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People sending their love, admiration and well-wishes to SarrayWWE on Valentine's Day. They are also inquiring about her - her beauty, her art and her appearances in WWE shows and games. Fans are also inquiring about other wrestlers like AJFrancis410, Adonis, B-Fab, WolfgangYoung, Joe Coffey, JoeGacy, CandiceLeRae and RoderickStrong and voicing their confusion about why they haven't appeared in the WWE Games. Fans are hoping for SarrayWWE to be added in WWE Games as DLC.

Topic Modeling

  1. Expressions of love and support for SarrayWWE and sharing of fan art
  2. Criticism of the WWE game series, including the exclusion of certain wrestlers and lack of DLC
  3. Questions around the WWE game series, including roster size and the inclusion of certain wrestlers
  4. Criticism of the game series’ exclusion of SarrayWWE
  5. General discussion around WWE and its wrestlers, including SarrayWWE, Alexa Bliss and the Mars.

Emotional Analysis

The sentiment of these tweets is overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing love and appreciation for SarrayWWE. Several tweets wish her a happy Valentine's Day, while others express admiration for her beauty and talent. Others are disappointed that SarrayWWE has not been included in the WWE 2K23 game, and some express frustration with the game developers for not including her. The overall sentiment is one of admiration and love for SarrayWWE.

Trend Analysis

  1. Valentine’s Day
  2. Fan art of WWE wrestlers
  3. Roster questions to WWE games
  4. Requesting inclusion of wrestlers in WWE games
  5. Obsession with Sarray wrestler

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SkYIYO0307 紫雷イオ😈 Fanpage #IyoSky Fan Page dedicated Iyo Sky 😈👆❤Gifs👑Art 👑Headers👑Good is Good 👑♥️Bad is Better 👿♥️#IYOSKY 5,550
SDevilleLive Sonya Bayley - WWE Fan 🐑🌈 JUST A FAN! Sonya is my Daddy 🌈 Bayley is my Role Model 🐑 Forever: Beast + Bayley + Saraya + IYO Extras: Liv/Nikkita/Tiffany/Roxy/Cora/Sol 🎤: Samantha 5,335
BradWardFight BradWardFight | .....: XBL / PSN = BradWardFight :..... | NSW - SW-3428-1931-3119 | 4,135
w90MXfC7lqi8Zjm 高嶺竜児 家にテレビ無いんで流行にはついて行けません。物事に対して知識は浅いので御手柔らかにお願いします。ちなみに写真や動画を保存してYouTubeや他のサイトに使ったり投稿しても良いですよ。 3,037
VegetaWSW Prince Vegeta (Asuka Stan Era) @WSWFederation Internet Champion @HayteThyHayter 💜 @WSWAJQUINN @MJ_WSW @teamSMACKDOWN2 @RitamRakshit516 @samone71123321 @JakeXPage1818XC 2,686
jamiemorgan5984 Jamie Ann Morgan Polonia Bros. Entertainment, Mad Angel Films, E&H Productions, Mind Twist Media, SRS Cinema, DarkTree Films, Cult Cinema, East Coast Pro Wrestling & Ultmate W. 2,545
KiranEST_ Kiran 💫 women's wrestling 🤌🏾 2,542
Matthew22596990 [CO] Matt Epic Gamer 🎮 Hi im matthew aka [CO] Matt Epic Gamer im nintendo playstation gamer and wwe aew wrestling fan also #blissfit don't believe me read bio check out my channel 🌠 2,436
SebastianLIVit ᔕEᗷᗩᔕTIᗩᑎ🌹✨セバスチャン I’m sharing positivity and my love for wrestling. Especially supporting ✨@YaOnlyLivvOnce✨ and 🌹@utami0914🌹, but also many other wrestlers. 🌸#RIPHanaKimura🌸 2,311
philipbryant180 philip bryant nice guy! l Loves loads of sports and going on the internet! loves loads of sports And is a big WWE fan! and aew fan! 2,293

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Username Name Bio Followers count
SkYIYO0307 紫雷イオ😈 Fanpage #IyoSky Fan Page dedicated Iyo Sky 😈👆❤Gifs👑Art 👑Headers👑Good is Good 👑♥️Bad is Better 👿♥️#IYOSKY 6,114
jillsteet05 QtpieJillybeans💝🗡️(#KrossCult) cute,scorned petite gal from a not white picket fence life..Bb 18 Corey 💕call meJill,jillybeans , MTV Brad Fiorenza ,#KrossCult💞,WWE💕,Cody Calafiore 5,001
WatanabeBliss Dark Peach #MomoForRedBelt Joshi WrestlingFan and Alexa fan #StopBullying Neo Cyber Squad 宇奈木さやか @joshiuniverse88 4,999
Mister_Frawg Jeremy Gamble 🖐👁Join the Dark Order Substitute Soul Reaper, anime enthusiast, life long pro wrestling fan, Self proclaimed Kpop Metalhead, wannabe #Otaku, and professional simp. 🤘😜 4,996
w90MXfC7lqi8Zjm 高嶺竜児 家にテレビ無いんで流行にはついて行けません。物事に対して知識は浅いので御手柔らかにお願いします。ちなみに写真や動画を保存してYouTubeや他のサイトに使ったり投稿しても良いですよ。 4,986
barrman Larry barr - 4,979
TheKing90599210 🌸TCSFOREVERYESSIR🌸 Big WWE fan, #walkingdead #DoctorWho, add my Snapchat kingemir follow me on Instagram No1TwitterVeteran TCS forever ❤🌸 RIP Hana Kimura 😭💔 4,971
riceman8864 Riceman - 4,967
DigimonFan4Life Ramon Castro The Digimon Emperor 29 years old. I like anime/manga & a Yankees, NYG, Brooklyn nets, FC barcelona, SPFC, NY red bulls & Chelsea FC fan. Born May 27th 4,798
KedrickBurton Kedrick Burton I Create Videos, Stories, Characters, Listen Music & Watch TV & @YouTube. I Like Wrestling Of @WWE,WCW,ECW& @NWA. 💏 Interracial Couple with @MarionFontanez. 4,378

