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People appear to be missing and longing for the presence of @raycondones both in their lives and for his contributions to KickStreaming. People are also discussing various ideas for a 'royale style blood sport show' that includes @raycondones as a guest, in order to engage and entertain new viewers. #Freedeo is a hashtag that is being used as people are trying to free @raycondones from his current state.

Topic Modeling

  1. Mentions of @raycondones
  2. Missing @raycondones
  3. Social interaction/engagement through Kick Streaming
  4. Other influencers/content creators
  5. #FreeDEO

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets are primarily ones of sadness and longing for the person @raycondones. The tweets indicate that the person is greatly missed and that there is a sense of emptiness without them. The tweets also express a sense of helplessness, with some people suggesting that the future of kick depends on @raycondones and that they can't feel good without them. There is also a hint of anger and frustration, with some tweets suggesting that someone has stolen from @raycondones and that they haven't smiled in days due to their absence.

Trend Analysis

  1. Missing and longing for someone called @raycondones
  2. Using a service called KickStreaming chat
  3. Message to potential guests on the future of kick
  4. Mention of a #FreeDEO movement
  5. Mention of another person called @TheOmniLiberal and others

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Twitter for iPhone 496
Twitter Web App 105
Twitter for Android 44
Twitter for iPad 3
TweetDeck 2

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Top 10 accounts with highest followers count

Username Name Bio Followers count
Vumpkin1 𝐕🦋 Young Artist 9,930
VAMEEE1 VXMEEE illustrator 5,313
drugsmugglerr wockstar @1mfvamp 3,557
daibbyyy dai. ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER FOREVER. aminé university. 3,234
IIWurqh Jigga 🦇 18 |Lucki Enthusiast |JN4L 3,046
Hengenpen 𝔇𝔞𝔳𝔦𝔡 God First | #RipCity | #ClubAmérica | #SeleccionMexicana | #Seahawks | #Chelsea | #RCTID | #WojGang 2,354
IRL_Darius Darius (Fallen Angel) I have no name; I am but Fifteen days old... 2,313
gavolol gavo. i used to spin in circles 2,027
destroynectar 𝐬𝐞a✬ puro como il mar 🕸️ ghostwrite @scubaryan_ 1,838
yutadanii notdaniel ラブユー 1,580

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Username Name Bio Followers count
gibberishhoe spike black male zoomer. if you're always worried about crushing the ants beneath you, you won't be able to walk. 4,980
pete944 Pierre E - 4,887
AzureOvO_ Azure🐉 Black Male 19| DEO | YRG I MSG | I like music and anime| 3,780
angelica_johns3 Angelica - 3,004
joyce_slagle91 Joyce - 2,548
Hengenpen 𝔇𝔞𝔳𝔦𝔡 God First | #RipCity | #ClubAmérica | #SeleccionMexicana | #Seahawks | #Chelsea | #RCTID | #WojGang 2,492
VinnyThejoker john_k - 2,173
Mason_7_06 mason Luka 2023 MVP #MFFL #5$tar 2,091
XxTokyoxX2 sai Shikō no kai神話 1,944
IIWurqh Jigga 🦇 18 |Lucki Enthusiast |JN4L 1,767

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Username Bio Number of tweets
skidrowpoet Medaka Box | Monogatari | Charles Bukowski | Dallas Cowboys; Day 1 Tre Diggs & Mike Gallup Truther | Generational Ball Knower 18
Greg_PTTCAY Can’t afford therapy looking for my next trauma bond 15
rockstarshwty mental health advocate 🧃999😹 30k all time plays / 21| waseexo on instagram 12
qvju1 journal of a mind on BPD 9
DggSuperSoldier Never forget K9/11 Mashallah 9
epic_gamamo Beat it up, where he nut? on my face! 9
IIWurqh 18 |Lucki Enthusiast |JN4L 6
LupusDelVecchio HIS - UEM Socialmente inepto. 5
Weeni3Warrior - 4
drugsmugglerr wockstar @1mfvamp 4

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Top 10 tweets with highest Retweet count

ID Text Retweet count
1625233494900088846 DEO a lifestyle! @raycondones 15
1625532086227546112 Did all orders ship or did I get scammed? @raycondones @condone_co 3
1626351960625643521 Dada can you stream @raycondones 1
1626376912686784512 @raycondones please try to stream i need youu bruce i’m suffering can’t keep watching this dam subathon🥺 1
1624481110754484224 .@raycondones i rlly miss u 1
1624640327444480000 #FREEDEO we miss you @raycondones 1
1626150053432930305 @raycondones we miss you bro 1
1625608581142790145 @raycondones mr condones 1
1625311672662368258 ¢ondone it . @VAMEEE1 @condone_co @raycondones 🕴️ 1
1624886163713687553 @qvju1 @skidrowpoet @Icxe3 @Nazukie1 @dman5191 @vlotteddd @Usedawsomepro12 @RBBusy @raycondones Tell him you’re wrong, and you’re sorry 1

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1625233494900088846 DEO a lifestyle! @raycondones 297
1625296637131096064 i miss @raycondones 46
1625571029048254466 @IIWurqh @raycondones my prime jus sitting there unused 💔 39
1624481110754484224 .@raycondones i rlly miss u 28
1625571188456972293 @IIWurqh @raycondones i’m missing him badly 😕 26
1625572080451305472 @IIWurqh @raycondones need him on kick 26
1627756544031969280 I miss u twin @raycondones 18
1625311672662368258 ¢ondone it . @VAMEEE1 @condone_co @raycondones 🕴️ 16
1627754050136707073 I want to start a royale style blood sports show that engages new viewers into using @KickStreaming chat. I want guests like @TheOmniLiberal @LowTiierGod @wesbtw1 @Trainwreckstv and @raycondones so please reach out to me if interested. The future of kick depends on it. 13
1625235777117384713 @impul5ive @raycondones W 12

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Top 10 Hashtags used

Hashtag Count
#freedeo 23
#deo4l 5
#brucedropemoff 5
#deo 4
#freebruce 4
#soon 1
#unban 1
#partner 1
#twitchpartner 1
#freethereal 1

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Top 10 mentions

Mention Count
@raycondones 651
@rbbusy 75
@kickstreaming 50
@dman5191 44
@usedawsomepro12 44
@vlotteddd 43
@nazukie1 38
@icxe3 37
@qvju1 35
@trainwreckstv 32

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😭 33 loudly_crying_face
😂 24 face_with_tears_of_joy
💔 22 broken_heart
😔 14 pensive_face
🥺 11 pleading_face
❤️ 10 red_heart
💀 10 skull
😢 9 crying_face
🔥 8 fire
💯 7 hundred_points

Emojis groups

Emoji Group Count
Smileys & Emotion 204
People & Body 30
Travel & Places 8
Symbols 5
Objects 2
Food & Drink 1
Flags 1