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Numbers Protocol is an innovative decentralized project where users can upload content and earn rewards through staking, LP farming, taking a capture and attending events. There is also an upcoming all human-made mosaic art campaign with artist Tsevis and CaptureApp. Numbers Protocol provides a more transparent outlook on digital media, aiming to reduce theft and misuse of digital assets and bridge the gap between AI arts and creators. There is also the opportunity to meet with ambassadors and become a Numbers Protocol community evangelist.

Topic Modeling

  1. $NUM cryptocurrency
  2. Numbers Protocol partnerships
  3. Social media campaigns
  4. Web3 Technology
  5. NFTs and digital asset authenticity

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets are mainly excitement and enthusiasm. Many of the tweets talk about upcoming news and events, such as partnerships and airdrops, which generate a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm. There is also a sense of pride and camaraderie, as many of the tweets use the hashtag #NUMARMY and mention the Numbers Protocol community. Finally, some of the tweets express a sense of enthusiasm for the project and its potential, with words like "revolution" and "amazing" being used.

Trend Analysis

  1. BUSD and NUMARMY Tokens
  2. Balancing Transparency and Authenticating Digital Assets
  3. Integrating Capture App Network into Numbers Protocol
  4. Partnerships with CxC and UNCX Token
  5. Airdrop Campaigns and Community Evangelism

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Twitter for Android 1151
Twitter Web App 322
Twitter for iPhone 218
FGU-TwitterBot 3
Twitter for Mac 1

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Username Name Bio Followers count
jihanicorn jihan 🦄 ୨⎯ Reborn @jaemcityx & @missufe ⎯୧ $LEON 🦁ꕥ 𝒘𝒊𝒏𝒏𝒆𝒓𝒔 @jihantesti * ˚ ✦ TG :˚ ༘♡ˑ༄ 342,345
CryptoNouna 🎙️ ɴᴏᴜɴᴀ ᴄʀʏᴘᴛᴏ 🎙️ Social Media Influencer || Crypto Gem Seeker || Shiller || #Crypto #Game #NFT Enthusiast || Giveaway Host || DM For Business Inquiries 📩 Vouch Proof #NounaPaid 310,371
join_hyve HYVE - Web3 Jobs and Services HYVE - The First Web3 Job Exchange Available on ETH, BSC, Fantom, and Polygon. Find more here: 30,225
in10n menion.eth (💙,🧡) 🛸 Passionate about all things #crypto, from #Bitcoin to #DeFi. Sharing insights, breaking news, and always learning. #HODL #Blockchain #CryptoCommunity 17,599
GA35555740 MotoGA.lens 魔界大好きアルトコイナー #BTCFX との両刀養分/Japanese crypto enthusiasts 魔界案件好き、ガチ #IDO 案件も好き #NFT 雰囲気勢 クリプトお金拾いはこちら 15,278
Mustaphv Telle Greg CONTENT CREATOR|| CRYPTO ENTHUSIAST || Community Moderator|| 13,734
TopToross toro•SAG• anak desa : • staf kantor #LBHPerisaiKebenaranPusat di #Purwokerto • MANUSIAKAN MANUSIA • TIDAK ANTI POLITIK & PARTAI POLITIK. #berburuGA 13,639
lcllnnfrl babi✨ 22🍁Giveaway Joiner since 2020👸🏻#sofialegit #jihantesti #AP8testi #GenSquad #C1NK #inezwinners #TigerGang #KingFamily #CBLove using📱/💻 click the link👇🏻 13,265
BlackstarsMKTCR BlackStars | Crypto Marketing ★ Cryptocurrency News ★ Statistics and Numbers About Crypto Projects 11,443
samxonite Samxonite⚛🎮🎨 Creative designer | Artist | Gamer | Crypto enthusiast | NFT Creator | Collector | 🐶 $DC | $DOCK 🪝 10,963

