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MartinoPuccio had a conversation with SDCatPadre, JeffPassan, Doink_Prezcot, GamingAngelGabe, Celtics, 6Milect, Matias_Weilmann, and Mets about a quote from a Dominican Republic saying, Manfred not understanding the quote and his agenda, weird standards for a coach job, how people from their club fail and talking about Champions League Round of 16 matches. Finally a conversation about a German hound dog.

Topic Modeling

  1. Baseball players and teams
  2. Sports culture (eg. Slap-ass)
  3. Climate and weather in the Dominican Republic
  4. General sports topics
  5. Soccer/Champions League

Emotional Analysis

The emotions expressed in these tweets range from confusion to frustration to amusement. Many of the tweets criticize MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred for not understanding a quote or for having an "extremely weird agenda." Others express surprise at the snow in Florida, amusement at a funny situation, and excitement for upcoming Champions League matches. The tweets also contain a sense of pride and admiration for a German hound dog. Overall, the tweets reflect a mix of emotions.

Trend Analysis

  1. Negative opinion about Rob Manfred
  2. Discussion about Dominican fly balls and slap-ass
  3. Unusual weather events in Florida
  4. Inter Milan's managerial standards
  5. Champions League Round of 16 Match-ups

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OddsCheckerUS OddsChecker Sports betting odds comparison. 21+. Matchups, props, & parlays+. #BeatTheOdds👊 📸 | 🎥 108,245
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ACMilanBros The Milan Brothers Two brothers, Two Milan supporters, providing you with the latest news, insight and content on the Rossoneri! 🔴⚫️ | Contact: @matt_santangelo 17,791

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elevenbravo138 Bill Carroll @cdsdraft Director of HBCU Scouting @NutsAndBoltsSP @NBSDraftCentral co-host, Vlogger for @OaklandNewsFan1 @ATB_network and @ATmisfitspod Special Contributor 16,995
CarefreeEdition C A R E F R E E Featured on @FoxSports, @TalkSPORT, @SportBible, @Squawka, @MirrorFootball, @101GreatGoals, @90min_Football, @F365, @CaughtOffside, @Goal • Unbiased | #CFC | 13,578
OddsCheckerUS OddsChecker Sports betting odds comparison. 21+. Matchups, props, & parlays+. #BeatTheOdds👊 📸 | 🎥 12,935
jmancini8 Jerry Mancini Writer for @The_Laziali, @WorldFootballi, @_GIFN. @CalcioConPod Host. Fan of Lazio, TFC, Die Hard Oilers Fan, Cowboys, Ferrari Opinions are my own 6,701
Dexter_ay Ayobami #ForzaMilan (|||+) 🔴⚫ 6,515
sportsrage Gabriel Morency TV - Radio Host.Heard & Seen on @SiriusXM #159 @1090TheMightier @ESPNRadio @sportsgrid @sportsgridTV @sportsgridradio @SamsungTV @Sling & more 6,206
bookercfc j𝗈𝖺̃𝗈 não viso concordância • @enzo13fernandez ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ 5,870
NgoziCooper Ota Benga Musician Forza Milan❤🖤❤🖤 My Black Dog returns every day, larger in size. I fear he may consume me. 5,002
landon_milan GbemiLeke Frustrated Milan Fan a Milanista and Rossoneri by birth. 🔴⚫ 4,999
atillaertugrul7 Atilla Ertuğrul Atilla from Turkey,hello everyone.Trying to win things for my family .Please don't hate me for being a giveaway hunter account 4,947

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MisterGodoing Grill king. Beer king. Whiskey aficionado |Milan | dolphins | heat | inter Miami | USMNT 🇺🇸 | AFA 🇦🇷 25
OTlSJACKSON Involuntary calcio lover & unserious writer 22
wgdaquila Noted Juventino, Globalist, and Parka Monkey 20
le_mooj - 19
interbanan @inter 18
MilanZak6 Forza Milan⚫️🔴 - MCFC🦈 15
eno_futboh Football talk. I make football videos on TikTok. (Follow below). Gareth is my name. 14
snor_charles Typos -🇨🇴🇺🇸 - AC Milan 14
dbigmark Sports Columnist/Analyst with Afroviewtv...#Monty&Max #ForzaMilan #Free thinker 13
Levski3773 Angry? I'm outraged! Why aren't you?! He/Him 13

