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The tweets discuss the improvement of transportation and the quality of medicines supply in India since 2018. They also cover topics such as the truth about a train journey, the quality of medicines, Valentine's Day greetings, responsibility for a woman in a domestic violence situation, superpower in India, journalist Shekhar Gupta, legal evidence relating to pogroms, the beauty of Delhi for G-20, payment for Bloomberg articles, WRINS, and a woman's responsibility in a domestic violence situation.

Topic Modeling

  1. Vande Bharat Train Services
  2. Quality of Medicines Supply
  3. Responsibility of Husband in Cases of Abuse
  4. India as a Superpower
  5. Valentine's Day Celebrations

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from joy and appreciation to anger and frustration. Many of the tweets express gratitude and admiration for initiatives that have improved transportation and quality of medicines, while others express anger at oppressive policies and situations. There is also a sense of sarcasm and disbelief in some of the tweets. Finally, there is a sense of shock and disbelief in the way the Supreme Court of India has sided with lies in some cases.

Trend Analysis

  1. Train travel in India before and after Vande Bharat Mission
  2. Access to quality medicine
  3. Responsibility of spouse
  4. India as a superpower
  5. Valentine's Day

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Twitter for Android 231
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Twitter for iPad 9
TweetDeck 3

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ipskabra Dipanshu Kabra #ips officer . presently commissioner public relations and commissioner transport govt of CG . my #fgd fitness, gardening , dogs 235,931
Aakar__Patel Aakar Patel 104,029
khanthefatima Fatima Khan People, Politics, Ground Reports | Journalist @TheQuint | formerly @ThePrintIndia | Fellow @AsiaSpeaks | Send leads: 75,834
calamur Harini Calamur Builds Businesses. Writer. Film Maker. Columnist.… #SciComm,#Gender,#economics #GeoPolitics #india #dogs 64,773
samar11 Samar Halarnkar Reporter. Writer. Cook. 59,957
sanjukta Sanjukta Basu Journalist. Editor. Author. Photographer. Lawyer. @TEDFellow @TEDx speaker. Pursuing PhD in Women's Political Space and Gender Based Trolling. 47,113
gauravsabnis Gaurav Sabnis Migrating to Associate Prof, Marketing @stevensbusiness. Opinions/RTs personal. He/him 35,055
PunYaab Sandeep Singh Independent Journalist. 33,027
asmatasleem13 Asma humanitarian ❤️ ❌No DM ❌ 32,423
veenavenugopal Veena Author.Independence Day: A People’s History - Aug ‘22. The Mother-in-Law (2014); Would You Like Some Bread With That Book (2012). Views are personal. 26,243

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Username Name Bio Followers count
asmatasleem13 Asma humanitarian ❤️ ❌No DM ❌ 12,785
patralekha2011 PatralekhaChatterjee পত্রলেখা চ্যাটার্জী (She/Her) Visiting Fellow @YaleGHJP Words:@TheLancet,@bmj_latest,@TheAtlIdeas,@AJEnglish @NewStatesman,@AsianAge,@AmarUjala,@theHindu, @DeccanChronicle,@DeccanHerald 6,473
Radha28874 @RaMa(Anti congress) Born as hindu die as hindu💪 Not Modi Bhakth. BJPian❤️Hindustan belongs to Hindus.💪Moditards stay off 😀DM=BLOCK. Don't ask personal information. 6,420
ChandyAnil Anil Socialist|Egalitarian| 5,559
fn Frederick Noronha (FN) Journalist, bibliophile, photo/digital archivist, Copyleftarian, Wikipedian… 5,429
naanthannaan naanthanda நான் என்ற எண்ணம் கொண்டவன் இல்லை , நேரம் கிடைத்தால் ட்வீட் செய்வேன் அவ்வளவே..suppose to be a good human being - முன்தோன்றிய நாடு -| Dravidian stock |- 5,004
aldrinalphonso Aldrin An entrepreneur building a wearable healthcare product that will save lives. Watch this space. RT's not endorsement. 5,001
RizviSalim SalimRizvi Multimedia Journalist. RTs not endorsements...well, not always... 5,001
prasadmahavir Mahavir Prasad There's nothing special about me. 5,000
bsvishy Vishy - 4,806

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Harpal46158161 कर्ता करे न कर सके , शिव करे सो होयतीन लोक नौ खंड में , महाकाल से बड़ा न कोय 13
Shankarbergen Cogito ergo est 8
NREGA_Sangharsh NREGA Sangharsh Morcha is a national platform of workers' collectives, trade unions, organisations and individuals engaged in public action on NREGA 6
sewage_angel Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Justice for the poorest, weakest, marginalized and oppressed 5
samar11 Reporter. Writer. Cook. 5
Minter78441964 #NFT #Crypto $ETH $DOGE 5
2sitwat1 Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Sarva Dharma Sambhav सतयुग जब शुरू होगा, भारत विश्व गुरु होगा I #Satyug Retweets = info | Likes = bookmarks 4
Donjuan99_us patient Indian who died of corruption and Nepotism 4
gauravsabnis Migrating to Associate Prof, Marketing @stevensbusiness. Opinions/RTs personal. He/him 4
JBS280 Techie. Investor. CA 3

