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Username Name Bio Followers count
Chinmayi Chinmayi Sripaada A Voice. Strangled Songbird. - Founder- Blue Elephant Translation Services bringing K-Beauty to India 1,057,588
swastika24 Swastika Mukherjee artist. mother-of-dogs. mother-of-a-daughter. foodie. lipstick addict. #instagram@swastikamukherjee13 713,640
srijitspeaketh Srijit Mukherji Just a storyteller. Retweets are not necessarily endorsements. 572,758
KotwalMeena Meena Kotwal (मीना कोटवाल) Founder @The_Mooknayak @TheMooknayakEng |Ex @BBCHindi @NationalDastak @TCNLive |Bylines @thewire_in @ThePrintIndia |Study @IIMC_India @jmiu_official 213,864
safiranand Safir Brands, stocks, books, music, strategist, lawyer, optimist,fashion, traveller, alumni- SRCC, Modern BKR 193,736
annavetticad Anna MM Vetticad Author: The Adventures of an Intrepid Film Critic, Journalist, World's most committed feminist :) Instagram: annammvetticad FB: AnnaMMVetticadOfficial (She/Her) 118,373
Joydas Joy There is a line one should never cross. That line is my starting point. Views personal. RT's can be endorsement, insult or Troll bait 115,808
MasalaBai Rituparna Chatterjee Dep Asia Editor @Independent, @RSF_inter, Forbes Power Women's List '19, Laadli Award, Twitter-@sayfty Changemaker, Orange Flower Award, Gender rights, MHM 110,012
rafiath_rashid Rafiath Rashid Mithila An actor and development worker from Bangladesh. Head of Early Childhood Development Programme, BRAC International. PhD student, University of Geneva. 107,984
KiranManral Kiran Manral Beyond me there be dragons. | Books: | 73,263

Top 10 accounts with highest friends count

Username Name Bio Followers count
roomynaqvy Roomy Naqvy (blue tick) English Academic, Translator, Poet. Half Parsi, half Shia. Teach, Jamia Millia Islamia. Named after Rumi. Katha Translation Award 1996. 24,655
mssakshinarula Sakshi Narula Poet/Author of Loveish, The Art Of Staying Lost Poetry Series and House Of Stars And Flowers On Mars 18,848
Saurabh15536816 सौरभ_राठौड़ 🚩🇮🇳🚩 भारत 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 INDIA 🇮🇳 🚩सनातन ही सत्य है 🚩 15,879
BasuAshis Ashis Basu Knowledge is Power. Share It. 14,009
patralekha2011 PatralekhaChatterjee পত্রলেখা চ্যাটার্জী (She/Her) Visiting Fellow @YaleGHJP Words:@TheLancet,@bmj_latest,@TheAtlIdeas,@AJEnglish @NewStatesman,@AsianAge,@AmarUjala,@theHindu, @DeccanChronicle,@DeccanHerald 6,586
AnitaJacobJain1 Anita Jacob Travel designer ● Congress ● I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet 6,543
chiefchimpanzee Darshan Sanghrajka #BLM | Founder @superbeinglabs | Cofounder @beingmankind | Fellow @SkollCentre @UniofOxford | Chair @SomersTownCA | Researching extremism+ democracy 5,979
RituBlueFairy RituBlueFairy ARM ऋतु ⚛️🌗ॐ♥️🧚‍♀️FAPS Einstein Nehru Indira Rajiv Sonia Rahul 🌞 KNOWLEDGE_is_POWER शिव_के_राज़🌙•🦢ॐ🤎Shivही जाने🗑०°💎ALERT_HARMONY Try To PAY_ATTENTION_To_DETAIL 5,806
ShadySodhi Arjun Sethi Funny,Intelligent, Charismatic,Hardworking - I am none of them. 5,654

Most active users

Username Bio Number of tweets
ImranKhan_imsh Indian | Dubai | Techie Geek | Sports Fan | Nature Lover | Photography | Travelling 24
kpsingh1966 Kamlendra Pratap Singh: Member National Presidium @_SwarajIndia | National Working Committee @Swaraj_Abhiyan | Volunteer @_JaiKisan | Techie-turned-Farmer 17
BasuAshis Knowledge is Power. Share It. 17
asiyakhantrees Naturalist and armchair traveller 17
nuts2406 (she/her) : Mother : Dog Parent : Feminist : Atheist : Woke: People Watcher : Pluviophile: Coffee addict : Tree hugger : #WarriorMom : Be Kind 14
Krisb39 Campaigns for civility and decency in public life, liberal, cosmopolitan and interested in matters of mind, classical music 14
EktaVVerma Crusader against domestic abuse, harassment & rape culture. I recognise my privilege * I don't invalidate anyone * I battle sexist pigs & patriarchal dinosaurs 13
vaniIlaessence Late bloomer, early wilter. Some things, some wheres, some times She/her 13
girlpilot_ Commercial pilot 🇮🇳 | Feminist | Liberal | Love is love | Views are personal | Instagram: girl.pilot | 12
ImBibhuduttaIND Promise To Join👍🏻 Let's Create A #CancerFreeWorld🌎 In Support Of Warriors, Survivors As Well As The Victims. Love You All So Much🥰 #CelebrateLife🥳 11

