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PMTsportsbiz (a sportscaster), along with PFTCommenter, BarstoolBigCat, PardonMyTake, hen_ease, and Billyhottakes have sponsored golf pro Max Homa and received seats from Gametime and requests of help from Jomboy_. Furthermore, Jim has killed a guy, Jake is returning to the PMT studio, and Syracuse has complained about NIL rules and paid money for Melo. Finally, PMTsportsbiz has been in a living room during breakfast, got sus from BarstoolBigCat, thanked for paying attention in class, and indirectly identified sports as necessary to defeat him. Lastly, PMTsportsbiz saved someone from a burning building and was appreciated for his actions.

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  1. Sports and sponsorship
  2. Golf
  3. Gaming
  4. Heroism
  5. Public figures

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The emotions expressed in these tweets range from admiration and gratitude to surprise and amusement. The tweets are directed at @PMTsportsbiz and include expressions of admiration for their consistent work, gratitude for tickets and other gifts, and surprise and amusement at the wildness of the situation. Additionally, the tweets include expressions of appreciation for heroic actions and a joke about Syracuse's inability to move on from a certain individual. Overall, the tweets express a range of positive emotions towards @PMTsportsbiz.

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  1. Popular Twitter handles and sponsorships
  2. Golf
  3. Sports and Entertainment
  4. Lacrosse
  5. Real vs. Not Real sport

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Twitter for iPhone 1831
Twitter for Android 163
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TweetDeck 8

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PFTCommenter PFT Commenter I do Pardon My Take podcast w/ @barstoolbigcat & Macrodosing @TheDozenTrivia blocked by OJ. organ donor. Played the freebird solo once. Dumb as hell. 1,034,645
PardonMyTake Pardon My Take Podcast by @BarstoolSports. @Barstoolbigcat & @PFTCommenter deliver the hottest and most correct sports takes known to man. Subscribe ⬇️ 852,286
Billyhottakes Billy Lacrosse no longer an intern: Bloggernaut @barstoolsports @pardonmytake @macrodosingpod not in the military 277,684
VivaLaStool Viva La Stool All your favorite @barstoolsports videos in 1 spot #VivaLaStool | Follow @vivalastool on IG below 244,839
kellyinvegas Kelly Find me @barstoolsports on @moneyshots. @wagertalk owner and host of "Bet on it". Best friend to @kokoinvegas. 225,301
PMTsportsbiz Jake Marsh Sports Business Reporter @PardonMyTake. Play-by-Play Broadcaster. Here to do very cool things at a very cool place. 208,915
BuschBeer Busch Beer By following, you confirm you’re 21+ & will only share content with those of legal drinking age. Enjoy responsibly. Community guidelines 206,306
JeffDLowe Jeff D. Lowe Barstool movie guy || @LightsCameraPod & @TheDozenTrivia host || Past: @GMA || 2x Emmy Winner || || 2x Connecticut Chubbiest Baby 113,433
CoachDuggs Coach Duggs Spring Football Insider @BarstoolSports | Sports Card Collector | Under @StuartFeiner Management 111,104
BarstoolAlabama #2 IN THE COUNTRY BARSTOOL BAMA Roll Tide 🐘 | Direct Affiliate of @BarstoolSports | Not Affiliated with the University of Alabama | IG: barstoolalabama | DM Submissions 97,836

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

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SeaSkyOutdoors KC Red or Dead Family, Children’s Books Author, Fitness, Outdoorsman, Inappropriate Memes, Kansas City Chiefs, #ChiefsKingdom 11,559
BrownSpiderCLE 🇺🇸BROWN SPIDER ADVENTURES!!!🇱🇷 #D4L (17-0) On The Hero’s Journey… mindfully, deliberately, & more intelligently than the speed of entropy. #BrownSpiderAdventures #D4L #GOBROWNS #IDGAF is my super power! 10,902
nathanielbumpo Free Two-BearArms 🇺🇸 **GOD, GUNS & GUTS made this country Great **RVN infantry combat vet **Buckeye **Airborne 8,588
Sophieresists Sophie Persists 🇺🇦Mother, Wife, Daughter, Educator Committed to Grass Roots Social and Political Change Who Seems to Have Developed Quite the Potty Mouth #Z11 #WeHaveHerBack 8,147
fantasysportbet Dan Johnson Love sports, love betting. I’ve tried most of the “handicappers” on twitter who’ve been around for many years. feel free to ask me who I’m having success with. 8,105
DrunkRyanPoles Drunk Ryan Poles *Ryan Poles Parody account* | Formerly @DrunkKhalilMack | In #RyanPoles We Trust | 🐻⬇️ | I follow back | I tweet about #NFL #SportsBetting #DaBears #NCAA 6,281
MaxMarkhamNFL Max Markham NFL Content Creator • The Justin Fields Plug Sponsored by @ProSportsExtra 5,281
jbrownwoods Justin Brown-Woods 6th Grade ELA/SS Teacher 📚 M.A. in teaching 🏈 coach at B.R. HS 🐻 -He/him/his #girldad #SetTheExpectation 5,096
Keystone80435 Cliff DeMartino James Anderson bought me 100,000 followers as a joke in 2011 for $57, that's how Full Time Stoolie helping barstool on the IT side 5,023
dstrum21 darion Waddle is Better——psn: LordxSwizz//Fins fan behind enemy lines //Howard the best Corner in THE LEAGUE‼️#FinsUp PC:Fins/Celtics/BoSox/LFC/WWE/UNCMBB/Volk 5,003