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1624240986074533888 Thank you @bicblr for this recording of our session last Tuesday about the quality of our medicines supply. @Preddy85 @RajaniSurendarB @samar11 #truthpill 9
1625816995542499328 Sad... lacking grace! Veterans are rightly furious! @samar11 @rwac48 @ParaRjs @kkhushal9 @kjsingh2 @strattsec @ChandrusWeb @RajBhads90 @rajanmahan @ranjona 5
1626871119490740225 @chacchachoudhry @newindiafndtion @ajithags @ContextIndia @Akshayamukul @karthikavk @Aakar__Patel @samar11 Sharing Manoj Mitta's finest works so far on the 1984 and 2002 state sponsored pogroms where ~10,000 Sikhs and Muslims lost their lives. Looking forward to his next work of scholarship. 4
1625736666152574977 To someone used to quick, easy #cooking using anything at hand, the precision of #baking can be a shock. There are, of course, golden rewards to be had, @samar11 writes #food 2
1624187764303441922 The latest The Calamur Daily! Thanks to @samar11 @DanHusain 1
1624347112166264833 @samar11 Our Judiciary is not protecting Our Citizen. "Supreme Court has let the people down, abdicated duty to defend fundamental rights," said Justice AP Shah. JUDICIARY COLLAPSED COMPLETELY. 1
1625813736958328832 @ParBen24 @India_Resists @jeevika_shiv @sayantanbera @sanjeebm77 @rosammat @manojkjhadu @thewire_in @ndtv @MoneycontrolH @GaonConnectionE @GaonConnection @NewIndianXpress @QuintHindi @TheQuint @XeroGround @ians_india @samar11 @sharmasupriya @SobhanaNair @owsanews @givepensions 1
1625876598833680385 @gauravsabnis @samar11 @UKinBengaluru Yes!!! This is recent, post-Covid. Learnt this the hard way, never transiting through Heathrow ever! 1
1624987898297700352 @samar11 "PM Modi of India... his actions to suppress freedom of the press are undermining India’s proud status as “the world’s largest #democracy”..journalists have increasingly risked their careers,and their lives, to report what the govt doesn’t want them to" 1
1625368633429102593 @ipskabra @samar11 @vidya_balan @AnupamPKher @atul_kulkarni @tajmahalfoxtrot @nowme_datta @SonuSood @thesushmitasen @sonalchauhan7 @RubikaLiyaquat जिस प्रकार हम बच्चों को पढ़ना लिखना, चलना बोलना सिखाते हैं उसी प्रकार बचपन से ही घर के छोटे छोटे कामों में हाथ बटाना सिखाना चाहिए। जबकि इसके उलट पेरेंट्स बच्चों को छुई मुई बना कर रखते हैं। उनका शारीरिक विकास तो वे लोग कर देते हैं लेकिन बौद्धिक और सामाजिक विकास नहीं कर पाते। 1

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1625445297882124289 @sandeep_PT @samar11 Jhoot bolne ki bhi seema hoti hai… pehle train 3 din ke bad pohochti thi. Ye sab Vande Bharat ke bad acha hua hai 2018 ke bad. 81
1625506460426993664 @FAISALmouthshut @sandeep_PT @samar11 हाव भाई तेरा मान लेटते है। दिल्ली से भोपाल ट्रैन ही 2014 के बाद चालू हुई है और 2014 के पहले ट्रैन के ट्रेक ही नही थे देश मे। 24
1624240986074533888 Thank you @bicblr for this recording of our session last Tuesday about the quality of our medicines supply. @Preddy85 @RajaniSurendarB @samar11 #truthpill 18
1627168452946558976 @samar11 @ReallySwara In case if her husband k e e l her and st*ff her in fridge, will you take that responsibility haa? Genuily asking. 17
1625830798871121921 @samar11 @UKinBengaluru Shekhar Gupta’s new India is superpower. He will school them too. 13
1625238783506669569 'Happy Valentine's Day,friends @shalinimb @Shrabonti @sandipr @sanjoynarayan @chasingiamb @RajaSen @pooja_sngh @shayanghosh123 @nitinsreedhar7 @avantikabhuyan @Jahnabee @samar11 @AravindaAnanth1 @UnamPillai @sudhiranjansen @CPriyadarshini @ShephaliBhatt @aninditaghose @ShamikBag 12
1627022060198428674 @samar11 @ReallySwara 11
1625452341658005504 @FAISALmouthshut @sandeep_PT @samar11 No, he is right I too traveled by that train in 1994.from Bhopal to Delhi. 11
1627172516472176640 @samar11 @ReallySwara This won’t last. Either he is not a true Muslim or she will be behind the curtain soon 10
1626871119490740225 @chacchachoudhry @newindiafndtion @ajithags @ContextIndia @Akshayamukul @karthikavk @Aakar__Patel @samar11 Sharing Manoj Mitta's finest works so far on the 1984 and 2002 state sponsored pogroms where ~10,000 Sikhs and Muslims lost their lives. Looking forward to his next work of scholarship. 8

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#christians 8
#chhattisgarh 7
#cooking 5
#baking 5
#food 5
#christianity 4
#muslims 3
#bjp 3
#tribal 2
#churches 2

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@samar11 399
@reallyswara 65
@ukinbengaluru 50
@vidya_balan 36
@anupampkher 36
@atul_kulkarni 36
@tajmahalfoxtrot 36
@nowme_datta 36
@sonusood 36
@thesushmitasen 36

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😂 16 face_with_tears_of_joy
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🙏 10 folded_hands
👌 6 OK_hand
😀 5 grinning_face
👍 4 thumbs_up
💜 3 purple_heart
👏 3 clapping_hands
😅 2 grinning_face_with_sweat
🤗 2 smiling_face_with_open_hands

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Smileys & Emotion 65
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