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Mother Cain is asked multiple questions, including one about actor Timothée Chalamet playing in the film The Preacher's Daughter. Mother Cain is also invited to an event on May 16th in Chicago. She is being complimented for her remix of TAAHLIAH's 'Euphoric' and is asked her thoughts on a pair of boots and if she is always working.

Topic Modeling

  1. Celebrity involvement- Timothée Chalamet, Joaquin Lavin
  2. Music- Sun Bleached Flies (TAAHLIAH’s ‘Euphoric’ Remix)
  3. Fashion- Boots
  4. Politics- Pinochetista
  5. Cities- Chicago

Emotional Analysis

The tweets directed at @mothercain express a variety of emotions. There is admiration for @mothercain, as seen in the words "queen" and "run away from them queen". There is also excitement and anticipation in tweets like "Hiiiiiii" and "what about chicago girls please do you like chicago girls". There is a sense of playfulness in the tweet "Ethel Cain (@mothercain) - Sun Bleached Flies (TAAHLIAH's 'Euphoric' Remix)˚ʚ♡ɞ˚♫⋆。♪ ₊˚♬ ゚." There is also curiosity in the tweet "Is it true that Timothée Chalamet is playing Willoughby in the Preacher’s Daughter film?". Finally, there is a sense of admiration for @mothercain's hard work in the tweet "always working". Overall, the tweets directed at @mothercain express admiration, excitement, playfulness, curiosity, and admiration.

Trend Analysis

  1. Celebrity Appearances (Timothée Chalamet)
  2. Musical Releases (Sun Bleached Flies Remix)
  3. Events/Performances (show in Chicago)
  4. Fashion/Style (Boots)
  5. Political Discourse (Pinochetista Era)

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1623827542573563904 @mothercain queen 24
1625834911335690246 Ethel Cain (@mothercain) - Sun Bleached Flies (TAAHLIAH's 'Euphoric' Remix) ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚ ♫⋆。♪ ₊˚♬ ゚. 13
1623825926143320067 @mothercain she has spoken 6
1625561654732722190 Blessed be the Daughters of Cain, Bound to suffering eternal through the sins of their fathers committed long before their conception - @mothercain 4
1624111213813563395 bro they're making merch for FRUIT now @mothercain @ninagrewal97 @ThePostsOffice from👇 3
1625203279247380480 @mothercain :/ 3
1625252556103376897 Everyday is #GalentinesDay at @getinherears, but if there's an excuse to put together another playlist...we'll take it. 💜 I picked tracks by @Big_Joanie, @mothercain, @NovaTwinsMusic, Brimheim, @wolfalicemusic, @mhaolmusic & more. x 2
1623671155717468160 There was at least 5 different compliments for Samia's @mothercain shirt last night 2
1627159438103658496 @mothercain × nature 🌿 2
1623833297368322055 studies of mother @mothercain 2

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ID Text Like count
1623827542573563904 @mothercain queen 188
1623825926143320067 @mothercain she has spoken 179
1625217747012538368 @mothercain run away from them queen 177
1625446188836175872 @mothercain Mi gente chileno 132
1625203279247380480 @mothercain :/ 126
1625201435766886427 @mothercain what about chicago girls please do you like chicago girls 124
1625204852686000144 @mothercain 107
1623826817366003712 @mothercain Is it true that Timothée Chalamet is playing Willoughby in the Preacher’s Daughter film? 92
1623847563118931968 @mothercain Hiiiiiii 85
1625222137077284864 @mothercain @Jezebirb good afternoon ms cain 82

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#preachersdaughter 4
#ethelcain 3
#keithsymesradioshow 2
#vinyl 2
#vinylcollection 2
#vinylrecords 2
#vinylmockup 2
#vinylcommunity 2
#yas 2
#galentinesday 2

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@mothercain 718
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@folksw1ft 7
@taahliah 7
@ofpeaceofmind 7
@badomenscult 7
@jezebirb 7
@lavendermuna 6
@delerium65 6
@99wnrr 5

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