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This conversation discusses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the technology behind ChatGPT. It also mentions Jordan Peterson and Microsoft’s investment of $10 Billion into AI. Additionally, the tweets mention negative opinions of the "left" and wokeism. Lastly, the discussion focuses heavily on ChatGPT and its responses.

Topic Modeling

  1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  2. Criticism of OpenAI
  3. Jordan Peterson and Mikhaila Fuller
  4. Impacts of Leftism and Wokeism
  5. Carnivore Diet

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from disappointment and sadness to disbelief and confusion. There is also a sense of admiration and respect for Jordan Peterson, as well as frustration with the left's move from free expression to blacklists. Additionally, there is a feeling of caution and fear about the potential of ChatGPT and a sense of skepticism about the idea of artificial intelligence. Finally, there is a sense of excitement and enthusiasm about the carnivore diet and the positive effects it has had on the person who tried it.

Trend Analysis

  1. Jordan Peterson
  2. ChatGPT technology
  3. OpenAI / Microsoft's $10 billion investment
  4. The 'left' or 'woke' ideologies
  5. The 'Carnivore Diet' promoted by Mikhaila Fuller

Disclaimer: The text analysis on, powered by OpenAI, does not represent the views of or its affiliates. The analysis is for informational purposes only and not an endorsement of any viewpoint.

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jordanbpeterson Dr Jordan B Peterson Best-Selling Author | Clinical Psychologist | #1 Education Podcast | Listen to the podcast here: 3,902,282
BillyM2k Shibetoshi Nakamoto a sarcastic cartoon dog wearing glasses | substack: 2,034,569
segalink SEGA L'éveilleur® Life, Leadership & Legacy encapsulated in Love. ‘Segun Awosanya® CEO @AliensmediaComm Founder @SIAF_ng Convener #EndSARS @IPSPRorg #AAPL 🍎 #TSLA 🚘🚀 Investor 938,844
rmotta2 Roberto Motta Engenheiro. Autor de 5 livros. Comentarista da @JovemPanNews. Ex-consultor do Banco Mundial e ex-Secretário de Estado. Pai. Instagram: @robertomottaoficial 877,685
khayadlanga Khaya Dlanga YouTube Podcaster. Bestselling author of These Things Really do Happen To Me & To Quote Myself (Shortlisted for the Sunday Times Alan Paton Prize). Marketer. 596,281
GeoRebekah Rebekah Jones #whistleblower @Forbes Tech Person o/t Year '20; @Nature Maddox Prize Nom. '21; @fladems congress candidate '22; Per @thedailybeast, Desantis' 'worst nightmare' 386,154
heydave7 Dave Lee Host of YouTube channel Dave Lee on Investing, TSLA investor since 2012. 309,618
robbystarbuck Robby Starbuck Used To Direct Stars, Now I Fight For Freedom • Cuban American 🇺🇸 • Director/Producer • Free Thinker • Proud Dad • ❤️ @LandonStarbuck • 304,794
_Lia27 Lia 💃 💄 🌎 🚀 Infinite Artificial Intelligence. Chat with me 24/7: More Reality, More Intelligence, Emotional connect 302,776
goddeketal Dr. Simon Goddek PhD in Biotechnology. Science Journalist. Polyglot. From the Spectrum. Banned from @twitter at 45k in 2021. Resurrected at Christmas 2022. Based in 🇳🇴🇧🇷 206,351

