Political Opinion Writer, Wrestling fan. My opinions are my own. 345,732
ImChelseaGreen CHELSEA GREEN 🇨🇦 podcaster, stuntwoman, actress & pro wrestler #HotMess 315,180
LanceStorm Lance Storm Former Pro Wrestler, Producer/Coach with Impact Wrestling. 294,385
BFW Brandon Walker The King of College Football. 272,030
SeanRossSapp Sean Ross Sapp of @Fightful and @FightfulSelect Wrestling reporter • Kraken Fight Team Catch Wrestling Alum • email Sean@ Fightful com • @CommonBengalsW owner 225,396
QoSBaszler Shayna Baszler TUF Season 18. 2x NXT Women’s Champion. 2x WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion. Shooter, worker, I break bodies. #4HW #UWFxUSA #LoyaltyIsEverything 219,670

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
iamjustingreene JG ➖DM FOR PROMO Need promotion? DM me. 142,748
McTaggartAttack Kevin McTaggart Stand Up Comedian, I love Making People Laugh, Golfing, Pearl Jam, Batman, Boston Sports, Florida State University & WWE! 38,288
WrestlingJebus Wrestling Jebus Attended 22 live wrestling shows in 2023 & counting. 34,044
CTOTHELOS77 Carlos Estrada 🇺🇦🫶🏾 Be the change you want to see in the 🌎Founder & President of CONQUERtheNO & A Hand UP not a Hand OUT. 1/5 of the team @WFIncitePodcast. Sports Unite Us. IFB ✝️ 31,415
Bdestinys MUZIKKZONEPROMOQUEEN My squad: #MuzikkZone |My 2nd acct: @1TattedWeedHead| 3rd acct: @BanginHits | Sisters: @Sammi_Gemini @sweetsexy_39 @Princess3Rina| Boss: @MREESE06 |#Team49ers 25,915
bamagirl_4_eva 🦋💙𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻💙🦋 I love Bama football,wrestling and horror movies #RollTide #AEW #WWE @WFIncitePodcast #Horror #fibrowarrior #chronicillness #ItsOkToNotBeOk #MentalHealthMatters 24,496
halladayfan32 matt harvey i am a huge jays fan i live my life with aspergers i am 41 i am not team italy pitcher matt harvey #icanhelp #proudtwotimeuncle (he/him) 21,489
RealChrisSays Chris Learning By Asking Questions • Daily Positivity • Coffee Addict •💙• @WagerWire Fam • #spaceshost • Nostalgia Tweets 20,757
DisrespectedThe 🇺🇸The Disrespected Trucker🇨🇦 19,430
YearOfTheViolet Doug that's it Suds Sorry but I'm a guy (Doug) i wouldn't follow me HUMAN NO DMs 🇨🇦 18,441

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
Underarmour3030 Fandom:Michigan|Cowboys|Browns|cavs #BlackLivesMatter 59
SkOkEy12 America first 47
Deluca86De - 42
ImARatsPal I seem to talk either Politics or Pro Wrestling (AEW, NJPW, etc) It's called Soccer ⚽️ #PardonSnowden #FreeJulianAssangeNOW #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor 39
fatspidahman | he/him to make people mad lol | 🌵☀️ | Wrestling, Comics, and Memes | Professional Dumbass | #MMIW #ACAB If you're using this as an insult, you've lost 🤣 30
Salrez77 Soy MVZ (Medico Veterinario y Zooctenista) amantes de los animales y la medicina ademas soy fan de #Pokemon, #ImpactWrestling, #HarleyQuinn y fan #MargotRobbie 24
DeadSeeLife - 24
bdbeneme - 23
b87790 - 22
WrestleZero Why can't IWC be normal?… 21

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Top 10 tweets with highest Retweet count

ID Text Retweet count
1640764649535668233 @SeanRossSapp I love Moxley. Mox is the guy in AEW & he makes it a better place. 51
1638997562626838528 @SeanRossSapp Lele Pons: “wwe offered me $20 million” WWE: 30
1640466084850733056 🔥TOMORROW 🔥 I will be joined by @SeanRossSapp on my YT channel for the WWE WRESTLEMANIA 39 preview/predictions show!!! SPONSORED BY @WrestleRumble !!! We'll be LIVE at 3:30pm PT/6:30pm ET! Set Reminder: 24
1640809972870299652 💥LFG!!!💥 Today at 3:30pm PT/6:30pm ET I will be LIVE with @SeanRossSapp on my YT channel to discuss the Wrestlemania 39 card and share our predictions! Should be a good time, make sure to tune in! 19
1640869366421155841 Thank you to the hundreds of you that tuned in live for the WWE Wrestlemania 39 predictions show!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Thanks to @SeanRossSapp for taking time to do the show!!! You can catch the replay here: VIDEO: AUDIO: 18
1640536369960239106 @SeanRossSapp Every week: “hit me you coward” *Rey hits him* Dom: “why would he hit me 😔” 13
1638580749682049024 @SeanRossSapp The Miz Vs. Nick Jackson 9
1638794220323602432 @SeanRossSapp I use to wear my 2 disc WrestleMania X8 DVD out. I love this live entrance of The Dudley Boys and Stacy Keibler with Saliva. 8
1638765218837790720 @SeanRossSapp Message me directly for recovery of account and help 8
1640414205491724290 We got a good one tomorrow, special day (Tuesday) but at the usual time, 3PM EST. LAYB with me and @SeanRossSapp @Fightful and 8

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1638997562626838528 @SeanRossSapp Lele Pons: “wwe offered me $20 million” WWE: 564
1639101775486631936 @SeanRossSapp Who is she? 475
1640764649535668233 @SeanRossSapp I love Moxley. Mox is the guy in AEW & he makes it a better place. 435
1638701887611609088 @SeanRossSapp Can't wait for Las Super Ranas to officially join the AEW roster. 303
1638580749682049024 @SeanRossSapp The Miz Vs. Nick Jackson 273
1638997032152219648 @SeanRossSapp 269
1640583339433181184 @SeanRossSapp We put on a live show over Clash at the Castle weekend. Bret Hart was doing a meet & greet in the next room, same venue. Staff mentioned to us that an obnoxious guy was using his kid and lying about being media to skip the Bret line. It was Billi. They sent him to the back. 254
1638997711931297825 @SeanRossSapp Since her networth was reported at 3 mill I knew she was lying 234
1638704487127810048 @SeanRossSapp And we say WWE has a lot of camera cuts 226
1638998954242351104 @SeanRossSapp Lele Pons rewatching the podcast 217

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Top 10 Hashtags used

Hashtag Count
#aew 14
#wrestlemania 14
#wrestlemania39 9
#wweraw 8
#aewdynamite 7
#wrestlemaniaweek 5
#wwe 4
#prowrestling 4
#wrestlingpodcast 4
#impactonaxstv 3

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Mention Count
@seanrosssapp 8525
@fitetv 353
@fightfulselect 288
@repmtg 260
@fightful 227
@wrestlezonecom 117
@_denisesalcedo 112
@joesphbarcello1 100
@skokey12 99
@gcwrestling_ 95

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😂 391 face_with_tears_of_joy
🤣 190 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
🔥 83 fire
😭 57 loudly_crying_face
💀 48 skull
🤡 35 clown_face
👏 30 clapping_hands
❤️ 28 red_heart
🙄 27 face_with_rolling_eyes
💯 20 hundred_points

Emojis groups

Emoji Group Count
Smileys & Emotion 1059
People & Body 272
Travel & Places 89
Objects 18
Symbols 14
Activities 11
Animals & Nature 11
Food & Drink 11