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ID Text Retweet count
1640081748271976448 A room full of super women! ♥️💪🏻 @MasalaBai is one of the bestest hosts! ♥️ @KotwalMeena 15
1639258603688280065 The total contribution of unpaid women to the economy is around Rs 22.7 lakh crore (Rural: Rs 14.7 lakh crore and Urban: Rs 8.0 lakh crore) which is almost 7.5% of the India’s GDP @sonalikulkarni fyi cc @nuts2406 @thetinaedit @Paromitabardolo @MasalaBai 12
1639169291445755906 My latest article on #sonalikulkarni's apology featured on @womensweb. Tagging those featured here: @sandhyarl @MasalaBai @Paromitabardolo @nuts2406 @falgunivasavada @FuschiaScribe @SonaliVaid @UpasonaB @diya_s @i_am_biriyani @ananyac05 @Medusaflower 12
1640257694476177411 @MasalaBai In my experience I do not know of shelter homes for men. However as an alternative solution we help men with getting PGs, hostels, independent flats etc away from their abuser. We can support them with the rental for 3 months 6
1640579821498675200 @MasalaBai Having lived in many states across the country, the number of times I have been disrupted by mosque prayers is zero and the number of times I have been disrupted by bhajans, poojas, Kanwars, jagratas, bells, holi hooligans, diwali crackers and the noise of bigotry is a million. 5
1640636022521466880 @rachitav22 @psemw @DarPallavi @Ritupradeep2 @mitalisibal @Avisha_Asso #PledgeABowl By @save_albert NOW Becoming a Mass Movement☝️India @GitanjaliDas89 @apparrnnaa @AwbiBallabhgarh @ikaveri @Observe_India @IAmSudhirMishra @GitaSunilPillai @_GurmanKaur @MasalaBai @TheFigen_ @thepersianladki @TheParadigmShif @PPA_India @dubeyavishek @thisisbhumika 4
1639866798878371842 @MasalaBai Some points : The crane was living free around the farms, not caged or anything, flying around, feeding etc. not bound Most likely the crane has imprinted on Arif and thinks of him as his mate, and cranes mate for life, you can’t change that. As for the point of law, laws are… 4
1640561213439643648 @MasalaBai We are a medieval nation that believes in otherisation! It's the norm...get used to it. Nothing's gonna change. #AmritKaal lag Chuka hai 3
1640585157735317505 @arjunhardas @MasalaBai Sector 137, central park - you are welcome to visit on Sunday morning. The RSS shakha has become louder and louder and they scream like crazy; I was part of Shakha as a kid but this is just different. 3
1640621290032861185 @MasalaBai Azaan 2 minutes * 5 times a day is simply excuse to play hindu Bhajan, kirtan, jagrata etc for 8 to 10 hours a day in full volume and that's recorded. Leave Holi, diwali, deshra etc puja time, full volume 24 hrs recorded puja. Pandit ji will not recite as in case azaan. 3

Top 10 tweets with highest Like count

ID Text Like count
1640081748271976448 A room full of super women! ♥️💪🏻 @MasalaBai is one of the bestest hosts! ♥️ @KotwalMeena 317
1641115999759142912 @MasalaBai Why can't people just mind their own business? Why do they have to comment on women's clothes all the time? 161
1640604192715751425 @MasalaBai leopards are fitness freaks, cheetah sirf peeta hai 108
1639914290760089601 @MasalaBai I paid for my own higher education and wedding. Parents were struggling financially. I supported them till they were settled. I intend to take care of my kids till graduation. After that they're on their own. Hopefully they'll do something with their life🤞 107
1641113839487053824 @MasalaBai What does she want her to wear at the airport? Her wedding trousseau? 102
1640595494362570752 @MasalaBai My cats do this five times everyday 93
1641314646421282816 @MasalaBai @the_female_lead 61
1640614119803060225 @MasalaBai Adani stock also appears to be doing Surya Namaskar 🥴 57
1639953243605278721 @MasalaBai Parents also really need to understand that children's weddings are not an opportunity for them to invite every single person they know. The amount of money people spend on feeding strangers at a wedding is insane. Good if you can afford it but taking out loans to do is crazy. 54
1641296428944457730 @MasalaBai The video was triggering. How is "I don't need your consent, I'm you dad" different from "I don't need consent, I'm your husband". 39

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#kasethankadavulada 4
#karunagaran 4
#news 3
#metoo 3
#pledgeabowl 2
#godimedia 2
#amritkaal 2
#viral 2
#trending 2
#sisterhood 2

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@masalabai 2074
@kpsingh1966 57
@nuts2406 31
@ovshake42 27
@the_female_lead 26
@kotwalmeena 26
@zeenews 25
@girlpilot_ 24
@aajtak 24
@iimc_india 24

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😂 108 face_with_tears_of_joy
❤️ 66 red_heart
🤣 46 rolling_on_the_floor_laughing
♥️ 31 heart_suit
🙏 26 folded_hands
😊 24 smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes
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👍 17 thumbs_up
😅 17 grinning_face_with_sweat
😭 17 loudly_crying_face

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Smileys & Emotion 523
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