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People are showing their appreciation for OliviaLilyMarks for her hard work and success at interviewing celebrity Sam Claflin during his press tour for 'Daisy Jones and the Six'. They also admire her respectfulness, as the celebrity still remembers her. People express their excitement for her, claiming that she deserves the success, with some believing that she will printed on clothing soon.

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  1. OliviaLilyMarks
  2. Interviews
  3. Press Tour/ Daisy Jones and the Six
  4. Award Shows
  5. Sam Claflin

Emotional Analysis

The sentiment expressed in these tweets is overwhelmingly positive, with users expressing admiration and respect for @OliviaLilyMarks. They also express excitement, enthusiasm, and awe at her achievements, as well as admiration for the people she interviews. Finally, they express love and support for her work, as well as joy and enthusiasm for her success.

Trend Analysis

  1. Love and respect for @OliviaLilyMarks
  2. Praise for @samclaflin
  3. Fandom for @jamieleecurtis
  4. Anticipation for @OliviaLilyMarks' success
  5. Desire for @OliviaLilyMarks to react to tweet about her

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NextBestPicture Matt Neglia Owner & Editor-In-Chief of the entertainment awards website Next Best Picture & host of The #NBPpodcast. @CriticsChoice, @HCAcritics Member & @GoldDerby Expert. 76,154
LaMorraLisa La Morra Lisa Artista. 64,488
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Krysallyx Krystal slow living and filmmaking 🌸🎬 35,234
luciecave luciecave Chief Content Officer Bauer Media, author, editor, campaigner, TV small person #mentalhealth #womeninNFTs 34,670
lucyj_ford lucy ford 🍊 doing bits @BritishGQ 📍┆daily @magicatmusicals┆ex celeb gal @bauermedia┆words @NME @teenvogue @clashmagazine @1883Magazine 💌 23,432
BrycePaschal BrycePaschal All things TV/movies. The perfect trivia partner. Gay by day, asleep by night. he/him 20,114
CrossyTweets CROSSY 🐷Bonjour 🐷 Queries: 15,997

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back_the_BBC Back the BBC 📺📻📡📱 Viewers who want BBC to inform, educate, entertain and be independent of Government meddling and political appointments + UK & US media #backtheBBC #SavetheBBC 7,849
hamzajahanzeb Hamza Jahanzeb 🎭📺🍽 🖼 Reviewer🌸 Freelance Authenticity Editor📚 Come for Books, stay for 💿🐎#BookJobTransparency 4eva🏳️‍🌈 he/they📧📍UK 7,693
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DanielJewelFilm DanielJewelFilm🎬🎧🎮 Twin Dad 👭 My Family is 🇳🇬🇹🇹🇬🇧 Londoner 🏛 Filmmaker 🎬 5,005
grrls_sxy_shoes GRRlunderground 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸⛑️ 🌊🐙 Gen X 4 Social Justice, FInally out of the cage, Mom to Fantastic Millenial, Writer, reading maniac - every subject, especially history. Autistic. No DM. 5,002
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BryanTjiupek Bryan Tjiupek Official Bryan Tjiupek Twitter Account & There's love and fear 5,001
jodiepresents Jodie McCallum Yer lassie aff the telly 📺🙋🏼‍♀️ TV Presenter @ITV2 @bbcscotland & more 🎥💕💫 Smaller in real life 🤷🏼‍♀️ Views ALL mine🤓 4,993
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ladypist tries not to be a stan account but is anyway 14
roomforletters certified Kind Face and gillian anderson & cate blanchett stan (honorary mention: sarah paulson) • fan account 7
BethofBCMovies - 4
nm234 What are you doing here without Dorinda? 3
Ramos_Zerch - 3
LDN_daisy Views are my own 🌼 🌈 🧡 She/her 3
tobyherman27 someone is staring at you in personal growth. tobyherman27 at the gmail // @tobyherman27 on the insta and hive 3
GuildChromatica The official Twitter for the Chromatica Artists’ Guild: a hub for artists of all kinds to come together to create things which entertain and spread joy. 3
BryanTjiupek Official Bryan Tjiupek Twitter Account & There's love and fear 3
MisterMonsterXO @ladygaga followed 11/17/13+liked 11/1/20 I MET QUEEN @XTINA 6/7/19 @IGGYAZALEA followed 9/13/21 @mariahcarey @adele 2

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ID Text Retweet count
1626214369141960705 Lovely new photo of @samclaflin during the Daisy Jones and the Six press tour via @OliviaLilyMarks 8
1625689833887637507 @OliviaLilyMarks @GuildChromatica SECURE THAT INTERVIEW!!! 1
1627432913594892288 @OliviaLilyMarks Testament to how respectful you are to all you interview. They all remember you. 1
1626258356783689728 @OliviaLilyMarks Also, your sweater is👩🏻‍🍳💋 0
1626558483155013632 @OliviaLilyMarks When is the interview coming out? 0
1626518814581002240 @OliviaLilyMarks she is the devil wearing Prada... or any other high fashion brand tbh. 0
1626494885611159553 @SamClaflinFans @samclaflin @OliviaLilyMarks Sam es lo más,the best 0
1626353313364025346 @OliviaLilyMarks Agreed always serving night and day 0
1626298795301433345 @OliviaLilyMarks such a cute outfit Liv 0
1626263345874759681 @OliviaLilyMarks The dreammmmm 0

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1626214369141960705 Lovely new photo of @samclaflin during the Daisy Jones and the Six press tour via @OliviaLilyMarks 57
1627357234878377986 @OliviaLilyMarks she just called you an award show floozy 26
1626220835303460866 📷 | Nova foto do @samclaflin hoje. "Posso confirmar que Sam Claflin é um cavalheiro adorável e muito amável." cc @OliviaLilyMarks 22
1625678528200028162 I need @OliviaLilyMarks to react to this ASAP 14
1627437140123480064 @OliviaLilyMarks Liv you are a star in your own right 14
1627432913594892288 @OliviaLilyMarks Testament to how respectful you are to all you interview. They all remember you. 14
1625694478181838848 @OliviaLilyMarks me until october 2024 8
1627505939182936073 @OliviaLilyMarks I thought this tweet was about this 8
1625689833887637507 @OliviaLilyMarks @GuildChromatica SECURE THAT INTERVIEW!!! 7
1625735741073420288 @OliviaLilyMarks 5

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#leonardodicaprio 1
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@olivialilymarks 210
@samclaflin 5
@samclaflinfans 3
@guildchromatica 3
@lovinginvention 2
@jamieleecurtis 1
@arianadebose 1
@elephantlens 1
@dyl_an 1
@donniesmolder 1

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🤣 3 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
🔥 3 fire
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😱 2 face_screaming_in_fear

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