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Username Name Bio Followers count
TopToross toro•SAG• anak desa : • staf kantor #LBHPerisaiKebenaranPusat di #Purwokerto • MANUSIAKAN MANUSIA • TIDAK ANTI POLITIK & PARTAI POLITIK. #berburuGA 14,744
lie_friska Lie Friska•Ϟ•̸-̶̶• #FriendsFollback #FollowsEli 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 I ❤️ NKRI 8,348
Wangi201 Filiyando #StrokeSurvivors2018 Akun Damai No Politik No War #REDUX $REDUX 7,990
YoursPratik_ Pratik Cryptofied | NFT | Mobile Photography is my first love. My tweets aren’t financial advice. #REDUX - $REDUX 7,241
jokosurono23121 jokosuronoputrombarep #DOAIBUKU ❤❤ #MenghidupkanFikir @cumakuli4 7,014
rockbison04 call me yuli🐰🥕 ᕱ⑅ᕱ pouring banana milk 🥛 into the glass, GOOGIE ready to start his day 🌤‼うさぎの歯 + ボバボール issa CUTEST COMBO EVER ✿ 6,748
nuqraheni n i e 🍀 my acc @.0xuwitnyabanyak @.xukacongrats have been suspended, don't reroll please. 5,709
keikokoeswadi KUSWADI 🇮🇩🇮🇩 YUK BISA AWAL TAUN BIG WIN 🔥🚀 5,556
acodeza Arra O. ♥️🌟 *my 1 and only account* #PRfriendly #Blogger #ProductReview #Sponsorship #BloggOpp ♥️ @Pickaw @TWPicker #REDUX - $REDUX 5,397
tuiterseo 𝐒𝐄𝐎🎈 semoga di seruduk win #REDUX - $REDUX 5,132

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Username Bio Number of tweets
twiterdinctepe - 70
Enjoybro143 Freelancer | Web3 |Blockchain | $AVAX | $MOOV | $NUM #AVanger #Avalanche @avalancheavax @Avalanche_In Join: #NotFinancialAdviser 37
Crypto_mee Blender, Figma & AE | I love all ecosystems | alx student 30
Akash93892149 Freelancer | Web3 | Blockchain | $AVAX | $NUM | $OFM #AVAnger #Avalanche @avalancheavax @Avalanche_In Join:🔺 29
lordsgood @crew3xyz Specialist and a comm manager ⚙️ ?crypto lover 🥇certified ambassador 🥇Event organiser ambassador @skaflicOfficial @Lumishare_Lumi #ScriptNetw 28
Rahul_Web3 $ARBI 😎😎 28
Var_nelo Let's talk about #DeFi. 🔥⚡💦 $NUM $ODDZ $MATIC #Polygon 27
qqorq2 YouTuber & Crypto Blogger 27
defiarena PolyGoonz #BNB #BTC $UFT $MATIC $PUSH $MAHA $ROSE $NUM $RAZOR Knights, Tweets -NFA 25
CryptoMate7863 #Safle #NFA #IndiGG #Oasis $ROSE $NUM 25

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ID Text Retweet count
1626433554094915584 $200 | 2,9 JT • 72 Hours 💜 - RT & Follow @numbersprotocol + RT, Like 📌 16893
1626239114868834304 "Just had an amazing session with @numbersprotocol ambassador as a #NumbersProtocol community evangelist! Excited to spread the word about this innovative project and help grow the community. "" #Community 26
1623683140471382018 Our team is pleased to inform you that the subnet of @numbersprotocol has been indexed! You can now check: ✅TXs ✅Blocks ✅Daily TXs ✅Time-to-finality ✅AVG Tps ... and much more! ➡️ #Avalanche #AVAX #subnet 20
1625140744267911168 Top #altcoins 💎 which I believe will run absolutely crazy next cycle. 1️⃣ @routerprotocol $ROUTE 2️⃣ @Aleph__Zero $AZERO 3️⃣ @FinanceChainge $CHNG 4️⃣ @TheMahaDAO $MAHA 5️⃣ @mute_io $MUTE 6️⃣ @tender_fi $TND 7️⃣ @trace_network $TRACE 8️⃣ @ScallopOfficial $SCLP 9️⃣ @numbersprotocol $NUM 17
1624282711610527744 Exciting news! 📣 #NumbersProtocol is proud to announce a new partnership with @cxctoday 🤩 The main goal is to streamline the process for users to upload their content on the #NumbersBlockchain. #CaptureApp #AI #CXC #Web3 $Num @numbersprotocol 🔽 11
1623747851133255680 Hey #Numarmy😍 Did you all know? Something big is cooking in @numbersprotocol Any guesses?😁 Stay tuned🔽 #Numbers $Num #Web3 #AI 11
1623618546097082369 Hey, #Numarmy!📢 It's good to see that the volume and market activity for the $Num token is increasing, which indicates increased demand and interest in the asset are growing💪 #Numbers #AI #Web3 #Blockchain @numbersprotocol 9
1626645555286798336 Don't forget with @numbersprotocol #Mainnet carried out, the enrollment cycle on @captureapp_xyz has likewise been refreshed to make it safer and straightforward. With the new enrollment framework, Capture Application clients can now enlist their photographs safely #NUMARMY $NUM 8
1624462074654117889 📢 @numbersprotocol join hands with @cxctoday They will amalgamate the @captureapp_xyz network action to make users upload their content on #NumbersBlockchain easier. Numbers bridge #Web3 to the creative industry to free the censorship of diverse content. 🏳️‍🌈 #numarmy #web3 7
1626647004607643648 How about we Go #NUMARMY! Shape the course of our #decentralized association by partaking in the $NUM consuming system local area survey and giving your feedback. Accomplishing the fifth level, which is easy to do, is something I'm anticipating. @numbersprotocol $NUM #nft 7

