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These tweets all relate to marketing and advice from @russellbrunson. He recommends the books "Email Marketing Demystified" by @MattPaulsonSD, "One Page Marketing Plan" by @allandib, and "DotCom Secrets" by @russellbrunson as additional readings. His message is to test your framework and become a category king by solving a problem that no one else can. Positive thinking and learning more are emphasized in his message, as well as humility and taking risks.

Topic Modeling

  1. Email Marketing/newsletter marketing & Lifecycle emails/Marketing Plans
  2. Testing & Risk assessment
  3. Becoming a category king
  4. Positive actions & mindset
  5. Perseverance & Learning/Humility

Emotional Analysis

These tweets express a range of positive emotions, from enthusiasm and admiration to encouragement and optimism. People are praising @russellbrunson for his marketing advice and inspirational messages, as well as for his books and other resources. They are also thanking him for his guidance and offering words of encouragement. Overall, these tweets demonstrate an appreciation for Russell's work and a belief in the power of positivity.

Trend Analysis

  1. Marketing e.g. email marketing, relationship marketing.
  2. Testing frameworks.
  3. Positive attitudes and support.
  4. Humility, learning and perseverance.
  5. Gathering case studies, becoming category king.

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Username Name Bio Followers count
MattPaulsonSD Matt Paulson Founder of @MarketBeatCom. Tweets about financial media, marketing, real estate, venture capital, and fun! 64,056
felberjosh Josh Felber ✤ Inc 5000 Serial Entrepreneur 4x✤ GOD/Family 1st ✤ CMO/Growth Hacker @primallifeorg ✤ krav Maga ✤ TV Host @MakingBankTV ✤ 2x #Emmy Winner #podcaster 61,337
ImJosefRakich Josef Rakich 𝗧𝗮𝗽 𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗸 𝘁𝗼 𝘂𝘀𝗲 𝗺𝘆 𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘 𝗖𝗮𝗹𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗲 𝗖𝗮𝗹𝗰𝘂𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿! 🍔 #Bitcoin 57,819
thepatwalls Pat Walls Founder On a mission to help 1 billion people make money online! 44,439
alvin_investor Alvin The Investor Controversial business, investing & mindset tweets. Tweets financial stuff you wished your parents taught you. 20,662
tonyabbacchi Tony Abbacchi Eccentric Entrepreneur | Search, Social & Programmatic Marketing Consultant | Martial Artist | Dad | Husband | Enemy Of The Status Quo 20,294
TheTomYoungs Tom Youngs I help entrepreneurs unleash their peak performance with daily tweet tips, videos & interviews on @the_summitclub pod • Co-founder of @unorthodoxweb3 9,665
zorothewiz Zoro Founder @rtabl3 • YouTuber • $1m+ In Revenue for Clients • Very Funny Guy 8,583
ParkerNathans Parker J. Nathans We make webinars for info-products, coaches, & agencies (and guarantee you make at least a 2-5x return or you don’t pay). See how here: 8,205
RaymondLBurton Raymond Burton Just a regular guy who used ClickBank 2 quit my 9-5 in less than a year by launching 6 fitness ebooks. Teaching you exactly how I did: 5,838

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
MoradFiki Morad Fiki 🇺🇸 - Luxury Realtor - Houston, Texas Luxury Realtor in Houston, Texas! American Patriot, 100% Customer Satisfaction. Selling Your Home? Grab My FREE Sellers Guide👇 5,004
DomainFrank Frank Meester Domainer,Branding,Marketing,Affiliate,Humanist,Skeptic, ,,, 4,971
ShelesWallace Sheles Wallace Business Coach, Consultant & Keynote Speaker ★Growth ★Marketing ★Leads, ★Sales ★Profit ★Leadership ★Alignment ★Business Plan 4,670
TrabajoDesdCasa Trabajo Desde Casa Ideas para poder trabajar desde casa... 3,566
PriyanshuKalra Priyanshu Kalra Serial & parallel Entrepreneur| Macroeconomics buff| Marketing aficionado| Fitness & Grammar Nerd| Biker at heart| Advocate of spirituality & sarcasm 3,320
DeFiXSolutions DeFiX.Solutions DeFiX's user-friendly & easy-to-use interface tools enables anyone to have access to decentralized escrow services. 3,281
Mindsaw360 Mindsaw Local Seo, Google Maps, Google 3 Pack Expert 3,084
TheTomYoungs Tom Youngs I help entrepreneurs unleash their peak performance with daily tweet tips, videos & interviews on @the_summitclub pod • Co-founder of @unorthodoxweb3 2,530
CathainSeo Seo (pronounced Show=Joe) O'Catháin Outside box thought sharing contributing to empowering transformation, MSc Comp TUD07,previously MICHPA 99 & Master Prac.NLP IINLP 2007, 45, Single, childless 2,386
caspergorniok Casper Gorniok FMCG-trained Commercial Manager & MBA: Marketer, Strategic-Thinker, Innovative, Insightful, Hands-on, Brand-Passionate. : 07823 333957 2,302