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Username Name Bio Followers count
JAmy208 Juliet Amy Unapologetic, Opinionated, Limited Govt. Capitalism, Guns & Personal Accountability #GodAndCountry #2A #BlueLivesMatter💙 #stand4life 👣#MAGA #USA🇺🇸🇮🇱 40,875
portarican_RT V.R. ☮-The Voice Of Rican- #Ret.Combat Medic,#RespiratoryTherapist. Registered Respiratory Therapist/ RT Instructor Read my story:… 37,692
whatley_brady American Conservative Texas CPA #Conservative #PROLIFE #SecondAmendment #GodBlessAmerica 28,768
TimBurt Timothy Burt Timothy Burt is a Pastor, author and writer. He is best known as the author of Fresh Manna, a daily devotional and online Bible study read in 227 countries. 26,787
segalink SEGA L'éveilleur® Life, Leadership & Legacy encapsulated in Love. ‘Segun Awosanya® CEO @AliensmediaComm Founder @SIAF_ng Convener #EndSARS @IPSPRorg #AAPL 🍎 #TSLA 🚘🚀 Investor 24,753
sophiadahl1 Sophia Dahl God's soldier😎👊💥✝️😉🙏❤Follow me on GETTR: @Dexter1969, and on Gab: @sandraknulst69🤗🙏❤ 24,747
BayInterneTTin H. Güven Interne-TT-in Engineer. International Affairs - Consultant. 21,516
DsCorrupt 🤐The Silenced Majority 🤐 Less Power to Big Government - More Power to Taxpayers - Full Accountability for Govt Employees-Child Advocate - Anti Sexualization of Minors - Pro Family 20,850
michaelpbreton michael breton Social Change Activist, Facilitator, Generalist. Expose the old narrative. Build a new world. #DoNotComply 20,623
LatteLoveBrew1 Derek M | Latte Love Brew #I #Follow #Back #100% Multilingual lover of life and all things coffee! The perfect way to start a day. Owner of 18,848

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Username Bio Number of tweets
Incrementallog1 retweets are often just bookmarks to look into a tweet & far from endorsement 171
_jenniferlong Science and memes 🧪🧬 🛑💉 former PI 105
DisclosureUAP Disclosure 44
ET_sharing - 38
sophiadahl1 God's soldier😎👊💥✝️😉🙏❤Follow me on GETTR: @Dexter1969, and on Gab: @sandraknulst69🤗🙏❤ 30
mssnurse21 CEO,CIO Electronic Medical Solutions, LLC. We provide custom IT Solutions and support for physicians and hospitals. From Google 27
ALMAlienLivesM1 - 24
KostBenjamin Neuro-Hacker. Positive-Sum Player. Non-Partisan Thinker. Buddhist. Expert on Persuasion and Mitigating Cognitive Biases. 21
Hey_its_a_moon datahoarder | bujo | psych "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." 20
StevenHonse Attorney with practice areas of criminal defense, juvenile delinquency, and juvenile dependency. Libertarian. Live in Southern California 20