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Username Bio Number of tweets
KFCRADIOuncut Memes, clips, news, and happening for all the things @barstoolsports… but particularly @KFCradio “PARODY ACCOUNT” (only because @elonmusk told me I had to) 42
24PaulCook 4x AWL 8
Doctor_Danger1 Man Who Sold The World. Gambler who loves big tits. See you in another life, brother 7
Broy3434 sports fanatic 7
StooliesClub For #Stoolies, by #Stoolies 🔥 Clips, Quotes and Pics from your favorite Barstool content 🎙 Live Twitter Space every Wed 8est talkin Barstool 🔥 Viva! 🏴‍☠️ 6
bettingbatman twitter is a dating app | AWL | tracking the betters bets 6
estokes38 - 6
CLEbrownsfan8 i spread bias browns propaganda. Josh Dobbs stan 5
okcthunderfan69 this is primarily for trolling. thunder/Sooners. PC: Russ/Dort/any Sooners/all thunder stuff. 5
PLLNationals Bratton Brothers stan account NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE PLL AT ALL Nationals Lacrosse Club 🍁#GrowTheGame ✊🏾🥍📈#BringBackTheNationals 🇨🇦 🌶HOT-TAKES ONLY🌶 5

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ID Text Retweet count
1627462382489595904 “@PMTsportsbiz is the most consistent person I’ve ever seen at golf” -@maxhoma23 9
1624845100433166336 This is wild @PMTsportsbiz 8
1625566954768502813 I think @BarstoolBigCat and @PMTsportsbiz need to get these guys on the Barstool TV sidelines 7
1628183208926883842 After his scrimmage tonight, @PMTsportsbiz and @Billyhottakes caught up with Chrome goalie Sean Sconone. Sconone thinks that Billy’s O/U is 12 beers in 4 hours tomorrow. @PremierLacrosse 6
1625858786941628417 We should just let the @PardonMyTake crew decide the NFL schedule, then everyone’s happy. No Valentine’s Day immediately following the Big Game AND day off after the Big Game @BarstoolBigCat @PFTCommenter @StooliesClub @hen_ease @Billyhottakes @Philly_Mays @PMTsportsbiz 5
1625682887138807810 @PMTsportsbiz People forget Jim killed a guy 5
1625860613514706945 #SODGate will officially put an asterisk on the Chiefs win. Fraudulent championship. Maybe @BSSportsbook should consider refunding any and all Eagles Futures. @BarstoolBigCat @PFTCommenter @PardonMyTake @StooliesClub @hen_ease @Billyhottakes @Philly_Mays @PMTsportsbiz 5
1626612837660659712 This is on I’m my living room this morning during breakfast and my wife thinks I’m a lunatic now. Thanks @PardonMyTake @PFTCommenter @BarstoolBigCat @TimmWoods @hen_ease @PMTsportsbiz @Billyhottakes 5
1626599576974299136 When you smoke that loud vampire plant stuff @PardonMyTake @Billyhottakes @PMTsportsbiz 4
1628147779775172608 .@Billyhottakes is accepting all chug-offs this weekend CC: @BarstoolBigCat @PFTCommenter @PardonMyTake @StooliesClub @hen_ease @Philly_Mays @PMTsportsbiz 4

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ID Text Like count
1624845100433166336 This is wild @PMTsportsbiz 710
1626968258938126338 I didn’t realize @PFTCommenter sponsored @maxhoma23 on tour @BarstoolBigCat @PMTsportsbiz @PardonMyTake @hen_ease 661
1627462382489595904 “@PMTsportsbiz is the most consistent person I’ve ever seen at golf” -@maxhoma23 541
1627076988585533441 @PMTsportsbiz Thanks you @Gametime for the incredible seats! 487
1625683631443247106 @PMTsportsbiz Hey @Jomboy_ can you throw us a hand? 433
1627077074447126530 @PMTsportsbiz Jake whenever the crowd starts cheering 420
1626709844869926912 @PMTsportsbiz @NewhouseSU Jake when he gets back in the PMT studio 364
1625682887138807810 @PMTsportsbiz People forget Jim killed a guy 317
1626714467471097856 @PMTsportsbiz @NewhouseSU Jake, I just wanted to thank you for bravely pulling me out of that burning building last week before the Fireman could arrive. A true hero 229
1626612837660659712 This is on I’m my living room this morning during breakfast and my wife thinks I’m a lunatic now. Thanks @PardonMyTake @PFTCommenter @BarstoolBigCat @TimmWoods @hen_ease @PMTsportsbiz @Billyhottakes 226

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#wild 6
#1 4
#sodgate 4
#superbowl 3
#newhouse 2
#dnd 2
#dndlive 2
#barstoolsportsbook 2
#coward 1
#gohome 1

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@pmtsportsbiz 2165
@pardonmytake 443
@barstoolbigcat 423
@pftcommenter 418
@hen_ease 313
@billyhottakes 262
@philly_mays 179
@barstoolsports 131
@vivalastool 119
@newhousesu 84

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😂 67 face_with_tears_of_joy
🤡 30 clown_face
🐙 17 octopus
😭 11 loudly_crying_face
🤯 11 exploding_head
🤝 11 handshake
👀 10 eyes
😈 8 smiling_face_with_horns
🤣 7 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
🍊 7 tangerine

Emojis groups

Emoji Group Count
Smileys & Emotion 166
People & Body 50
Animals & Nature 28
Travel & Places 17
Food & Drink 10
Activities 9
Objects 8
Symbols 6