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Michael Miraflor and other users are discussing a variety of topics, such as movie reviews, online security, nostalgia, technology, and trends in teen dating apps. They also talk about market effects, salaries, photography, and even the Hollywood treatment!

Topic Modeling

  1. Cinema and Entertainement
  2. Modern Technology
  3. Online Dating and Relationships
  4. Financial Markets and Diplomacy
  5. Nerdery, Self-improvment, and Self-expression

Emotional Analysis

The tweets express a range of emotions, from excitement and amazement to humor and nostalgia. There is also a sense of appreciation and admiration for the people and things mentioned, as well as a bit of self-deprecating humor. Additionally, there is a sense of anticipation and curiosity about the future, as well as an admiration for the power of technology. Finally, there is a sense of pride and joy in being a true nerd.

Trend Analysis

  1. Getting a Hollywood look
  2. Using dating apps
  3. Technology utilization
  4. Differences in prices between countries
  5. Using automated programs like GPT

Disclaimer: The text analysis on, powered by OpenAI, does not represent the views of or its affiliates. The analysis is for informational purposes only and not an endorsement of any viewpoint.

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Twitter for iPhone 247
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packyM Packy McCormick Boyboss @ Not Boring: || Not Boring Capital || Advisor @a16z crypto 173,580
PSchwarzenegger Patrick Shriver SNAPCHAT: PSCHWARZ Laker fan 162,784
moseskagan Moses Kagan Father (x3!), husband, Angeleno, apartment owner / manager, co-founder of @reconvenela. Sign up for my mailing list here ⬇️ 98,595
kaleighf Kaleigh Moore I write for eCommerce platforms + SaaS companies. Reporting work: @Forbes @Voguebusiness @GlossyCo @TheQualityEdit ➡️ for podcast repurposing! 62,222
seyitaylor ST (∞, ∞) internet explorer. instigator at @shopthruxyz. 55,508
NALC3D Declan Pitts design & strategy / building @noNameonlyideas / built @mianite @MultiCube 52,664
nickf Nick Finck User experience & product design coach, advisor, mentor, + speaker. Founder of @CraftAndRigor. Loves pizza & D&D. Past: Meta, AWS, Deloitte, Ubermind. He/him. 47,701
tomfgoodwin Tom Goodwin Keynote Speaker/Author/Consultant Skeptical not cynical Independently-minded not contrarian Optimistic, nuanced,reasonable Co-Founder:All We Have Is Now 47,596
vincenzolandino Vincenzo Landino “The F1 Guy” | motorsport partnerships | social and content entrepreneur @aftermarq | newsletter: 42,662
felipemnzp FELIPE thinking out loud. #30BUSINESSES / 42,050

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
tiffani Tiffani Ashley Bell Programmer. Transilient. An internet person at The @HumanUtility. Nerded out at @HowardU, @Kennedy_School, YC, & @StanfordGSB. 🏳️‍🌈 17,280
Aerocles David Teicher Father to 2, Husband to 1. Chief Content & Community Officer @BrandInnovators. Founder of Midnight Pizza and Qru. Formerly AdAge & McCann. 13,261
ThisIsKodiak Kodiak Creative/Designer/Director Focused on Emerging Technology. Creator of @TwoBitBears — 15+ years working with/on Products, Games, Brands, Films & Experiences. 10,850
LauraWalkerKC Scottish, Italian, Texan, Independent. J.D. Sauntering vaguely out . . . #INTJ 9,818
nickcicero Nick Cicero Former Founder/CEO @Delmondo (acquired by @conviva) | Built 1st Analytics for Snapchat, IG Stories | Advisor/Investor: @qonsent @ongondola @sqwadfan | 🍃 🎣 📈 9,564
Will_Humphrey Will Humphrey - Mastodon link in my profile Proposal Strategist in Consultancy. Ex Advertising/Comms person. APG tutor. Stoke fan/music lover/punner/husband/father. My views don't represent my employer's. 6,533
peterpham Peter Pham 1st on the Dance Floor 🕺 Co-Founder @scienceinc startup studio/incubator @dollarshaveclub @playvs @LiquidDeath. & exec-produced @jeenyuhsmovie 6,210
staphwriter Max Lockie company news editor @LinkedinNews 6,176
Lauraseriously1 Laura Resists ☮️🌊🇺🇸🌻 Children's rights. Country over party. People are people. Love is love. My opinions are exactly that. Mine. #Resist #SlavaUkraini #Biden #BlueCrew 5,567
ChristianB_0x 🌱 christianb 🏴‍☠️ 🌲Family first🌲Building real world structures🌱 Chia Believer🍱 🎫, future DAO builder🏴‍☠️ relationships over profits always 4,996

