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MilesSI and FootballManager have been working on recently released Football Manager 23 and also planning changes to Football Manager 24. Discussions have also addressed topics such as donation to Turkish/Syrian earthquake victims, female version inclusion, bug fixes, winter updates, and graphic improvements. Several posts referenced Pancake Day or Dean Martin TV show references.

Topic Modeling

  1. FM Gameplay
  2. Game Graphics
  3. DEC Fundraising
  4. FM Female Version
  5. Football Merchandise

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from frustration to admiration and appreciation. Some tweets express frustration at the difficulty of winning in the game, while others express admiration for the graphics engine and thoughtful decisions made by the game developers. There is also excitement for the upcoming updates, with many people eagerly awaiting the January update. Additionally, some tweets express annoyance at certain aspects of the game, such as players always wanting new contracts. Overall, these tweets show a range of emotions from fans of the game, from enthusiasm to exasperation.

Trend Analysis

  1. Graphics engine in Football Manager (FM) 23
  2. FM donating in-game advertising to DEC for charity
  3. FM creating a Female FM
  4. FM creating graphic improvements for FM24
  5. In-game bugs in Football Manager

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TweetDeck 2

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Username Name Bio Followers count
FootballManager Football Manager It's time to tear it up in #FM23 - OUT NOW across platforms. #CreateTheFuture 440,980
PaulChaloner Redeye 🛞 - Home of the Grand Prix watchalong. F1 nerd, Gaming geek. NUFC lifelong fan. Maker of one good meme ever. Hanger-outerer in @Sacriel's channel 76,294
FredRPVasquez Fred Vasquez 💙💛 || 34,212
curlywand Simon Kaiser 🤍💛💙 Rhythm Bassist in @kaiserchiefs. @amnestyuk Ambassador. President @lufctrust. Holy Moly mgmt. @hydeparkartclub. @musicleeds. @Ampeg endorsee. 🌱 based. 20,425
theofficialfwa The FWA This is the official Twitter feed of the Football Writers' Association, representing over 700 football journalists in England and Wales. 18,534
KITmagazine_ 𝙆𝙄𝙏 Mag × The football KIT collectors magazine × Worldwide shipping. Volume 5 ON SALE NOW from @classicshirts 10,086
SCTongYe ㊒㊔🧔🏻美国村長🌎㊚㊝ #GIScience #DataViz Analyst & Full-stack Developer | Michigan/USC Alum | 空间数据分析师 | 一个被某知名蛆媒丑化为“海外恨国党”而误遭全网永久封杀的海外爱国人士 | YouTuber 🎦 8,571
yehso Emre Hacısalihoğlu - 7,423
FMTreq Treq #fm23 content creator. A lover of 90s 🇮🇹⚽, Baggio,Batistuta, MUFC, YCFC & Prosecco. Daddy to Ralphie & @aimeejmachin's slightly better half.. 3,946
RyanwFWA Ryan Whelan ⚽ 📰 ✍️ Senior Editor/Co-Owner @TheRealEFL1 | Freelance Journalist | Imps Fan | Dyslexic | ----Enquiries/Sponsorship OpportunitiesEmail: 3,865

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
MarkJDeakin Mark Deakin Proud supporter of @Eufcofficial. Geek, gamer and a bit of a chef. All tweets are my own thoughts. Proud Move Manager of @Gogroupdotcom 4,997
KITmagazine_ 𝙆𝙄𝙏 Mag × The football KIT collectors magazine × Worldwide shipping. Volume 5 ON SALE NOW from @classicshirts 3,253
Adriangonvas Adrian Gonzales Administrador @udelpacifico. Aprendo a hacer empresa. De @Universitario y del @LFC. Colecciono Camisetas y Gané la Libertadores con la U en @FootballManager 2,918
JoseLock08 JoseLock08 🎙 Creador de contenido de Football Manager. 🔴 Directos todos los días en:📺 Youtube: 2,724
hcemkalayc hcemkalaycı @FootballManager Amed Sportif Faaliyetler -İskenderunspor A.Ş Assistant Researcher Fenerbahçe 🇹🇷 Fk Partizan 🇷🇸 Arsenal 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Dersim Spor. 2,681
LJ_YH2 Lewis Hobson 32 YO @LUFC and @CTRLFC season ticket holder. My other half @lozza0310 - married 12th May 16 - our beautiful little son Lennon is everything to us ♥️♥️♥️ 2,300
Chris_Gurrell Chris Gurrell Liverpool FC and San Francisco 49ers fan. Software Developer. Firmly on the left. 2,217
UtdDanS DS ⚡️ @ManUtd | @Chargers | @FCBayernEN | @FootballManager. Labour supporter 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇪🇺 Yorkshireman | English | British | European 1,915
jackdaviesld Cllr Jack Davies 🔶 Lib Dem Town and District Councillor for Pennington. Working hard for New Forest West. 1,898
SamWestover1 Sam Westover - 1,894