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
IMVigneshKR Indian, Son! Husband! Father! 55
Humble_Jeremiah I'm sharing you over 15 years of success/failure stories about Business, Crypto(7 yrs), Sales & Marketing l I'm building 29
QinghuaLi6 Wife, Mother, Live Learn & Serve...Joined Twitter because of my daughter (story behind it...) 16
KHansenGeraghty Jesus follower, wife, mom of 5, RN turned entrepreneur, leadership coach. makeup/fashion lover, mindset is my jam, runner 5
bradonbusiness I help entrepreneurs build their 1st $10k/month biz || If you have time & hustle but lack a plan, grab my FREE course 🔗 || Let’s get 🫵🏼paid💰 || Cash Flow 👑 5
DomainFrank Domainer,Branding,Marketing,Affiliate,Humanist,Skeptic, ,,, 5
Danielle_Aime Unconventional Self-Discovery & Healing🔮 Helping Humans Human 💛 Filling Voids for High-achievers in 6 months or less: reach internal fulfillment 5
zorothewiz Founder @rtabl3 • YouTuber • $1m+ In Revenue for Clients • Very Funny Guy 5
musa_ayeni Copywriter | Learning the secret powers to hypnotise readers into buying trance & crafting my discovery into concise tweets to guide newbie copywriters. 4
JaredLawrencee Business, Finance & Investing | Escaped the Matrix in 2022 | Want to Increase Your Income, Add Income Streams & Build Wealth? 👉 4

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1626578022592839680 Find a problem you can solve that nobody else can solve… that’s how you become a category king!!Cc. @russellbrunson 1
1626675905757077513 Piede gratis el libro: Secretos del Network Marketing: #MLM #marketing #networkmarketing #marketingmultinivel #librogratis @russellbrunson 1
1624521383081545728 @russellbrunson HEZZZ THE ON L Y REASON.... #10X10X10X10X #10X #10XGROWTH #1000xgem 1
1626601007202594816 4. Expert Secrets by @russellbrunson In 2023 - content is king - and you need to be the face and voice of that content.Expert Secrets explains why ATTENTION is the new currency in the digital age, and gives the replicable game plan on how to do it. 1
1624405297149186048 At first..I got into internet marketing for the sole purpose of making money. I struggled with this mindset. Not until I learned from @russellbrunson to serve the people and not the money. 1
1623755269581729792 Give a hand! We need your support too for the earthquake in Turkey. There are 17 thousands of people dead so far! @TonyRobbins @russellbrunson @BrendonBurchard @garyvee @LewisHowes @melrobbins @jayshetty @richardbranson @JeffBezos @GrantCardone 1
1624051118543175681 @Sales_DonGift @russellbrunson You proved them wrong and your revenge is sweeter but still colder than ever... Our comments sound like some 90s films' quotes 0
1624372186612891650 @russellbrunson 🔥 ALCHEMY FINANCE 🔥 Simply connect your wallet @Alchemy_Fi and start taking advantage of our state-of-the-art technology to maximize your yield. With Alchemy, generatingting passive income has never been simpler! 0
1624194655544803334 @russellbrunson Brother, congratulations, it means you always smile! It's only Attraction, Attraction, Attraction in this Attraction based Universe! 0
1624196490515161089 @russellbrunson Also smiling unless fake one 😇😂means happy, happy means Alignment. and Alignment trumps everything. Life is so simple and fun. Some people make it so complicated and not fun without knowing they create their own realities, then they blame others for their unhappiness. 0

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ID Text Like count
1623711845809852417 @jakeacasey @levelsio @allandib @russellbrunson Also Email Marketing Demystified by @MattPaulsonSD - I owe much of this to him - get that book! 30
1623711520839372801 @thepatwalls @levelsio This looks dope! I think people in SaaS wildly underestimate newsletter/email marketing/lifecycle emails because it's 'unsexy' or something. For additional reading: "One Page Marketing Plan" by @allandib or "DotCom Secrets" by @russellbrunson 29
1626359790300528643 Well, it allows you to do the following: - Build Relationships - Gather Case Studies - Test your Framework In Expert Secrets, @russellbrunson explains the importance of testing your framework. What works for you might not work for others This is a risk-free way to try it out. 5
1626578022592839680 Find a problem you can solve that nobody else can solve… that’s how you become a category king!!Cc. @russellbrunson 4
1623712552713703426 @jakeacasey @thepatwalls @levelsio @allandib @russellbrunson Thank you for the $0.99!!!! 4
1625174442685988865 @russellbrunson Brother, you are also in the business of Flowing Energy that creates the worlds. It's true Economy! 3
1626310296368193536 @russellbrunson Change is the only constant. If you are not changing, life will find a way to change you, and you won't like it. 3
1625880832455114752 @russellbrunson Love your inspirational tweets, Russell. They seem to always come at the perfect time. 🙌 3
1625238559115341844 @russellbrunson Since I started working on my mind I have become more disposed to take the positive actions that drive me forward I can now confidently say that most problems we have starts from the mind 3
1625940826525417472 @russellbrunson Potato gun 😂 3

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#marketing 7
#librogratis 4
#marketingdigital 3
#entrepreneur 2
#100 2
#mlm 2
#networkmarketing 2
#marketingmultinivel 2
#10x10x10x10x 2
#10x 2

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@russellbrunson 417
@levelsio 8
@allandib 8
@thepatwalls 7
@grantcardone 6
@gadzhiiman 4
@clickfunnels 4
@mattpaulsonsd 4
@jakeacasey 4
@dorcohen999 2

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🙏 17 folded_hands
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🤣 6 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
6 check_mark_button
😂 5 face_with_tears_of_joy
❤️ 5 red_heart
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👇 3 backhand_index_pointing_down
👀 3 eyes
🙌 3 raising_hands

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