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Username Bio Number of tweets
mwurst Marketing & Web3 💥 @PTSymmetry @MINTdotstore @jellyfishglobal @360i @NBA @Mets @Penn. Fan of puns, alliteration, snacks, BBQ, science & @mattness. 9
philwinkle co-founder @futurecommerce 7
austintgoodwin Semi-jacked fitness coach. Your most balanced, happiest, and in-shape self starts with one DM. 7
candidcomments Often snacking. Dog-mom & birdwatcher who loves board games, nail art, & LEGO ⚡️Head of Innovation & Strategy 🏓 Pickleball enthusiast 7
seyitaylor internet explorer. instigator at @shopthruxyz. 6
bdm_runner Co-Founder & CEO @hvmn building what's next in human nutrition. I tweet about fitness, nutrition, and scaling a startup. 2:42 marathoner. 6
GuySie Social media and strategy are my thing. ex-@Ultimaker, ex-Etcetera/DDB, ex-lotsa startups. Too many geek/maker/hipster hobbies. Also 6
nerditry homeschool varsity letterman. bbq'er. padre. esposo. get told i look like someone people know all the time. 5
OrchidBertelsen COO @CommnThreadCo | Ex @Nestle @dentsu_mb | Strategy, marketing, ecomm by ☀️ ; web3 by 🌙 | Advisor @fromgovalo | Board @ladderorg 5
kaleighf I write for eCommerce platforms + SaaS companies. Reporting work: @Forbes @Voguebusiness @GlossyCo @TheQualityEdit ➡️ for podcast repurposing! 4

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ID Text Retweet count
1626759536471048193 @michaelmiraflor bruh they are covering this transformation like Barney is the Heidi Montag of cartoons 😂😂😂 1
1626796785548025856 @michaelmiraflor STUPIDDDDDD. And it doesn’t compel anyone NOT paying to pay. Will gladly do 2FA elsewhere. Not that serious. 1
1627041221083533313 @michaelmiraflor @iamjasonlevin @graceclarke @austinschless Yes treat it like a firmware update.Wear it, spend X weeks downloading into your brain the relevant knowledge, behavior, & intuition around {sleep, 10k steps, blood glucose, etc} and then you’re done. It’s not me being prescriptive so much as this is what I see ppl doing. 1
1627034849189175298 @graceclarke @austinschless @michaelmiraflor I like the @bdm_runner method Treat Oura/Whoop like a body software upgradeWear it for a few months, fix your problems, and stop wearing itThen do it again in 1-3 yearsI lost my Oura Ring after 6 months, but learned enough in that time that I've been fine without it 1
1627064355971022850 @michaelmiraflor Mmm…idk….haha jk 0
1624895671810621440 @michaelmiraflor i need to follow better ppl on Twitter lol 0
1624792886213763073 @michaelmiraflor 😮 0
1624793912786264064 @michaelmiraflor @kaleighf Jealous! 0
1624803059636359168 @OrchidBertelsen @michaelmiraflor Michael told me you’re in Detroit! Not terribly far from my home base. We’ll have to the-create this 0
1624803634465710080 @kaleighf @michaelmiraflor Yes please! 0

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1624823543602245632 @zachpogrob @michaelmiraflor F’ing amazing 93
1623540052684083203 @michaelmiraflor For real. Where did they put them all while they were shooting? I hope everyone made it out okay. 24
1626741424833142785 @michaelmiraflor yeah hes a lot of fun, but loves to ride the white horse 10
1626796785548025856 @michaelmiraflor STUPIDDDDDD. And it doesn’t compel anyone NOT paying to pay. Will gladly do 2FA elsewhere. Not that serious. 9
1626713692745175040 @michaelmiraflor Is it nostalgia or is it just certain things were put to bed too fast and new technology is able to “resurrect” them as they have utilization for the end goal (posting pictures for likes) clueless as Super Bowl commercial vs say point and shoot 7
1624031286380691456 @michaelmiraflor @Mehdiyac Teens don't use dating apps 7
1623616886360444928 @michaelmiraflor @Scotterybarn Tell me you didn’t watch La La Land without telling me you didn’t watch La La Land. 6
1623540829326561280 @michaelmiraflor Oh man I missed that, that’s gold. One of my dear friends lives there now and I haven’t seen him in years, lol 5
1625313425667551232 @michaelmiraflor lmao wut?! 5
1625595944262828033 @DylanAbruscato @ybelyayeva @capitalxyz @0xgaut @michaelmiraflor @jordihays @JacobyBrandon 5

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#gothicnerd 1
#ooh 1
#traditionalmarketing 1
#socialmedia 1
#tiffanyxnike 1
#campaign 1

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@michaelmiraflor 420
@austinschless 12
@iamjasonlevin 11
@graceclarke 6
@isadwatson 5
@orchidbertelsen 5
@kaleighf 5
@scotterybarn 5
@inerati 4
@aerocles 4

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😂 16 face_with_tears_of_joy
👀 7 eyes
🖤 5 black_heart
💀 4 skull
🤢 4 nauseated_face
🤣 2 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
😔 2 pensive_face
💯 2 hundred_points
🛸 2 flying_saucer
😎 1 smiling_face_with_sunglasses

Emojis groups

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Smileys & Emotion 49
People & Body 14
Travel & Places 2
Activities 1
Animals & Nature 1