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
JoseLock08 🎙 Creador de contenido de Football Manager. 🔴 Directos todos los días en:📺 Youtube: 5
HanLoloFM1 Streamer de Football Manager y otros vicios en youtube, sigue mis directos en donde hablamos de la actualidad futbolera mientras jugamos FM 3
CFC_Azpi Fan of the biggest team in London • Azpi prop • KTBFFH 3
richardwoodger Football. Photography. Often tired. 3
sinnerz73 Arsenal ⚽️, New Orleans Saints ⚜️🏈, Saracens 🏉, F1🏎, Marvel 2
jackdaviesld Lib Dem Town and District Councillor for Pennington. Working hard for New Forest West. 2
ma77ygaming - 2
iamgavla 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 •Swansea city •Call of duty •football manager - views on my twitter are my own 2
moffthemoff forever gaming noob, old but gold. #gameon #fohlenelf #muchwow 2
gerthanator Hockey fanatic. Proud Iowegian. Go Twins. 2

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1628153063906189313 Please @milesSI @FootballManager nerf Anfield Road, that in the #FM23 it is almost impossible to win...😅 2
1628155600772145153 @JoseLock08 @milesSI @FootballManager No te quejes que es la típica efemeada, 1,78 de xG en contra y 5 goles en contra 1
1624826887515111425 What football manager game was released 8 years ago? @FootballManager @milesSI 1
1628178291545759748 @milesSI any idea on the winter update date mate? 0
1626691888458727425 @milesSI @FootballManager 0
1626691683273396224 @milesSI @FootballManager Please Miles, why is my thread hidden? 0
1626687245645238292 Like, what's the logic behind being able to hold down the little arrows when you increase/decrease wages/loyalty bonus, but you need to click like a maniac when you're doing the same for appearance bonus? @FootballManager @milesSI #fm23 #petpeeve 0
1626677421838589974 @milesSI @SIgames @FootballManager any idea what this message means? 🤷🏻‍♂️ 0
1626650244329967618 @milesSI We really appreciate your and all UK's sincere care, gaffer. Thanks a lot! We love you, too! 🙏❤️ 0
1626603725849591808 @milesSI Miles, how come we barely ever get job offers from other clubs on FM23, xbox version? Ive not had a single job offer yet in 6 seasons 0

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1628153063906189313 Please @milesSI @FootballManager nerf Anfield Road, that in the #FM23 it is almost impossible to win...😅 22
1626235702647353346 Loving the graphics engine this year @FootballManager @milesSI @nocontextfm1 18
1628001789495726083 @milesSI @SIgames Sorry miles sweetcorn and pre-made pancakes 🥞. 8
1624489793005531139 @milesSI Knew you'd arrive in style.. 7
1627715811107274777 As ever, a thoughtful and respectful set of decisions, including donating in game advertising to the DEC helping to raise money for the victims of the Turkey/Syria earthquake.Well done @FootballManager & @milesSI 5
1628000704999706627 @milesSI @SIgames No better day than pancake day to start working on some graphic improvements for fm24 4
1625475332810612738 @milesSI How many sleeps until January update day? 🤪😝 3
1627286030851121152 Hi @milesSI would you consider doing a female FM that includes @AdranLeagues @BarclaysWSL @SWPL ? #footballmanger #FM22 2
1627254426669916161 @milesSI this needs fixing mate, every single loan you get this if you try and make extend it, can understand the odd one but every one is a bug. 2
1627952978333163520 Thinking of @milesSI as today is the day. 2

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#fm23 6
#livmad 1
#footballmanger 1
#fm22 1
#petpeeve 1
#ocd 1
#happy 1

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@milessi 157
@footballmanager 50
@sigames 50
@cfc_azpi 12
@nocontextfm1 12
@joselock08 9
@adranleagues 6
@barclayswsl 6
@swpl 6
@amaliaesmae 5

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😂 8 face_with_tears_of_joy
🥞 4 pancakes
😅 3 grinning_face_with_sweat
👍 3 thumbs_up
😋 2 face_savoring_food
🤔 2 thinking_face
🙏 2 folded_hands
😡 2 enraged_face
🤷 1 person_shrugging
🙌 1 raising_hands

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Smileys & Emotion 30
People & Body 12
Food & Drink 4