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People are discussing the various components of Call of Duty (COD) games, with many voicing their appreciation for a particular feature. They express their eagerness to purchase the game and its GOT starter pack, while others reference the issues with free for all mode and the lack of interest in playing Warzone. Lastly, many praise a recently released video by RaidAway, thanking him for posting the Crossbow video.

Topic Modeling

  1. Multiplayer Video Games (COD, Warzone, MP5, Ashika Island, Blueprints, Prestiging)
  2. Streaming (Workflows, Chat)
  3. Consumer Reviews (Floaty Boots, Grinds, Validation, Quality)
  4. E-commerce (Checkout, Discount Codes, Starter Packs)
  5. Social Interaction (Rude, Appreciation, Bonjour)

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a range of emotions from excitement and enthusiasm to disappointment and frustration. Many of the tweets express appreciation for RaidAway's content and services, with people using words like "love" and "vouch" to express their approval. Other tweets express disappointment with the game and frustration with the lack of content and grinds. There is also some humor in the tweets, with people joking about the need for validation and RaidAway's starter pack. Overall, the tweets express a mix of emotions, but the general sentiment is one of appreciation and enthusiasm.

Trend Analysis

  1. Gameplay experiences with 'Call of Duty' Franchise
  2. Support for content creators
  3. Development of weapons/armour
  4. Use of discount codes/promotional offers
  5. Product reviews/feedback

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Twitter for iPhone 152
Twitter for Android 65
Twitter Web App 36
Twitter for iPad 3
TweetDeck 2

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Username Name Bio Followers count
charlieINTEL CharlieIntel We tweet about all things Call of Duty, including Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, DMZ, Mobile, and Activision. #ModernWarfare2 #Warzone2 #MWII | @Dexerto 2,679,929
Pamaj FaZe Pamaj Ur fav POV @FaZeClan @ScufGaming - Owner of @FKNPRFCT @23crowns 1,212,154
EmperorBigD Geekdom101 | DB | Video Games | Combat Sports | Health | Movies |Find me: Channel: Culture Channel: 100,831
Dysmo Dysmo i make videos / / @GFuelEnergy / @Steelseries 97,353
TheMW2Ghost MW2 OG The ghost of MW2. 100% Call of Duty nostalgia. 97,163
Nogame4321 Nogame YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Nogame4321 SECOND CHANNEL : NogameBUSINESS Inquiries : 93,154
RaidAway rich 1 Million Subscribers // @GFuelEnergy @ScufGaming @KontrolFreek @DrinkCTRL // Management: @upnorthmg // 61,010
itsbrandonde BDE Brandon Collymore - YouTuber (850K) | @WeAreVYBE | 23 | Business Email: 54,617
eColiEspresso KRNG Espresso @KARNAGEclan | Powered By @GFuelEnergy @ScufGaming @GamerAdvantage | 10% off with code 'Espresso' | duo - @Leunarr 28,005
Frizzeyes Frizzeyes 24, 350K+ Subscribed YouTube Creator & Partnered Twitch Streamer {} 15,124

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
Rays_Szn ✨Altair✨(0-0) Heat, Buccaneers, and Rays fan. Re:Creators=GOATED🔥 Also a big Hololive fan 😌 #HeatCulture #RaysUp #WeTheNorth #GoBucs 4,356
Gamingyarados Gaming Gyarados A small YouTuber just trying to make it 3,833
DeeCrew391 Deepak Saini i am a YouTuber now giveaway hunting is on High Handcash :- $dee391 3,504
VGandChill Video Games and Chill Chris | Content Creator l 29 He/Him🇺🇸🇲🇽| Youtube Partner🎮 | The Dog Father 🐕‍🦺 🐕‍🦺🐕🐶| Email: 2,899
inazuma_tanvir TanVir Hossain 200+ PING 4 LIFE ! 2,832
ARJayGe LIQUID | 👽ARJay🍿 T W I T T E R A N A L Y S T. 🍜🍵 Passionate about eSports: Valorant/League/CS Cinema/Technology/Videogames/Anime. PC enthusiast. Web 3.0 🔑 🧠#TLwin #100Win🧠 2,367
XenoKaleb ゼノ カレブ (missing placeholder here) 2,083
GPDoni Donis GamingPortal I stream and make funny gaming videos on YouTube. My goal is to one day make it big in the gaming world! 1,996
chriSSoooooo MrSS Triple vaxxed 💉💉💉 1,506
Asadali6678 Asad ali Cricket wireless sales rep • WSU’20 graduate • @chelseafc fan 1,444

