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This thread discusses a large person spotted walking around Ghana, with conversation centering around how easy he will be to find. Other topics such as focusing on a culture review, spreading love, and a story of a mother and her daughter are also discussed. S/Os are given to Jayfoley2131, C_RealMC, OleleSalvador, and others.

Topic Modeling

  1. People Taking Walks
  2. Spa and Massage Services
  3. Comedic Observations
  4. Discussion of Hiplife Culture
  5. Emotional Impact of Photos and Images

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a range of emotions including amusement, surprise, confusion, admiration, and empathy. The first few tweets are light-hearted and focus on the surprise of someone seeing the person being discussed taking a walk. There is admiration for the guests of the show, and amusement at the idea of the person needing a massage. The last few tweets are more serious, expressing empathy for those affected by a situation, and confusion about how someone was able to move around without being seen. Overall, the tweets show a range of emotions from lighthearted amusement to more serious confusion and empathy.

Trend Analysis

  1. Taking walks
  2. Massage body scrub
  3. Questioning of a person's whereabouts
  4. Spa owners
  5. Hiplife review

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SneakerNyame_ DR. Sneaker Nyame THE BAD GUY @Starr1035Fm @GhoneTv #SpacesHost |PUBLIC RELATIONS| Promoter|MC|VIXEN| Best Shoe Plug : 377,566
eastsportsman Godfred Akoto Boafo CitiFm Breakfast Show co-host @TC_Africa Ghana Commissioning Editor.Ex @BusInsiderSSA Editor.Ex @PulseGhana boss 209,657
ThoughtPillow ANGEL TOPEDO 🤺  This account is ran by multiple personalities  108,550
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the_law_himself MR.LAW Be happy, just be happy. 72,035
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quame_age AYEDUASE PULISIC Host #AbrokyireNkomo space - 1% Chance 99% Faith - Chelsea & Kotoko. || | TOO BROKE TO BE SLEEPING | BUSINESS:| (UNOFFICIAL PA 4 @wode_maya) 61,225

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raphael_amuri Black Chinese 上帝的黑儿子. SRH - Volunteer @YamGhana Tech Writer / Digital Marketer @talesofaccra & @AlienMediaGh Slow...No Rushing. Editor of & 27,158
GhanaSocialU Jesus Is King 👑✨ We Educate Politically, Socially & Spiritually! Jesus is King! Pray 4 Nana Addo! Kanye West @MetaRayoe @OneRJZ @MalcolmNunaa & @YawTog_ stan! 25,473
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Skilllions Skillions Allah First 🙏//@sarkodie 👑 //@KendrickLamar 👑//@HeartsOfOakGh ⚽//@chelseafc || Email : CEO of Shaker Ventures 18,460
VoltarianFist Cole I love words, so I write. 18,245
tyga_PB 🥋 R.I.C.H.∆.R.D 🇬🇭 @amaarae 🌸 @JEANFEIER #GGMU! #OISL MARKETING!!!! 16,867
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SanzaMakoko SonnyDaye 🇿🇦 - 12,867

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OleleSalvador Entertainment Journalist👨🏾‍🍳 • 🦅TV Host, 3Music TV | #SpacesHost | Multi-Cam Studio & OB Director | Head, Content & Strategy @3musicnetworks x @3musicAwards 25
3musicnetworks We are Music! We are Lifestyle! We are Pop Culture! We are an unrivaled music experience! 🎯 The Gen Z and The Millennial. Home of @3musicawards 13
iamtricia118 ||Certified Digital Marketer||Building @agency_tricia||Call 0789030660 or❤🔥 12
rlamarnii2 wisdom is better than gold and silver 🤝 12
JonathanAsamoah Aspiring millionaire|Gunner🔴|Gym-rat 11
bigjoebooks DM me for free PDFs. Follow @bigjoebookstore for only book- related info. Send a DM/ Call/ WhatsApp 0541589978 for faster replies || Retweets ≠ endorsements. 11
Tbag__1 “all persons, living and dead are purely coincidental, and should not be construed” 11
RASNANATAGOR Anyone can tell you that you deserve better, the hard part is finding someone who will actually give it to you 🔑💯_ #RASNANATAGOR®™ #VIM®™ #SURONNIPA®™ 10
TonyTara11 👨🏽‍💻Freelancer @fiverr 🌐www.fiverr/tony_xtony 📥 10
AtoKwamina_ Creative | Musiclover | Talkertive #GGMU 10

