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These tweets are about Saberspark and YouTubeCreators. They are discussing topics such as art and animation, fanart, and seasons of content. There is also a new Sabercat sona, and a reference to Helix Mattress.

Topic Modeling

  1. Working with @Saberspark
  2. Decisions of SusanWojcicki and YouTubeCreators
  3. Animators and Artists on YouTube
  4. SaberCat fanart and design
  5. Helix Mattress advertisements

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a range of emotions, from apology and remorse to admiration and excitement. The first tweet expresses a sense of guilt and a willingness to take action to remedy the situation. Other tweets express admiration for the creativity and design of the SaberCat, as well as excitement for the potential of a new project. There is also a sense of humor expressed in some of the tweets, as well as frustration at YouTube's decisions. Overall, the tweets reflect a positive and optimistic attitude towards the SaberCat project.

Trend Analysis

  1. Mentioning and interacting with @Saberspark
  2. Supporting animators and artists
  3. Discovery of new Sabercat design
  4. Talking about YouTube decisions
  5. Fanart of Saber Cat character

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Twitter for Android 1915
Twitter Web App 1471
Twitter for iPhone 1441
Twitter for iPad 94
TweetDeck 10

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Username Name Bio Followers count
PeanutButterGmr Austin Hargrave Disappointing my family & loved ones on YouTube since 2009. PeanutButterGamer & Peebs on YouTube. Business: 339,322
snuffyowo Snuffy 🦝 🖤hey im snuffy!! virtual content creator 🖤 💙 #snuffyart | i: @magancitoDA MERCH: 269,839
KaggyFilms Alejandro Saab = Cyno 🇪🇨+🇱🇧 Voice Actor - Cyno #GenshinImpact Shallot #DBLegends Yuri #FE3H Miyamura #Horimiya Agent: @AtlasTalent | CONVENTIONS: @CelebWorx | VTuber: @CyYuVTuber 195,934
JUNlPER pudding person june - host on @WesternKabuki - an evil transsexual and a reputable journalist @nytimes posting thru the brain rot - priv for mutuals @JUNIPRIVATE 170,035
IAmCreeSummer Cree Summer Pirate HoneyBrown Musician,Actress,Mama,Jedi,Toronto Kid and Zappa Lover... is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho ? 93,057
KaiserNeko Scott Frerichs🏳️‍🌈 VA | G. Designer | Editor | Writer | Director | Co-Founder & CEO of TFS Entertainment (@TeamFourStar) | Icon: @BrachyZoid | #BLM 92,657
PlagueOfGripes Plague Of Gripes Twitch: Patreon: Fanart: #artofgripes 90,960
itsamike Mike Pollock #VoiceOver Actor Mike Pollock (Eggman 2003-?,etc) dishing out snark & sensibility. Opinions are mine. Follows≠endorsements. 👀 85,925
BenjaminDiskin Ben Diskin Living embodiment of the 🤪 emoji. (Also a voice actor sometimes.) (He/Him) ○: @jmbad_art ▭: @TheRabbitKyle Cons: Sam ( 80,885
AndyCVoiceover Andy C 🇬🇧 Voice Actor ☄️ VTuber - @EvildoerzInc 🖥️ Video Editor 🟣 Twitch Partner - 🎲 5e DM 68,807

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
BelRusapeVO Belsheber Rusape Jr. (C0MMISSION OPEN) SAG-E | 25 |♂🇿🇼 VO Actor/Writer/Artist | UNT Alumni~ #Lackadaisy #HoriMiya #Fate #MyHeroAcademia #BlackSummoner #OnePiece #8SEN #BrokenBeat Rep: CESD - NY 8,154
Reece_Bridger Reece Bridger 🔜 BIRMINGHAM ANIME & GAMING CON Game Writer, Voice Actor, Casting Director @NSIPStudio | #CyberThreat #BulletVille #ShotOne #Akimbot #GenshinImpact #Arknights #SnaggeMon | 💞@SomeWattSauce💞 7,069
shakyradunn 📒Showtime on the Grand Horizon🎙 A keeper of all kinds of hats! ....But still rising to the top. 💫She/They, Still a VA💫 Rep: Jackson Agency 6,471
askhalid Amrita Khalid reporter covering emerging tech | ex- Quartz, Inc., The Daily Dot, and some others | what in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn blue?✈️ 5,657
Luxar92 Luxar's nerd cats art || Commissions Open! My goal is to make you hate furry art less. My art is SFW but sometimes retweet NSFW art. || ES/EN || 🇲🇽 || He/Him Tipjar: 5,215
Gallo190391 GalloLord, actually just a wannabe Rooster A cocky asshole who talks too much. Also a Rooster for some reason 5,006
DBlue02 Andrew Hager 35/ He/Him /autistic/multifandom/VA in-training/ — A strong supporter of #NetNeutrality and #NewDeal4Animation aspiring to be a voice actor and cartoonist! 5,004
jonabrony Jonabrony Simp oficial y supremo de PK 5,003
SorcererLance Sorcerer Lance Artist, animator, musician & vid editor with too much time on his hands INFJ - ♑ - 🇨🇺/🇨🇴 Media Arts & Animation major 2006 Times Magazine Person of the Year 5,003
TicTonic96_VA JordanWilson |Name is Jordan| 26 Years Old| Black| Pansexual | Furry| Amateur VA |Autsim |Beginner Artist| Multifandom person 5,003