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ruki_komatsu The Protagonist|🇯🇵x🇺🇸|Christian/Japanese Buddhist|1995.01.07|小松彩夏| @SarrayWWE's love interest|Anti-BLM/Anti-Wrestling Propaganda/Anti-CCP/Anti-Antifa| 15
wktl123 A Wrestling fan,Pikaqiu/Movie/Ultraman/PVZ lover.@RealMMyers78,@WWEAsuka,Io,Meiko,@Sayachan38vv,Takumi,Utami,@JohnCena,Finn&Cody are my favorite. 7
ChrisOst6 Nerd, Streamer, all around good guy. 7
TenderVigilant1 - 6
NXTPromoCoach8 @WWENXT is my brand of choice. passionate follower of @wwe love interacting with people about sports,absolutely no politics streamer on YouTube 5
FeelinhAlive - 4
WatanabeBliss Joshi WrestlingFan and Alexa fan #StopBullying Neo Cyber Squad 宇奈木さやか @joshiuniverse88 3
Oblivioneed - 3
Sharuln81492789 I Gonna Take My Revenge And Buried Alive In The World 3
ClariTheVirgo38 Red Velvet, Hana, Kosame, Niji Mimiyu, Miho, Perfume, Twice, Little Glee Monster, Earth Wind and Fire, KARA and Nini Music fan. speaks fluently in Spanish. 3

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ID Text Retweet count
1625630210463875072 @ClariTheVirgo38 @SarrayWWE I glad she is back on Twitter again i miss her so much 1
1625231265426186268 @WWEgames @AlexaBliss_WWE @2K Add @SarrayWWE and @Satomurameiko and @BDavenportWWE to WWE 2K23. They 3 havent EVEN appeared in WWEK23 so far. 1
1625203434809921550 @ChrisOst6 @AJFrancis410 @WolfgangYoung @m_coffey90 @JoeGacy @SarrayWWE @WWEgames @CandiceLeRae @roderickstrong @KingEmpire345 I swear it was said in an interview that the roster would be bigger than 2k22? Maybe there are alot of Unannounced names? 1
1625541825380626433 Who’s this beauty appearing from behind these roses? Why it’s this fan art of the very beautiful warrior of the sun @SarrayWWE. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ☀️🌹☀️ 1
1625510403718660099 @SarrayWWE SARRAYさぁ~ん( ゚∀゚)ノシ ありがとうございます💝✨ ♪o((〃∇〃o))((o〃∇〃))o♪ 0
1625511572427644930 @SarrayWWE 0
1625511380358144002 @SarrayWWE 可愛いです。これからも応援してますね 0
1625511156134682626 @SarrayWWE ❤️🌸😍 0
1625511141924536323 @SarrayWWE HAPPY VALENTINE🍣︎🫶🏻 0
1625511076770222081 @SarrayWWE Sarrayちゃん、お元気そうで安心しましたよ☺️ Happy Valentine! 0

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ID Text Like count
1625369981973155841 Happy Valentines Day @SarrayWWE 😁🥰 21
1625541825380626433 Who’s this beauty appearing from behind these roses? Why it’s this fan art of the very beautiful warrior of the sun @SarrayWWE. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ☀️🌹☀️ 10
1625509413845868545 @SarrayWWE Happy Valentines Day. We miss you Sarray 4
1625508750894239744 @SarrayWWE Happy Valentine😁🥰🫶 4
1625964100005109761 @KingEmpire345 @SarrayWWE @WWEgames literally just needed copy and paste her from 2k22, no changes needed whatsoever, but it is what it is ig 3
1625510695121854467 @SarrayWWE Happy Valentine's day! ❤☀ 3
1625644119099080704 @SarrayWWE happy Valentine day🧡 3
1625199678517088260 So let’s see… no @AJFrancis410 or Adonis or B-Fab, no @WolfgangYoung @m_coffey90 Joe Coffey, no @JoeGacy or schism… no @SarrayWWE Seriously, what the bloody hell @WWEgames so many others, like @CandiceLeRae and @roderickstrong ??? Confusing as f right? @KingEmpire345 3
1625527074348728322 @SarrayWWE Happy Valentines!!! Miss seeing u on TV!!! 💫 3
1625174564241129481 @KingEmpire345 @SarrayWWE @WWEgames Sarray gonna be DLC back to back years lol 2

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#wwenxt 6
#wwe2k23 2
#wewantsarray 1
#imisssarray 1
#merrychristmas 1
#happyvalentinesday 1
#happyvalentine_藤牧京介 1
#wweraw 1
#extremerules 1
#wwe2k22 1

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@sarraywwe 266
@wwegames 64
@kingempire345 53
@lexiejpr 10
@cornellgunter_ 10
@candicelerae 7
@chrisost6 7
@satomurameiko 6
@ruki_komatsu 6
@ajfrancis410 6

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😍 11 smiling_face_with_heart-eyes
🍣 8 sushi
☀️ 8 sun
💙 7 blue_heart
🥰 7 smiling_face_with_hearts
😊 7 smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes
🙏 7 folded_hands
☺️ 7 smiling_face

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