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Scott Billeck's tweets discussed the performance of players on the Winnipeg Jets, noting that some players have not performed well and should have been demoted or traded instead. He suggests that the team needs to acquire certain players and put in more effort to make it to the playoffs, and noted that some of the team's weaknesses include lack of net-front presence and too many mental errors. Scott also suggested that the only acceptable way to watch the Blackhawks is when blind drunk.

Topic Modeling

  1. Performance of Players, Coaches and GM
  2. Depth Review
  3. Mental Errors
  4. Team Efforts
  5. Wildcard Spot

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from frustration to anger to disbelief. Many of the tweets express disappointment in the decisions of the GM and the effort put forth by the team, while others criticize the team's lack of net-front presence and mental errors. There is also a sense of resignation, as some of the tweets suggest that the team is unlikely to make the playoffs. Finally, there is a hint of sarcasm in some of the tweets, suggesting that the situation is not taken seriously.

Trend Analysis

  1. Performance Demotion
  2. Mortgaging the Team's Future
  3. Depth Pieces
  4. Underlying Numbers Suggesting Jets PP Need Help
  5. Wildcard Spot

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bkives Bartley Kives Reporter, CBC Manitoba. Author, A Daytripper's Guide to Manitoba. Co-author, Stuck In The Middle. Food geek. Paddler. Hiker. Rhymes with Beavis, as in Butthead. 45,267
JohnRush32 John Rush 🐶🌱 he/him 🌱vegan pro athlete 🌱 rescue dog dad 🐶 My mom thinks I'm cool #adoptdontshop 29,045
WiebesWorld Ken Wiebe Story teller. Connection creator. Contributor to Co-host of The Kenny and Renny Show. PHWA chapter chair for Winnipeg. Email: 24,605
ScottBilleck Scott Billeck #NHLJets beat writer and sports reporter for the Winnipeg Sun — @winnipegsun | @thePHWA member | failure is a bruise, not a tattoo | #YNWA 22,841
NathanGraviteh Nathan “Grav" Content Creator, @Sportsnet! 🤠 2020, 2021 @NHL Youth Adviser, Opinions are mine. He/Him. 15,488
robvanstone Rob Vanstone Helen's son is the Roughriders’ Senior Journalist and Historian. I love my wife, our dog, and all things Roughriders, Broncos, Pats, Jets, Mets and Nuggets. 14,141
SportsTalkWPG Winnipeg Sports Talk YouTube channel & podcast feed talking Jets, Bombers & all things Winnipeg Sports. WST Daily airs live at 1pm with @hustlerama & @mremis - subscribe now! 13,319
JimTothSports Jim Toth Co-Host of Jets at Noon then host of The Jim Toth Show weekdays 1-3 p.m. on @680CJOB. I said to myself, self...that show has your name written all over it... 12,414
kingtorc 🇨🇦ƬӨЯᄃΉIΛ🇫🇷🇮🇹 Family, Friends, Music, Motorcycles. #chiefskingdom Winnipeg Born #gojetsgo 10,871
stateofthecity Brian F. Kelcey A public policy guy, deep in a Film Noir B-movie genre called 'city politics.' Current gig: 2nd round as an advisor for a 2nd (better) Mayor in Winnipeg, MB 8,750

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kingtorc 🇨🇦ƬӨЯᄃΉIΛ🇫🇷🇮🇹 Family, Friends, Music, Motorcycles. #chiefskingdom Winnipeg Born #gojetsgo 10,912
CarmenN1955 🇨🇦 Canadians Stand With The Resistance! 🇨🇦 Proud Canadian. Horrified at what happened in the US to our lovely “cousins”. Big Biden fan. The CPC in Canada is just T** lite. FIND ME ON POST carmenn1955 5,005
10_dch DCH 10 TM DjEago4️⃣4️⃣4️⃣🇨🇦🕷😎💀❤👁DjEago 4,961
stateofthecity Brian F. Kelcey A public policy guy, deep in a Film Noir B-movie genre called 'city politics.' Current gig: 2nd round as an advisor for a 2nd (better) Mayor in Winnipeg, MB 4,917
bkives Bartley Kives Reporter, CBC Manitoba. Author, A Daytripper's Guide to Manitoba. Co-author, Stuck In The Middle. Food geek. Paddler. Hiker. Rhymes with Beavis, as in Butthead. 4,522
DanJetsFan 💙💣2x🏆- Dan Jets Fan Winnpeg Jets, Moose, Ice, Bombers, Goldeyes fan. Valour FC rookie fan. Francophone 4,393
BrianBoddis Brian Boddis🇨🇦🇺🇦 #MMA#NHLJets #BombersAnimal Lover. Tolerate humansRookie TruckerFollow my road companion @TruckerCat14🇨🇦 #TeamKhabib#AEW 3,914
RetroWinnipeg RW-TV: RetroWinnipeg TV archiving YouTuber from Winnipeg, MB who talks about a little bit of everything. Check out RetroWinnipeg and RetroWinnipegTV on 3,723
cookiemutt Louise 🌻 Slava Ukraini. 🫐 🇨🇦 🇵🇱 🇺🇦 No DMs, Dog & Cat spit is good for skin 3,635
ValParker7 Val Parker My #Winnipeg home of our @NhlJets @Wpg_BlueBombers @ManitobaMoose @Wpg_Goldeyes @ValourFootball and Loudest Passionate Fans! #GoJetsGo #LetsGoGoldeyes #ForTheW 3,635

