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People are discussing a YouTube boxing match between AJ and Kai, and some think that AJ would win due to his clear strength and experience. Others think Kai would win due to his experience in street fights, and a few jokes have been made about aliens and the Beta Squad's performance.

Topic Modeling

  1. Alternate versions of each other
  2. Do you even watch Youtube?
  3. KO and street fights
  4. Beta squad and Kai
  5. Cameraman and Men in Black aliens

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a range of emotions, from amusement and excitement to anticipation and frustration. The users discuss the similarities between two people, joke about a third person, and compare the strengths of different individuals. They also express admiration for certain people, and make lighthearted jokes about a situation. Finally, they express anticipation for the release of a video, and frustration at the delay.

Trend Analysis

  1. Comparison of @KSI, @KaiCenat, @AjShabeel, @NikoOmilana
  2. YouTube boxing division
  3. Beta Squad
  4. The waiters in Come Dine With Me
  5. Capturing Men in Black aliens

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endsarsbot_ Official #EndSARS Bot Twitter Bot that likes nd retweets everything related to #EndSARS #EndNigeriaNow #EndPoliceBrutality #BuhariMustGo #EndEFCC created and managed by @iamnotstatic 8,166
The_ReadingApe The Reading Ape | Podcasts to Notes We listen to crypto podcasts, we write notes, we share them. Over a decade of teaching experience - our notes are legit. 6,924
fxryal ✌🏽 - 5,469
AdmFN_ TT9 Adam 🇬🇧 19 | Production @TT9Esports 🎬@hentvv | @Th0masHD | @Ajerss | @G2Jahq | @Zag0u@FutureLegendsEU x YouTube PartnerIt's NOT over until I WIN 😈 4,602
eightieskiwi danielle 21 | Rutgers University polisci in’l relations major 3,689
MinhalAlkhafaj1 Minhal🇮🇶 Presenter on Imam Hussein TV 3📺 LIVE in London #IAMHUSSEINI Show - Documenting my journey to Dentistry as a TV Presenter 1,633
Mexmufc Mex Sports Enthusiast.🏀 ⚽️🎾🥊🏏🏎 1,554
mildred16lykins Mildred - 1,484
BradleyMiller_ Bradley Miller Working in the Television & Film Industry★Father to an amazing little boy @CharlieKMiller★ @Instagram » Bradley__Miller / TikTok: Bradley___Miller 1,479
_3trn max ✇ // Anime | Hot Takes | Random Stuff // // Professional Waffler // // Mutuals Are Appreciated // 1,360

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Username Name Bio Followers count
mildred16lykins Mildred - 4,526
eightieskiwi danielle 21 | Rutgers University polisci in’l relations major 4,292
felice64sell Felice - 2,886
MrAlvinSane Alvin Sane Recording Artist, Producer, Writer, Comedian and Twitter Influencer. 2,576
maria_pollard6 Maria - 2,382
1Jamesodriscoll 🇮🇪 what u looking at 👀 2,135
Mexmufc Mex Sports Enthusiast.🏀 ⚽️🎾🥊🏏🏎 1,826
horsebox98 liam liam liam 19 he/him#1 lena raine fan#COYS 1,725
osjuah_ Josh🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇧🇷 football⚽️. 1,598
AdmFN_ TT9 Adam 🇬🇧 19 | Production @TT9Esports 🎬@hentvv | @Th0masHD | @Ajerss | @G2Jahq | @Zag0u@FutureLegendsEU x YouTube PartnerIt's NOT over until I WIN 😈 1,525

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LordYung11 #SparklesAndChampagne “Can I wash my pinky in your kitchen sinky?” -Pro Kavorka. Banger Tweets recently ngl 4
L__justice - 4
791ashhh Baby menace to society||Vetran||Youtube Analyst🚮||Aspiring boxer||i don’t exist 3
Shay47i - 3
drtmeft ͏͏JUNIOR DATA ANALYST||Topboy 4 life || I don’t like Scousers 😂😂😂 3
1Jamesodriscoll what u looking at 👀 3
Louise_A_Allen I’M JUST ENERGY. 2
GetSlqyed lettuce 2
DSwv_ - 2

