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Peter Hartlaub and Marisa Ingemi discussed topics such as millennials not saving money due to food costs, Marisa's great journalism on female sports, and affordable airlines. They also discussed seemingly unrelated topics such as buying MDMA from a librarian, Red Vines licorice straws, and San Jose bars. Finally, they discussed women's hockey with Marisa sharing her dedication and support for female hockey.

Topic Modeling

  1. Women in Sports Journalism and Hockey
  2. Millenials and their Expenses
  3. Avocado Toast and Diet
  4. In-Flight Experience
  5. Airplane Design and Seating

Emotional Analysis

The tweets show a mix of emotions, ranging from admiration and love to amusement and sarcasm. The tweets are directed at @Marisa_Ingemi and the conversation focuses on her work and the topics she covers. Many of the tweets express admiration for her dedication and hard work, as well as appreciation for her writing and reporting. There is also a sense of humor and lightheartedness, as evidenced by the jokes and sarcastic comments. Overall, the tweets reflect a positive sentiment towards @Marisa_Ingemi and her work.

Trend Analysis

  1. Women in Sports
  2. Millennials and Money
  3. Climate Change
  4. Women's Hockey
  5. Airline Travel

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sfchronicle San Francisco Chronicle Delivering the Bay Area’s best journalism every day. Subscribe and support the newsroom: 297,476
wyshynski Greg Wyshynski Senior NHL Writer at ESPN, ex-Puck Daddy and NJ native. Did I mention I love people? Email: greg.wyshynski@espn dot com. 227,582
inafried Ina Fried Chief Technology Correspondent for @Axios; former Senior Editor at Recode. Huge softball, hockey, basketball fan. she/her 🏳️‍⚧️ 92,489
emilymkaplan Emily Kaplan ESPN hockey reporter, bagel snob 83,202
susanslusser Susan Slusser 🏳️‍🌈 SF Chronicle Giants beat writer, KNBR insider, MLB Network, ex-BBWAA president; books: If These Walls Could Talk (A’s), 100 Things A's. 76,708
KleinschmidtJD Jessica Kleinschmidt ʟɪꜰᴇ ɪꜱ ꜱʜᴏʀᴛ ᴀɴᴅ ꜱᴏ ᴀᴍ ɪ || Oakland A’s broadcaster || Writer, on-camera host The Comeback/Awful Announcing ⚾️ || 𝟙𝟜𝟛 60,228
karenkho Doomscrolling Art Lady senior writer @artnews • reminders at @doomscroll_bot • not the anthropologist • 🇨🇦 • she/her • 60,147
nickbaumgardner Nick Baumgardner Senior writer at The Athletic. I write about football. Dad. Flint born, Millington Cardinal. My top source is your tape. IG/YouTube: @nickbaumgardnerfb 55,873
sharkvoice Randy Hahn Television Play by Play broadcaster San Jose Sharks NBC Sports California National Hockey League 38,044
dalter David Alter Official account of David Alter. Publisher and reporter of 'Inside The Maple Leafs' for the SI Media Group. Host of @RinkWideTOR. ALWAYS betting on myself. 37,621

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helencaddes Helen Caddes Listen to my album "State of Nature." Previously: Vice Chair of Stonewall Democratic Club of Southern Nevada (2012-2014). Digital Director for Marianne 2020. 9,123
WiltonReports Wilton C. Jackson II Writer @SInow | @TheRDReport Host | Past: @clarionledger @HBCUGameday @wsbtv | @SJI_Update alum | Story ideas: 8,752
RealTomPetrini Tom Petrini Spurs and digital content for @KENS5. Podcasts, tweets and takes for @bigfunpod. Latest Spurs news ⬇️ 6,935
Marisa_Ingemi marisa ingemi women's sports & enterprise reporter @sfchronicle | @AWSM_SportMedia VP/membership | AP WBB voter | ♌️ ♐️ ♏️ | BU ‘17 | 🏳️‍🌈 | usually on public transit 6,935
inafried Ina Fried Chief Technology Correspondent for @Axios; former Senior Editor at Recode. Huge softball, hockey, basketball fan. she/her 🏳️‍⚧️ 6,865
chipgoines chip goines Turned out voters for @AyannaPressley's historic 2018 campaign. Progressive movement builder. Cat lady. Bylines: @washingtonpost, @newsweek, @reuters, @gbhnews. 6,541
Buffalogal Nicole Schuman-Nibley, M.A. ✏ Senior Editor @PRNEWS Tips: #billsmafia #stbonaventure #shepersisted 6,121
FatouSadio Fatou 🫶🏽 Fulani. Marketer. Charmer. Irrational DC sports fan. @NYCCapsCrew 1st Lady. @BlackGirlHockey Board Member. Lover of 90s R&B. I’m rooting for everyone Black. ♎ 5,875
ASaunders_PGH Alan Saunders #Steelers beat writer for @PghSteelersNow, @WPXIFinalWord panelist, editor @PghSportsNow, PFWA member, award-winning podcast guest. saunders1407@yahoo com 5,850
karenkho Doomscrolling Art Lady senior writer @artnews • reminders at @doomscroll_bot • not the anthropologist • 🇨🇦 • she/her • 5,553