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GarretHohl Writing @TheFiveHohl || Founded @HockeyDataINC & @HockeyGraphs || Proud dad of 2 amazing girls 29
winnipegchris9 My views do not reflect those of my employer #theboysaredoingit #bulltime 15
youremyluckred #Itziar:Thanks you for try🍁tú eres tu propio número de ilusionismo/Basketball swishes through hoop/Sheep-dip your plan/Caskett/Hotchniss/Ellie&Alan/Rhadri💖 12
evanthejetsfan Future Winnipeg Jets Season Ticket Holder | Huge Jets Fan | Morrissey For Norris 12
ewan_wiebe - 11
ice_matty35 Season tickets holder for Bombers. Former season ticket holder for Jets. I gave up the same time they did. I call it the way I see it. #FireChevy • He/him 10
ba_split Sports 24/7 9
N0ideawhyimhere - 9
Dt33345 21 he/him #GoJetsGo 8
Mrsboss34 - 8

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1624118264870600723 Today's show is scheduled on YouTube for 1pm CT! @mremis hosts for @hustlerama + guests: @DennisTFP #NHL @jayzawaski #Blackhawks @ScottBilleck #NHLJets & @hacksaw1090 #NFL - set a reminder and subscribe here 3
1624616895898062848 @ScottBilleck And 20 shots the jets didn’t take! 1
1627498205867831296 @ScottBilleck The Jets look like a team Fresh Out of “Give A Fucks” 1
1627506505338552320 @ScottBilleck Too casual 1
1627427811060338690 Joining @KMooreCJOB & crew of @UtilityVoice @JamieThomasTV @ScottBilleck @chicoreschNJD for the #NHLJets #NJDevils Pre-Game show on @680CJOB now...join us! 1
1624135349566857216 .@ScottBilleck now joins @mremis with an update from #NHLJets practice - watch here 1
1626687540035215360 @ScottBilleck Oh ya, I saw people ask about Ehlers being on PP2 but I meant more about how the team performs best with Ehlers on PP1 and outscored who took his spot. 1
1624927816239222786 @ScottBilleck For Christ sake. Give it a rest Scott 1
1626703553489412096 @ScottBilleck Ehlers 6.3 5v4 p/60 Connor 5.7 PLD 5.4 Wheeler 3.7 Scheifele 3.4 Perfetti 3.0 Gagner 2.7 Lowry 0.8 Also, Ehlers leads the team in how his linemates do in Corsi for, Fenwick for, shots on net for, and xG for per hour. Aka PP1 performed better with him than without. 1
1624086607967170565 As much as I’d love Chevy to trade for #timomeier yesterday, I don’t believe he will before seeing a few games after the @NHLJets come back fr All Star break…price me wrong Chevy! Thoughts @WPGMurat @mikemcintyrewpg @ScottBilleck 1

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1626408147836624901 @ScottBilleck Someone needs to ask why he's on PP2 since PP1 has performed worse since his demotion 37
1625214142331203587 @ScottBilleck 22
1627506505338552320 @ScottBilleck Too casual 18
1625689654518517760 @N0ideawhyimhere @ScottBilleck Thank you Lenny for once again contributing nothing. 16
1625211340846686208 @ScottBilleck I would have put Stenlund or Kuhlman on waivers before AJF! 15
1627498898997616640 @ScottBilleck That’s an effort that shows they don’t deserve to have their GM mortgage the team’s future for this year. 12
1625574969907326978 @ScottBilleck Good depth piece. Glad he remains in the organization. 10
1626408689190985728 @ScottBilleck Remember when I pointed out the underlying numbers suggested Jets PP needed help haha 9
1624923183496196098 @ScottBilleck Iptv streaming box. Only way to watch. 9
1625209215244505104 @ScottBilleck How has Kuhlman survived… 8

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#gojetsgo 1
#ranitback 1

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@scottbilleck 846
@garrethohl 28
@n0ideawhyimhere 11
@barnes777 8
@originalsteel 8
@mremis 6
@bendersun 5
@680cjob 5
@ewan_wiebe 5
@sportstalkwpg 5

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