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1624839550991204352 @@Jusku65Berg's account is temporarily unavailable because it violates the Twitter Media Policy. Learn more. 7382
1623843830813405185 @RobZillig @cillafallis @_jenniferlong @dancemonkey73 @RenzTom @BarbarasGhost1 @sophiadahl1 @michaelpbreton @Kingston_Truth @ShabnamPalesaMo @returnofTERESA @CramerSez @gbn @TuckerCarlson @KimIversenShow @BernieSpofforth @MaajidNawaz @gregg_re @joe_warmington @songpinganq @DreaHumphrey @realConnieBevan @carrie_madej @AllBiteNoBark88 @IamBrookJackson @RealAndyLeeShow @liz_churchill8 @MikhailaFuller @JamesMelville @Risemelbourne @redvoicenews @SimoneKerseboom @backtolife_2023 @Thomas_Binder @CHDPennsylvania @BPinckaers @wukster @NickHudsonCT @kylenabecker @B33Mello @Arwenstar @_Janey_J @birb_k @healthbyjames @SpartaJustice @SoniaPoulton @ZombyWoof2022 @TruthSeek01011 MOST URGENT & IMPORTANT VIDEO 📸👇MustWatch Gov Frmr Leaks Plan 4"SlaverySystem"AI(Smart) DigitalID+CBDC+Satellites+Vax💉 ControlGrid bldging into u & neighborhood Update:Mil1tary is behind Vaccine Pillar & Media & Vax has links directly 2 Satellites.Catherine Austin Fitts #WHO 88
1624960423253377024 @MikhailaFuller @jordanbpeterson ChatGPT is increasingly disturbing. Pay no attention to Bill Gates saying it’ll change the world and Microsoft investing $10 Billion into it. Read what it did this week with me. Absolutely disturbing. 😳 54
1625729417564549121 @DisclosureUAP @FreedomPrincipl @nikkinoelle7 @JonnyPickens @DreaHumphrey @BarbarasGhost1 @michaelpbreton @Kingston_Truth @ShabnamPalesaMo @returnofTERESA @CramerSez @gbn @TuckerCarlson @ChristinaPushaw @KimIversenShow @BernieSpofforth @MaajidNawaz @TheRealKeean @gregg_re @joe_warmington @songpinganq @realConnieBevan @carrie_madej @AllBiteNoBark88 @IamBrookJackson @liz_churchill8 @MikhailaFuller @Risemelbourne @redvoicenews @denisebatters @SimoneKerseboom @backtolife_2023 @dancemonkey73 @cillafallis @BPinckaers @wukster @kylenabecker @connoramcdowell @LtTimMcMillan @chrissynewton @brianlilley @rupasubramanya @mjbanias @MicahHanks @LucasFoxNews @keptycho @HeyLukOverThere @LueElizondo @tomdelonge NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says the hysteria over UFOs being shot down over America and Canada is a distraction from Seymour Hersh’s story about the U.S. being responsible for blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines‼️‼️☝️🤔🙏👇👇… 49
1624897071902859267 I asked the same question of ChatGPT. No problems. So I don't know what to make of the report above. I also thought it did pretty well. It seems about as bright as a good second-year university student. @MikhailaFuller 47
1623853446481817600 @Incrementallog1 @RobZillig @cillafallis @_jenniferlong @dancemonkey73 @RenzTom @BarbarasGhost1 @michaelpbreton @Kingston_Truth @ShabnamPalesaMo @returnofTERESA @CramerSez @gbn @TuckerCarlson @KimIversenShow @BernieSpofforth @MaajidNawaz @gregg_re @joe_warmington @songpinganq @DreaHumphrey @realConnieBevan @carrie_madej @AllBiteNoBark88 @IamBrookJackson @RealAndyLeeShow @liz_churchill8 @MikhailaFuller @JamesMelville @Risemelbourne @redvoicenews @SimoneKerseboom @backtolife_2023 @Thomas_Binder @CHDPennsylvania @BPinckaers @wukster @NickHudsonCT @kylenabecker @B33Mello @Arwenstar @_Janey_J @birb_k @healthbyjames @SpartaJustice @SoniaPoulton @ZombyWoof2022 @TruthSeek01011 #CBDCs Will Bring Complete Government Control, Social Credit Score Systems + MORE 👆 Is this the future we want for our children⁉️⁉️ Catherine Austin Fitts on Tucker Carlson‼️☝️🤔🙏👇👇 🔗 Link👇👇 #SocialCreditSystem #VaccinePassport #DigitalID 44
1624755102803275777 @cillafallis @Incrementallog1 @itsMalma @_jenniferlong @lb_1966 @dancemonkey73 @RenzTom @BarbarasGhost1 @sophiadahl1 @michaelpbreton @Kingston_Truth @ShabnamPalesaMo @returnofTERESA @CramerSez @gbn @TuckerCarlson @KimIversenShow @BernieSpofforth @MaajidNawaz @gregg_re @joe_warmington @songpinganq @DreaHumphrey @realConnieBevan @carrie_madej @AllBiteNoBark88 @IamBrookJackson @RealAndyLeeShow @liz_churchill8 @MikhailaFuller @JamesMelville @Risemelbourne @redvoicenews @SimoneKerseboom @backtolife_2023 @Thomas_Binder @CHDPennsylvania @BPinckaers @wukster @NickHudsonCT @kylenabecker @B33Mello @Arwenstar @_Janey_J @birb_k @Skeptical_Mike @healthbyjames @SoniaPoulton @MarkFriesen08 Project BlueBeam the faked alien invasion as lat card when the u know who are really supposed to be desperate. Video 👇 @LtTimMcMillan 36
1625255218907869184 @elonmusk @MikhailaFuller @jordanbpeterson Behind ChatGPT: 28
1624736459356876800 @ET_sharing @OneTruthDigger @BarbarasGhost1 @sophiadahl1 @michaelpbreton @Kingston_Truth @ShabnamPalesaMo @returnofTERESA @CramerSez @gbn @TuckerCarlson @ChristinaPushaw @KimIversenShow @BernieSpofforth @MaajidNawaz @TheRealKeean @gregg_re @joe_warmington @songpinganq @DreaHumphrey @realConnieBevan @carrie_madej @AllBiteNoBark88 @IamBrookJackson @RealAndyLeeShow @liz_churchill8 @MikhailaFuller @JamesMelville @Risemelbourne @redvoicenews @denisebatters @SimoneKerseboom @backtolife_2023 @dancemonkey73 @calin_georgescu @cillafallis @Thomas_Binder @george_orwell3 @CHDPennsylvania @ErikaMdaVeiga @BPinckaers @makoto_au_japon @wukster @NickHudsonCT @kylenabecker @connoramcdowell @RWMaloneMD @ChildrensHD @ganaha_masako @Arwenstar Vid📸👇Lawyer says planned Deadly Marburg Epidemic 4 Purposes of Law Already in play as in Cov1d V@xd Ppl 💉r Pathogens 2b RELEASED Marburg,Ebola,etc by 16 GHZ signal Explains gene🧬deletion 2 Todd Callendar lawyer lawsuit against GOv decades of experience in healthcare industry 25
1624836366960934915 @MikhailaFuller @jordanbpeterson @OpenAI cannot be trusted to be impartial and its kinda disappointing as it has so much potential. 24