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1625075465630121985 @@envynoman96's account is temporarily unavailable because it violates the Twitter Media Policy. Learn more. 1788
1625426961563545600 @OleleSalvador Crazy but I actually saw him taking a walk around Laterbiokoshie this morning 21
1625544361244082183 @OleleSalvador Update : then catch óbolo ooo na how to transport am now bi the problem 😂😂😂 16
1626177066851762177 Inspiring conversation with @3musicnetworks’s #CultureDaily’s crew @jayfoley2131 @C_RealMC @OleleSalvador discussing education and the @changeafricapod x @TedxAccra special series with @lokkohouse owner Stefania Manfreda. New episode of the podcast with @preciousbonsu out now! 15
1624160499624468495 @OleleSalvador @sarkodie Like this feature you mean? Made flowking sound like me 14
1623989560999804929 We are honoured to have had the amazing @dianaahamilton in our studios to share her journey thus far. Thanks to our #CultureSquad @iammzgee @C_RealMC @jayfoley2131 & @OleleSalvador. Enjoy your weekend 🔥💯. #BigConversation #CultureDaily 11
1626363659243986947 I would do anything to sing this with a band or on @sofarsounds @Afrobassic @OleleSalvador @hyperactive_gh 11
1624718602833129472 🔔🇬🇭🎙️: We go again tonight! A holistic analysis about the top entertainment stories that made the trends in Ghana earlier this week. Host: @OleleSalvador Panel: @Kwamedadziegh, @ato_kilson, @DessyFayden & @TheKennethDarko Set a reminder👇🏽 10
1626167622533279748 Thanks to @lokkohouse and @changeafricapod for an insightful conversation with @jayfoley2131 @C_RealMC & @OleleSalvador. #CultureDaily #BigConversation 10
1625077350214905856 Thanks for tuning in. Hope you enjoyed the show. S/o to @jayfoley2131 @iammzgee @C_RealMC @OleleSalvador. Join us same time tomorrow. #CultureDaily #BigConversation 9

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1625426961563545600 @OleleSalvador Crazy but I actually saw him taking a walk around Laterbiokoshie this morning 174
1625435103907250180 @OleleSalvador Imagine the amount of cream n oil they'll need to give him a massage body scrub n the rest 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀 157
1625432070393569281 @OleleSalvador Fat nigga like this shouldn't be hard to find. Where he go run go? Lmao 115
1625431051278352384 @eastsportsman @OleleSalvador 🤣🤣🤣🤣 He's not on the "run" after all... He's walking dfkm🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭 108
1625438938256007176 @OleleSalvador how can this guy be on the run ? i mean how 😂 97
1625077350214905856 Thanks for tuning in. Hope you enjoyed the show. S/o to @jayfoley2131 @iammzgee @C_RealMC @OleleSalvador. Join us same time tomorrow. #CultureDaily #BigConversation 87
1624160499624468495 @OleleSalvador @sarkodie Like this feature you mean? Made flowking sound like me 76
1625507465583374337 @OleleSalvador the spa owners after dem arrest am😂 75
1626167622533279748 Thanks to @lokkohouse and @changeafricapod for an insightful conversation with @jayfoley2131 @C_RealMC & @OleleSalvador. #CultureDaily #BigConversation 68
1624337095216058369 @OleleSalvador 20,000 people died , your faith is useless. 66

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#culturedaily 33
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#superbowl 5
#sonofdoraep 4
#valentinesday 4
#3musictv 4
#christianatsu 3
#ripatsu 2

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@olelesalvador 2639
@akaworldwide 234
@sarkodie 190
@jaidyderby 83
@burnaboy 76
@3musicnetworks 61
@pappykojo 59
@britishvogue 55
@shannonsharpeee 51
@jayfoley2131 48

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😭 99 loudly_crying_face
🔥 86 fire
💔 68 broken_heart
❤️ 43 red_heart
🇬🇭 41 Ghana
😅 37 grinning_face_with_sweat
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😆 24 grinning_squinting_face

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