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Username Bio Number of tweets
katfominykh sports for @capgaznews// get vaccinated // #BlackLivesMatter 14
faketomalfano Connecticut's leading authority on mediocrity.#bringbackthewhale 8
BarushJesse Sports enjoyer.#BlackLivesMatter 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ ally#RootsBayBay #SoulofTheTown #BAONPDX #LASparks #GSW #SFGameUp #CFC #BVB #Quakes74 #FTTB #SJSharks 8
jenmacramos milb journo; rural policy grad student; @baseballpro r&d; @thecampanil '15; my employers know what i tweet; trenton made me, the world took me; they/dude 6
MarthaOlney Justice, econ, Cal women's BBall, WNBA. Economics Teaching Professor Emerita, UCBerkeley. She/her. 🏳️‍🌈 6
ArrickSports Photog HS sports in MI. Livingston Daily, Oakland Press, and a few others. Engineer by day. Opinions my own, who else would want them. HIVE @arricksports 6
24Seanmurphy Microsoft dishwasher @cafe 121 in Redmond Seahawks fan university of Washington stat runner football 🏈 Kennedy catholic alumni 2014 mom 🙏 6
inafried Chief Technology Correspondent for @Axios; former Senior Editor at Recode. Huge softball, hockey, basketball fan. she/her 🏳️‍⚧️ 5
macaroonfc km19❤ be the mentality 5
MarissaG_S_ Not new here, just trying different angle. Paralegal turned tiny human chaser. Contributor @herhoopstats. Likes: sports, Michigan, margaritas, Tiki, funfetti... 5

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ID Text Retweet count
1625597189417504769 We are so very fortunate to have @Marisa_Ingemi on the @SportingGreenSF team. 3
1624842618612985859 DAY 12/28 a lot of average hockey fans can do a better job of supporting women’s hockey. @Marisa_Ingemi makes that easier for everyone by writing important stories and sharing important news about women’s hockey. marisa’s dedication is so admirable and so needed. 2
1625628401922080777 Great piece about @Marisa_Ingemi and the rise of women in sports. Thanks @peterhartlaub 2
1625600612225413121 This is one thing that made my life better in 2022. Not to mention slightly enriching the Hearst Corporation by reviving my long-lapsed Chronicle subscription. Carry on, ⁦@Marisa_Ingemi⁩! 2
1627903377530294272 @Marisa_Ingemi Condolences 0
1625351929173016579 @Marisa_Ingemi oh hell yes 0
1625291220569169920 @Marisa_Ingemi Loved bars. My favourite. Beam remains my arch nemesis to this day. 0
1625291257374294017 @Marisa_Ingemi It’s that balance beam that sends shivers down my spine. 0
1625292126589276162 @Marisa_Ingemi I can't watch gymnastics live I saw the 1996 Olympics when it happened and now it makes me so anxious unless I know nobody hurt themselves 0
1625292769571864579 @FatouSadio @Marisa_Ingemi same 0

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ID Text Like count
1625629418377936896 @Marisa_Ingemi @peterhartlaub i love the combo of headline and picture because it does seem like the impossible job was reporting quotes from dogs 19
1626721165556486145 That one’s giving Marissa Gold; this one’s giving @Marisa_Ingemi 17
1626293871813558276 @Marisa_Ingemi lol, we've gone from "millennials aren't saving money because of avocado toast" to "millennials aren't saving money because they're eating." Can't wait for: Millennials prove they don't care about climate change because they demand to exhale carbon dioxide! 17
1625628401922080777 Great piece about @Marisa_Ingemi and the rise of women in sports. Thanks @peterhartlaub 13
1626289159127109632 @Marisa_Ingemi Skip lunch and dinner as well, now you’re really saving money 11
1626375417069289472 @clahanna @Marisa_Ingemi Ws that a heart shape? 😍 11
1627385883430391808 @Marisa_Ingemi i've always wanted to buy mdma from a librarian 8
1624256255303745536 @Marisa_Ingemi Maybe they mean combined. 8
1626791848424673281 @Marisa_Ingemi Not Card related but I want to know everything about the GS Retrievers 8
1625597189417504769 We are so very fortunate to have @Marisa_Ingemi on the @SportingGreenSF team. 8

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#wnba 1
#morethan 1
#womenssports 1
#sarcasm 1
#rip 1

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@marisa_ingemi 502
@sfchronicle 13
@peterhartlaub 9
@dalter 5
@katfominykh 5
@thevoiceofevan 4
@riotsurvivor 3
@wyshynski 3
@brittneybush 3
@kqed 3

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