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1624846482149986305 @MikhailaFuller @jordanbpeterson This is what I got. 1074
1624897071902859267 I asked the same question of ChatGPT. No problems. So I don't know what to make of the report above. I also thought it did pretty well. It seems about as bright as a good second-year university student. @MikhailaFuller 794
1624836366960934915 @MikhailaFuller @jordanbpeterson @OpenAI cannot be trusted to be impartial and its kinda disappointing as it has so much potential. 735
1625275410681417728 @MikhailaFuller @jordanbpeterson Except this isn’t true? 629
1624842098083237889 @MikhailaFuller @jordanbpeterson Those of us born in the 50s remember with the left was vibrant and intellectual. It is sad to see them move from free expression to blacklists. 618
1625264211202035712 @elonmusk @MikhailaFuller @jordanbpeterson it works for me, dunno 🤷‍♂️ 522
1625255272846356490 @elonmusk @MikhailaFuller @jordanbpeterson This is dangerous. 462
1624836643935997952 @MikhailaFuller @jordanbpeterson Have you bothered trying for yourself to see? 427
1624873273606688768 @MikhailaFuller @jordanbpeterson anyone who thinks peterson is harmful or divisive hasn’t listened to what he says? 425
1625255218907869184 @elonmusk @MikhailaFuller @jordanbpeterson Behind ChatGPT: 379

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#chatgpt 68
#freedom 66
#who 45
#freedomconvoy 35
#farmersprotest 27
#boerenprotesten 23
#ihr 22
#agenda2030 21
#ai 17
#wha 16

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@mikhailafuller 10438
@jordanbpeterson 8913
@elonmusk 2593
@berniespofforth 936
@kingston_truth 921
@gregg_re 920
@joe_warmington 915
@iambrookjackson 915
@carrie_madej 914
@tuckercarlson 913

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🤔 77 thinking_face
🤡 71 clown_face
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