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ID Text Like count
1626433554094915584 $200 | 2,9 JT • 72 Hours 💜 - RT & Follow @numbersprotocol + RT, Like 📌 4145
1623650744225218561 It's BIG NEWS 🥳 season on @numbersprotocol!! Let us know your most anticipated news of the news 📰 of the season on #NumbersProtocol for me it's the @sxsw 2023 Final pitch @ Austin. #NUMARMY now's your chance let us know your pick 👇👇 $NUM 103
1624419831213694977 Hello, #NUMARMY 👋 Have you heard of the new @numbersprotocol #blockchain Partnerships with @cxctoday .🥳 This partnership with CxC integrates the #CaptureApp Network Action, making it easier for users to upload their content🎦 to the #NumbersProtocol. $NUM 91
1624752071244218369 🚨 @numbersprotocol LP farming is going live on @UNCX_token 🚨💴 $NUM - $BUSD > Period: 150 days > Min days to stake: 60 days > Reward: 50k NUM > > #Web3 91
1625366139126665217 Another crazy opportunity 🫡 Check and Participate in the third round of the @numbersprotocol ERC20. Single #staking is Now Live. 💴 Reward pool: 45K NUM ⏳ Duration: 90 days Stake here : $NUM #Web3 90
1624739021472641024 📸@numbersprotocol #LP farming is going live on @UNCX_token💰 $NUM - $BUSD - Period: 150 days - Min days to stake: 60 days - Reward: 50k NUM 89
1626583251862298625 🚨 Alert ‼️ Something exclusive is about to come around! Visit below ⬇️ 📸 Take a #Capture now and qualify for our airdrop campaign, And receive 25 $NUM native tokens for just to take a spectacular capture! #Airdrop @captureapp_xyz @numbersprotocol 82
1623609326521704448 🚨 Something big is coming soon on @numbersprotocol 👀 However i myself don’t know 👀 I just turned on my twitter notifications on Number Protocol! Do same I think something big is coming! 👀 $NUM #numbersprotocol #Web3 #CaptureApp 80
1624171476973658112 🚨Partnership alert‼️ @numbersprotocol and @cxctoday Join Forces for Web3 Monetization of Creative Works. This partnership with CxC, Numbers team will integrate the #CaptureApp Network Action for easy upload of their content , With an option to upload on Numbers blockchain. 75
1626850926362238976 1/ As more and more #NFTs continue to surface, it is imperative for digital assets to be authenticated and licensed to reduce theft and misuse. @numbersprotocol is addressing the issue of authenticity and licensing. #Web3 #NFT $NUM #Ai 71

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Hashtag Count
#web3 362
#numarmy 281
#numbersprotocol 190
#captureapp 159
#numbers 114
#ai 84
#num 68
#blockchain 68
#airdrop 59
#nft 59

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@numbersprotocol 1822
@jihanicorn 668
@captureapp_xyz 207
@uncx_token 93
@cryptoworld202 59
@cxctoday 48
@probiduc 43
@michaeledm1 42
@young_3xpert 41
@ania_beg 40

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👇 118 backhand_index_pointing_down
🚀 62 rocket
🔥 57 fire
💰 49 money_bag
⬇️ 34 down_arrow
⏰ 29 alarm_clock
⏳ 27 hourglass_not_done
📌 25 pushpin
🙏 24 folded_hands
💪 23 flexed_biceps

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Emoji Group Count
People & Body 284
Travel & Places 227
Smileys & Emotion 212
Objects 201
Symbols 137
Activities 88
Animals & Nature 27
Food & Drink 14
Flags 5