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1624385266180845571 Golden Goal ⚽ @MartinoPuccio & @Matias_Weilmann lay out their best bets for this weekend's soccer action! 💰 📺 WATCH HERE ⤵️ #SoccerPicks #PremierLeague #Ligue1 | #BeatTheOdds👊 5
1627670887443972096 @MartinoPuccio This guy literally takes L’s every time he tweets. I’ll never understand fans who want people from their own club to fail 3
1625500868979355650 Golden Goal ⚽ @MartinoPuccio & @Matias_Weilmann preview the Champions League Round of 16 matches and break down their favorite picks! 💰 📺 WATCH HERE ⤵️ #SoccerPicks #ChampionsLeague #ChampionsLeagueDay | #BeatTheOdds👊 3
1627020267393282048 AC Milan vs. Monza Post Match Review! w/ @matt_santangelo & @martinopuccio 3
1625542066615861272 ⚽ PSG 🆚 Bayern Munich @MartinoPuccio & @Matias_Weilmann advise us on how we should be betting this Champions League Round of 16 showdown! ✅ 📺 FULL VIDEO ➡️ #psgbayern #ChampionsLeague #SoccerPicks | #BeatTheOdds👊 2
1626264794918719497 @MartinoPuccio Agree. It’s not on Inzaghi. Our ownership has no money and we are losing players every year. He’s done a fantastic job and has won 65% of games, a better winning % than Mou and Conte. 2
1626363726562574336 @MartinoPuccio u rn 2
1625902991072178176 ⚽ Chelsea vs Borussia Dortmund ⚽ 75% of the handle is on Dortmund - Check out who @Matias_Weilmann & @MartinoPuccio side with for today's Champions League match! ✅ 📺 FULL Episode ➡️ #SoccerPicks #ChampionsLeague #DortmundvsChelsea | #BeatTheOdds👊 2
1625899529315704832 @MartinoPuccio My goodness you are difficult. You voiced your opinion on something you essentially admitted you don't know anything about. It's still a subjective subject, but if you don't know anything about it, why would you voice your opinion on it? You have never watched Yashin. 1
1624466069887897606 @MisterGodoing @MartinoPuccio legitimately don't know if semo or maldini had a worse summer. 1

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1625968730319585292 @SDCatPadre @MartinoPuccio @JeffPassan Manfred didn't understand the quote 131
1626296714490523652 @MartinoPuccio @barstoolsports “All I know growing up in the Dominican Republic is how to catch fly balls and say slap-ass EVERYTIME I SLAPASS!!!!” 42
1627332730185809926 @MartinoPuccio @Mets Yeah its snowing in florida 42
1626292713732681728 @MartinoPuccio @barstoolsports This is the first thing I thought of when I was watching that 😂 32
1625967460188057600 @MartinoPuccio @JeffPassan I don't think you understood the quote 25
1626587746503651333 @MartinoPuccio Extremely weird agenda by them. It's not even reporting at this point. It's blatant attacks. 18
1626307762408894465 @MartinoPuccio After seeing this mess, there'll no serious coach who would take the inter job. Impossible standards. 18
1626371910543069185 @Doink_Prezcot @MartinoPuccio @barstoolsports My family goes to these games Rafi, My son is always asking me why I let this man touch my butt so many times. 17
1626356989457563650 @MartinoPuccio @barstoolsports Sthlap aath 15
1626363726562574336 @MartinoPuccio u rn 15

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#championsleagueday 2
#psgbayern 2
#premierleague 2
#ligue1 2
#usmnt 1

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@martinopuccio 898
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@snor_charles 35
@tovii26 34
@barstoolsports 24
@sempremilancom 23
@jeffpassan 16
@thejuventina 15
@interbanan 14

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