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Satya Nadella is a great CEO, but sometimes companies brag about successes that do not match the reality of the situation. For example, an ad created about a beach, but it was clear it was written by someone who had never been to the beach. However, Satya Nadella is still considered to be one of the best CEOs of all time and is credited with improving the culture at Microsoft. In addition, consultants are often brought in to facilitate communication within an organization. It also noted that when Elon Musk acquired Twitter, the user experience has gone downhill. Finally, having a "weakest bladder" is an example of incomplete communication that can cause issues in organizations.

Topic Modeling

  1. Microsoft - Satya Nadella, Stock Price, Tech Bubble, Performance Review Process
  2. Bragging - Unsecured Load, Impressive
  3. Marketing - Corp Execs Buying Well Branded Material, CYA Insurance
  4. Consultants - Communication Within Organization, Unique Perspectives, Facilitate Communication
  5. Elon Musk - Engineer Firing, Twitter Experience, Acqusition

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets are mostly positive. People are praising Satya Nadella as a great CEO, expressing admiration for Elon Musk's acquisition, and being impressed by the work of consultants. There is also a sense of humor in some of the tweets, with people joking about the "weakest bladder" on the aisle and the "unsecured load that could kill someone on the roads".

Trend Analysis

  1. Leadership and influence of CEOs (Satya Nadella, Elon Musk)
  2. Advertising and branding
  3. Corporate culture/Company values
  4. Using consultants/facilitators to implement changes within an organization
  5. The impact of social media on day-to-day operations of a company

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parulia partner @Initialized: healthtech + SaaS. I tweet about fundraising, product & frameworks for high growth founders. Aiming for more transparency & more pie 🥧 7
marketischoppy ex Google. AI engineer laid off by an AI I built. 7
giri_sreenivas Exited founder and tech executive with over 20 years of experience across consumer, enterprise, security, hardware, mobile and more - 7
i_vp CoS @avencard; Builder & investor; Host #FintechFridays; Ex @cartainc @Aspiration @crossriverbank @bcg; Cofounder AlmondBank 6
stalinkay 🦾 Helps everyday people succeed at online business❤️‍🔥 #Entrepreneur ≈ Author + Marketer + Musician + Technologist + Futurist🌎 6
chrysalisgrows - 6
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1625308426602422272 @pitdesi @elonmusk yah post elon acquisition my twitter experience has gone steadily downhill. kind of over it tbh and dont really use it much anymore except for company stuff. sucks really 3
1625565276338065420 @pitdesi Love this Steve Jobs video on consulting .. similar to you, I owe my analytical and PowerPoint skills to it. 2
1624857352204865536 @pitdesi @satyanadella No doubt that Satya Nadella is a great CEO, but: 2
1624852051791429632 @pitdesi @ClownWorld_ 2
1623549120232423432 @PeterGazdik @sagiv131 @CalebPfohl @cryptoscoe @pitdesi @ParikPatelCFA 500 million active users across multiple blockchains, layers 1 and layers 2 and dapps. Billions of transactions and infra being built and used. The internet grew the same way. It took 25 years to get 43% of the world on the Internet. 1
1624996063190093826 @pitdesi @satyanadella Satya is one of the best CEOs of all time. Under him MSFT changed its performance review process to include what other people have done to leverage your work, and what you’ve done to help others. Huge improvements to culture because of this. 1
1624857173212659717 @pitdesi @satyanadella Who knew cloud for bing was the business, not bing. Just need to fix the hacking issues. Solution in plain sight…. 1
1624844005342150661 @pitdesi @satyanadella He secured his bag 1
1625540539947925504 @pitdesi Consultants provide external cover for decisions favored internally. I suspect she has been shunted out at some stage, hence sour grapes. She's a strategy grifter herself with very top down (lefty), radical, extreme proposals. 1
1625713497526108160 @pitdesi Someone said this line and I think that sums up the consulting industry well. “Consultants are the insurance scheme for the top execs” If the recommendation fails, it’s their fault. Else it was a good decision by the execs to hire them for the project 1

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1624857352204865536 @pitdesi @satyanadella No doubt that Satya Nadella is a great CEO, but: 225
1624808659418025988 @pitdesi @ClownWorld_ That’s not the brag you think it is. 156
1623786315379617792 @pitdesi The same people who designed this ad…💀 It was clearly written by someone who has never been to a beach. 67
1624844005342150661 @pitdesi @satyanadella He secured his bag 64
1624847435548745730 @Ian92643840 @pitdesi @ClownWorld_ I'm... actually quite impressed 62
1625312111609131008 @pitdesi @elonmusk Yep. Definitely noticed the feed change. 56
1624852051791429632 @pitdesi @ClownWorld_ 56
1624814341626245129 @pitdesi @ClownWorld_ I would not brag about an unsecured load that could kill someone on the roads but that’s just me 54
1625547726204305409 @pitdesi A lot of it boils down to corp execs buying well branded material that supports whatever conclusion they want, so they can later point to it if their efforts fail. Basically CYA insurance for the individual exec. 54
1624899206572912640 @pitdesi @satyanadella I think the issues with the $MSFT stock price under ballmer has more to do with a tech bubble popping and then financial crisis crash. The new ceo has driven revenue and profit but Ballmer gets blamed even tho he consistently drove rev and profit nicely in his years at the helm. 53

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