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
Matthew59294336 Due to me losing the password to old one I decided to use a new one since august but I talk about animation/anime here 19
zxaoks “trust gets you killed,love gets you hurt and being real gets you hated”-Johnny cash 13
ManuelRomer2 - 13
NoobyDelay hola madafakas 13
Chiibihime Female artist and anime geek, creator of Setsunai No Tenshi webcomic. Stuck in SatsuTen hell atm. Loves Arina Tanemura's works, angst, fluff, and pastel colors. 12
Nouyoter “Don’t question it, just leave it”. The Guy Behind the Screen. Priv: @NouyoterPriv 10
jessicanimation She/Her I Bi AroAce I 🇹🇼🇺🇸 | Cartoon fan | Animation undergrad I PFP by @cutetanuki_chan | banner by @ScottForester17 10
RusikoTu (ROLEPLAY ACCOUNT) Yaro: Gunman, scientist, extremely energetic, smart and funny, cute, potsexual (male lean) 7’6. //Mun is minor. ქართველი ვარ იდიოტო 10
manband20 Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational cringe account. OH SHIT SON I'M SELF-PUBLISHING A BOOK SOON GET READY 9
SunIsStuck 19 | Brony/Furry & Otaku, Linuxer, soon DJ, Coder and Gamer | #AuDHD | SFW ONLY! | Catholic ✝️ | War = Bad #SlavaUkraini🇺🇦 9

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Top 10 tweets with highest Retweet count

ID Text Retweet count
1627520479622750209 @Saberspark 103
1625160052440170501 A lil fanart for today love the design of SaberCat @Saberspark #saberspark #sabertooth #furry #fanart 65
1626674332842749952 @Saberspark @YouTubeCreators 50
1625983827704250368 @Saberspark My brain IMMEDIATELY zeroed in on this, and I'm so sorry. I'll go to church right now. 49
1627518368415641600 @Saberspark 44
1625753489212076032 Welcome to the Saber-gang !! @Saberspark 39
1626473197460914177 Let me tell you @Saberspark new Saber Cat sona wants to sell you a new Helix Mattress. 37
1627511577145495552 @Saberspark 33
1626660934243479553 @Saberspark @YouTubeCreators 29
1626659531550777349 @Saberspark @YouTubeCreators 28

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1625983827704250368 @Saberspark My brain IMMEDIATELY zeroed in on this, and I'm so sorry. I'll go to church right now. 1222
1627518368415641600 @Saberspark 935
1626661325802725388 @Saberspark @YouTubeCreators Lmao me thinking this was all one thread 915
1627470721533485056 @Saberspark sorry in advance. 783
1627520479622750209 @Saberspark 725
1626663014890934276 @Saberspark @YouTubeCreators 716
1626276700144140288 @Saberspark @YouTubeCreators @SusanWojcicki I swear, literally every single decision that YouTube has ever made with Susan as CEO was made to the direct detriment of artists and animators. 654
1625160052440170501 A lil fanart for today love the design of SaberCat @Saberspark #saberspark #sabertooth #furry #fanart 652
1624904825652510726 @Saberspark CUUUUTE SABERCAT 😭 its perfect 620
1625753489212076032 Welcome to the Saber-gang !! @Saberspark 596

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Top 10 Hashtags used

Hashtag Count
#furry 4
#saberspark 3
#sabertooth 2
#fanart 2
#sfwfurry 2
#furryart 2
#inanimateinsanity 1
#crikeycore 1
#gulfcity 1
#rosetintedglasses 1

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Top 10 mentions

Mention Count
@saberspark 4953
@youtubecreators 988
@susanwojcicki 138
@rishicoyote 83
@slusheewolf2ad 21
@joopedrodelgad4 21
@chichiai 20
@manband20 18
@mandyizhere 17
@jessicanimation 17

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📸 118 camera_with_flash
😭 69 loudly_crying_face
💀 39 skull
😂 37 face_with_tears_of_joy
👀 19 eyes
🤣 17 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
😻 15 smiling_cat_with_heart-eyes
❤️ 15 red_heart
🤨 14 face_with_raised_eyebrow
12 sparkles

Emojis groups

Emoji Group Count
Smileys & Emotion 424
Objects 129
People & Body 91
Activities 17
Travel & Places 15
Animals & Nature 11
Flags 9
Symbols 6
Food & Drink 1