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
2_Thursday_2 - 14
GenzzzzNext Content creator as well as A Streamer… 6
chrisDmaster13 -Video gamer -Kappa Sigma Alum -Lover of all that is geeky and nerdy -I occasionally review video games, nerdy and geeky items and new random popular drinks. 6
MasonOpick - 5
KKRINBILL Finish The Fight 4
SheSaidSwear 999🖤 🌎 3
KingBRADERZ 22 | 300,000+ on YouTube | Powered by @boohooMAN | Owner of @wbt_gg | Business: 3
THEPresident_0 Longlivevari longlivetee😢💔 3
CocaineBeur - 3
pokemonlover3d i am gay and i love to play games like rpg and call of duty and fortnite and i'm also a streamer i play games just for fun and god said this is the right path 3

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Top 10 tweets with highest Retweet count

ID Text Retweet count
1627146814364217344 @RaidAway I’m not emotionally prepared for this match. 2
1627377553353674757 @Dysmo @RaidAway @Jev hey everyone i want to do a stream on the new crossbow what i have unlocked to get it orion camo same with the sword's but i might do that stream tomorrow bc i have a lot of personal thing's to do. #callofduty #twitch #fazejev #Dysmo #Raidaway 1
1625655878480195586 @RaidAway Of course Richard ❤️ 1
1627380504214241283 @RaidAway @RaidAway look at what i have tweeted at you its how to get the crossbow go to local then gunsmith then crossbow save as custom mod then back to online then gunsmith then crossbow hold L2 or Lt and then your have it. 1
1625759763714678785 @Dysmo @LegoUnlocked @RaidAway I have done the charms I'm a grinder i wish i was recognised as a person who want's to grow on Twitch but ye love you all same with jev I have done the grind 1
1624266607483621376 @TheActualTrend @penguinsrockgr8 @SigShiesty99 @RaidAway @ModernWarzone okay? you’re still proving my point, warzone as a BR is dead because the majority of cod community don’t wanna play it. we’ve always bought it for multiplayer, not go sneak around a map for 30 min and finish 38/100 1
1625499761708273669 @RaidAway @Treyarch @charlieINTEL We need a bo3 remastered 1
1627860124797747203 BOUGHT THE GOAT @RaidAway STARTER PACK WE OUT HERE Used Code RAID at the checkout 1
1624511384485765123 @2_Thursday_2 @MasonOpick @SigShiesty99 @RaidAway @ModernWarzone Do seek help have a good day 0
1624510307757608960 @2_Thursday_2 @MasonOpick @SigShiesty99 @RaidAway @ModernWarzone Nope but nice guess your such a sucker to those Bs posts nobody knows about player population outside of steam but of course keep following your assumptions 0

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1625241875526344704 @RaidAway I’d deal with the floaty boots if it meant we’d actually get a cod with proper grinds in it 66
1625502976214466560 @RaidAway rude 57
1625655878480195586 @RaidAway Of course Richard ❤️ 44
1625980181696376835 @RaidAway @charlieINTEL Vouch 44
1624427185384861696 @SigShiesty99 @2_Thursday_2 @RaidAway @ModernWarzone This nigga paid for a check mark to seek validation dont argue wit that loser ass nigga😭 30
1627146814364217344 @RaidAway I’m not emotionally prepared for this match. 13
1626736358759993352 @RaidAway @100Thieves 10
1627128951620468739 @RaidAway @InfinityWard Free for all doesn't even work. It loads up a rank play match! 7
1627860124797747203 BOUGHT THE GOAT @RaidAway STARTER PACK WE OUT HERE Used Code RAID at the checkout 6
1625197750005469198 @RaidAway Imma try it out. OKAY 6

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Top 10 Hashtags used

Hashtag Count
#callofduty 2
#twitch 2
#fazejev 2
#dysmo 2
#raidaway 2
#acknowledgegodmode 1
#bo4 1

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Top 10 mentions

Mention Count
@raidaway 261
@modernwarzone 46
@sigshiesty99 38
@charlieintel 35
@2_thursday_2 26
@treyarch 16
@callofduty 14
@masonopick 13
@dysmo 12
@infinityward 9

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😭 14 loudly_crying_face
💀 12 skull
😂 9 face_with_tears_of_joy
🤣 7 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
❤️ 5 red_heart
🙏 4 folded_hands
🤓 3 nerd_face
🔥 2 fire
😫 2 tired_face
🐿️ 2 chipmunk

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Smileys & Emotion 67
People & Body 7
Travel & Places 2
Animals & Nature 2
Objects 2