Considering migration? - KEEP YOUR DATA SAFE

Thousands of Twitter users have downloaded their followers and following/friends to upload on to their Mastodon (or other Twitter alternatives) accounts for migration. Many are also keeping these downloads as backups too int he event of a Twitter demise.

Upon request from our thousands of customers we have made it easier to do this.

To make it easier for all those considering backing up their data or migrating; we created this page to make it easier! Choose from the options below:

One-off Quick Backup / Archive

Super Quick backup of followers, followings and the last 3200 tweets

Enter a Twitter handle/username in the below form and we will give you a price for a one-off backup of your followers, following and tweets. Prices depends on the size of the account.

Download followers and following for migration

Follow the below steps if you are looking to download your Twitter followers and following to migrate to Mastodon:

1) Download your followers and friends/following here

2) Navigate to the Mastodon import page (you might need to sign in):

  • or https://<your mastodon sever>/settings/import
  • If that doesn’t work. Click edit profile on the top right, then ‘import and export’ and you will see the below

twitter migration to mastodon with twtdata

3) Click browse and select the downloaded csv file

4) Click on "Merge"

5) Finally click Upload & you are done!

The Mastodon server should queue your request; it may take few hours or more.