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1626348603135369217 @betasquad5 @AjShabeel @KingKennyTv @ohnosharky @Chunkz @NikoOmilana Sharky’s come dine with me score when the waiters put on that performance at the end 2
1624856244593782787 HER UK YOUTUBE SCENE Q1 TIER LIST 🎥😜🎬 This sidemen Sunday @wroetoshaw @ZerkaaHD @AjShabeel @yungfilly1 @NikoOmilana @Vikkstar123 @KingKennyTv @JmeBBK @Darkestman_1 @KSI @KonTweets @TaliaMar @Calfreezy @miniminter @Chunkz @KingKennyTv @theburntchip @Behzinga 1
1628166324450115585 Imma @ some other creators if y’all wanna hop on let me know @MrBeast @chrismd10 @NikoOmilana @KSI @Chunkz @miniminter and anyone else, hit me up, this is my and my boys dream 💜 1
1628132203652698112 So not that anyone asked but this was my application for the Beta Squad editor job.@betasquad5 @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @ohnosharky @Chunkz @KingKennyTv @chewbonic 1
1627321581654495233 @fredpdbeck @KaiCenat @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @KSI Kai tf 😂 0
1627318162738884609 @fredpdbeck @KaiCenat @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @KSI Aj icl 0
1627318310848065536 @fredpdbeck @KaiCenat @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @KSI Who tf r them 2 0
1627319991161815043 @fredpdbeck @KaiCenat @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @KSI I think Kai just because he's been in street fights before, so probly knows what its like to get hit in the face hard. 0
1627321434266652673 @fredpdbeck @KaiCenat @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @KSI kai gon be overconfident and sell so aj got it😭 0
1628249177988775938 @betasquad5 @AjShabeel @KingKennyTv @ohnosharky @Chunkz @NikoOmilana Hahaha absolutely smashing it boys!! Loving the series and consistent uploads 😤😤 0

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1627338546003468295 @fredpdbeck @KaiCenat @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @KSI Bro they’re literally like alternate versions of each other😂 257
1627315442229411841 @fredpdbeck @KaiCenat @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @KSI AJ by clean KO 175
1627321671001550850 @NOTORIO17474497 @fredpdbeck @KaiCenat @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @KSI Do you even watch youtube 139
1627316971607048192 @fredpdbeck @KaiCenat @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @KSI kai easily i feel like kai will dawg it out 136
1627325084787437569 @NOTORIO17474497 @fredpdbeck @KaiCenat @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @KSI Beta squad and Kai are goated tf you mean 100
1627331082495328257 @NOTORIO17474497 @DSwv_ @fredpdbeck @KaiCenat @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @KSI Cringe 🤢🤢 79
1627315071431938048 @fredpdbeck @KaiCenat @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @KSI Honestly Aj KO 61
1627318310848065536 @fredpdbeck @KaiCenat @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @KSI Who tf r them 2 39
1627321869996265472 @fredpdbeck @KaiCenat @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @KSI The one who finishes cheese first 33
1627328045290856448 @fredpdbeck @KaiCenat @AjShabeel @NikoOmilana @KSI Aj round 1 ko he is the monster of the YouTube boxing division!! 31

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#betasquad 2
#comedinewithme 2
#nikoformayor 1
#youtube 1
#turkeyearthquake 1
#smiffdamista 1
#woodlara 1
#themaskedsinger 1
#chunkz 1
#endsars 1

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@nikoomilana 248
@ajshabeel 163
@ksi 139
@kaicenat 131
@fredpdbeck 130
@chunkz 33
@betasquad5 31
@ohnosharky 30
@kingkennytv 27
@notorio17474497 13

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😂 17 face_with_tears_of_joy
🔹 7 small_blue_diamond
💙 7 blue_heart
😭 6 loudly_crying_face
💀 5 skull
❤️ 3 red_heart
😤 2 face_with_steam_from_nose
💜 2 purple_heart
🔺 2 red_triangle_pointed_up
🥶 2 cold_face

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Smileys & Emotion 55
Symbols 10
People & Body 10
Objects 9
Animals & Nature 2
Flags 2
Travel & Places 1